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  1. hm imelik siis.. ei ole viitsinud jah käia.
  2. Kuule, ma JUST eile mõtlesin sinust Kas sa ei ole saanud mu sõnumeid kätte või niisama pole vastanud?
  3. Excellent!! Hope it was greater than ever! Send my love to Nicole x

  4. yup ^^ it was really great, just got back! XD

  5. Hugh.. are you at the gig in Estonia with Nicole?? I hope you both are x

  6. DUTUAEK Eestis frenchiesid ja karvasaabastes imelikke ei leidu kahjuks Anyway, I just realised that the concert begins (gates open?) at 18:00 according to Piletilevi. So .. early? XD
  7. otsest plaani pole, aga võib ka XD kuigi ma olen väga igav kaaslane, nii et vahet pole nagunii
  8. Hello, long time no see, eh Just popping in noticing the bar being Freddie's again and wow, that was a long time ago hehe oh and hey Sarah.
  9. That 350 was the first 1000 tickets, not sure if they're sell-out by now, suppose not if there's still an option to purchase a ticket with that price. Which is kind of alarming because that means there won't be even 1000 people at the concert XD 395 is the regular price of the ticket and 1300 is some kind of a special ticket but I don't know what special offerings they've got XD anyway. there are no "closest to the stage ticket", if you buy the 350/395 ticket you can still be in the front row, you just have to be there early the usual stuff.
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