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  1. You're still here! :P First visit in like 3 years and just because I'm getting old and having lots of memories (30 years' crisis, ahem). I hope you are very fine and continue to write, draw, dance, film, being insanely creative when it comes to Mika...whatever you want to do :D

  2. Those are stellar! Thank you so much! Thanks ladies! But you can thank Sports Mode for those photos
  3. Thanks, and no problem! Glad I did whip my camera out now!
  4. Lovely report Jemma! Thanks for sharing, and yes, a massive thanks to Deb Also, what would taking photos be without the odd derp or two And his chair... I reckon Morrisons sponsored his concert
  5. Oh I know he talked about it yesterday I just couldnt remember the finer details, but thank you to you as well ^^
  6. Were we even at the same gig?? The crowd sat down during slow songs but always got up when the funkier songs came on. I also didn't think Relax was inspired by 7/7 attacks, I thought it was something that happened in Lebanon? Maybe someone else with a better memory can correct this.
  7. The last gig I went to before this one was October last year in London. Before then, about 3 years ago. My Mika madness has definitely died down and I had thoughts that this would potentially be my last gig. After 7.5 hour dance rehearsal I was completely shattered, but on I went to Zebranos to meet my fellow Fokkers and of course see some familiar faces! The atmosphere was really chilled, everyone was getting on and having a laugh, the food was free, and it was generally really lovely. And of course I met Blue Sky for the first time!!! We've known each other since basically the daw
  8. THANK YOU *bows* Also thank to you Deb, perfectly written.
  9. Alright, let's go back to my Andrea Bocelli example. Because I am a foreigner at an Italian opera concert, should I hope he sings an English song even though the majority of people in the audience will be Italian and expect him to sing in Italian? Would that be fair?
  10. It is NOT weak to ask for English songs at an English concert. So what if there are foreigners at a UK gig? He must sing a song in a different language to accommodate them? I'd NEVER go to an Andrea Bocelli concert in Italy and hope he sings a song in English because I'm a f*cking foreigner, THAT is self-centered and absurd. His French songs are pretty irrelevant here - they've never been released here, I've never heard them on radio (in fact I've not heard him on radio for a very long time because he hasn't been here, despite being a British artist) and why would he promote them here anyway,
  11. MFCers may be drama princesses, but Mika is the goddamn Queen.

    1. tomomi


      Happy to see you here anyway :)

    2. Christine


      Yes Mika is ground zero for this debacle. #butthurt #diva

    3. CazGirl
  12. I don't think he felt unsure about it at all, as he said that he KNEW how some British fans felt about the French songs but that he was going to sing them anyway. He even said at the beginning of the gig that it felt good to be speaking English and then he goes and sings a French song, so like... ??????? As I said, save the French songs for the French speaking audience who will appreciate them more. What Jemma said wasn't even harsh and vindictive like Mika was saying in that video, he way overstepped the mark and exaggerated everything, as he typically does. It's not like she actually ins
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