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  1. cristi


    i have to move on, exactly.
  2. cristi


    i'm so sure he won't visit Estonia like never/ever... I just have to accept that people think of us as former soviet union state and not even former but still as part of Russia. Many do not even not that we even exist. Actually things in here are a bit insane right now (sth that has never happen before-some Russians have gone crazy, also some Estonians). For me the odds seeing him is about 0. I know, to see that almost all in fan club have pictures with mika, quite devastating.
  3. cristi


    I was basically getting over, i wasn't so exited about him anymore. BUT yesterday he came to my dreams, for the first time. It's crazy. And hooked again. duh. I want my normal life back. No, I want to see him in person and on stage, but that's never going to happen ok... Why, why, why....?????
  4. i'm sad.. i also wanted to participate in it.. but it was so busy time for me.. hope there will be a next time someday.. You did a wonderful job..
  5. cristi

    What is your favorite picture of Mika?

    Totally agree. He is gorgeous in every picture and show and gig. It funny to think that he reads this forum. He sees everybody praising him to sky or sth. Because we never say anything bad about him. Awkward.. I'd like to know what he thinks..
  6. cristi

    ScrapBook For MIKA from the fans!

    You did wonderful job.. it's a bit sad that he knew about it already (because he reads forum).. wonderful...
  7. cristi

    Bonus Tracks?

    i don't understand.. how did you get these bonus tracks? i bought the album, but nothing... confused..
  8. my expectations were also higher.. well, it didn't seem so special.. grace kelly video was different than other pop songs/videos.. but if mika is satisfied with it, then i have to make it to like me..
  9. cristi

    Mika on AOL

  10. cristi

    Mika on AOL

    Could someone download it somehow... i'd really like to see it..
  11. Did you post a comment or did you send message? You are lucky
  12. cristi

    Official - Mika Maniacs Thread

    I feel myself total maniac. Mika maniac. It's awful, what Mika can do with my mind.
  13. i'd like to see it.. but for some reason i can't.. could you upload it, like i don't know, maybe youtube?
  14. cristi

    Mika on Dutch TV!!

    where did you watch it? i'd like see it also..
  15. cristi

    The Estonian thread.

    jei.. ma sain endale lõpuks selle imelise cd... juhhuuuu