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  1. Heya hun, could not believe to see you here :)

    How are you, sweetie?

  2. Just wondering.. if you still come in here these days?? Not many old timers left... I just browse through more than anything lately.. still love that boy the same if not more though... heard about your effort in promoting him..great stuff. Missing Babsou productions.. those were the days..

  3. Update .. holy smoke! so so much has happened in MFC world!!

  4. Hello there! Wow, it's great being back! I haven't been in touch with you in FOREVER! How've you been? Update me! :)

  5. wow hello "old" timer!

  6. Sou

    Haha! But I'm here, and if feels so bloody good to be back! :)

  7. Thanks! It's great to be back! :)

  8. You're back, how fantastic! yahoo.gif


    :huglove: :huglove: :huglove:

  9. What a fantastic idea! I've recorded a segment on him as Artist of the Day at the radio station I'm interning at! I guess that's a huge step towards promoting Mika, and I'm quite excited about it!
  10. B!anka

    HI, Sou!


    I wanted to let you know that you efforts for making Mika famous in Kuweit are well appreciated!!


    Here is a thread we've started as originally insipired by your work:


    A bientot,




  11. And again, thanks for your warm welcome and wishes! I really hope this works! You'll all be the first to know - OF COURSE! And Caz, we so do! Hehe!
  12. Hey everyone! Wow! Thanks so much for your super warm welcome! It feels great being back, and Caz, thanks so much for your updates! I've recorded the segment on Mika, and I'll let you all know when it'll be aired! Also, Blue Sky, thanks so much for linking me up! I can't believe I've been posted and Tweeted about! This is beyond awesome! Once again, thanks so much for your warm welcome everyone, it's good to be back!
  13. Tia

    Jumps up and down!!!! OMG yr the last person i thought id see here!!!

  14. Feels great to be back, Jemma. Goodness, I've almost forgotten how to navigate around here! Great to see a familiar face!