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  1. MFCers may be drama princesses, but Mika is the goddamn Queen.

    1. tomomi


      Happy to see you here anyway :)

    2. Christine


      Yes Mika is ground zero for this debacle. #butthurt #diva

    3. CazGirl
  2. hahaha! That's hilarious! I used to post rather frequently on the forum but haven't been posting much lately. So maybe that's why everyone knows me, because I used to post all the time? XD I'm not a singer by any means... I mean, I do sing but not professionally. I dance mainly, and was a bak up dancer in iMMa's music video so maybe that's what you're thinking! ^^

  3. No worries!! Thank you for the birthday wishes :)

  4. Lol yes everything is fine! Life is going quite well, thanks. I haven't listened to the new songs - want to wait until the single is actually released and with a music video and stuff...listening to song clips of TBWKTM ruined the magical surprise for me when I finally got the CD so am avoiding doing the same thing this time round. Hopefully I'll be posting more once there's more news! x

  5. Thank you for the birthday wishes!

  6. Thank you for the birthday wishes!! x x x

  7. Oh I just saw this! Thank you! And yes I had a great time, thank you for reading my blog! x

  8. Yes I suppose! It was an excellent experience and one I was very thankful for. It will probably never happen again, after all! Enjoy my blog when you have time x x x

  9. lol not really. I had only met her twice in real life and spoke to her on Twitter a couple of times before she asked me. But when she did ask me and I agreed to be a part of her video, we spoke quite a lot because I helped her get a few more dancers etc, so we spoke a lot then, but I'm not exactly friends with her lol

  10. she just asked me on twitter! I was very surprised! You can read all about it here:

  11. oh did you? did you like it? it was such good fun! I see you're spanish...where abouts in Spain do you live?

  12. No problem, I am well thank you! how are you?

  13. I said it on Facebook, but Happy Birthday! x

  14. Hello! I'm good thank you, just plodding on with life! Yourself?

  15. at the moment, non-existent :naughty: I've been stressing over getting a job and shizz so I haven't spent a lot of time here. Oops. I haven't missed the deadline have I?

  16. I love dbsk and super junior!!!!

  17. Ni Hao :wink2: Just saw you write "Keep the Faith" and it reminded me of the group Dong Bang Shin Ki from Korea. They're called Tohoshinki in Japan and they also have a name in Chinese which I've forgotten...just wondering if you knew them? Cos that sentence really reminded me of them :roftl:

  18. Oh yes I was! For 2 days :-D It was great fun, would love to do more Music Videos! But of course I shall not spill the beans until the video is released :wink2:

  19. ah okay, I hear Japan's rules are a bit strict :naughty:

    I'm looking for work, rehearsing for a dance show and...that's about it at the moment! I don't go to college anymore. Anata wa?

  20. Aww thank you so much! That's very sweet of you :wub2:

  21. Yes, it's amazing how one person can change people's lives in so many different ways. I never, ever thought I'd be able to do a music video, life certainly has turned out quite strange and because I liked the song Grace Kelly :aah:

    Well, I'm not going to hope, wish and pray that Mika will ask me to do anything for him - that way I won't be disappointed if he doesn't and it's always best never to "expect" things - but if he does then I'd never say no :roftl: I need a job anyway! xD

  22. you like how the whole band LOVES me? LOL, that's so cute and sweet of you, but I don't think they "love" me xD They know my face and my name. Jimmy even knows where I work :roftl: and I've only met them a couple of times. The fact that iMMa trusted me enough to be in her video is nothing short of amazing - I never expected my Mika experiences to turn out like this at all.

    But if Mika needs someone to be in his video I don't think I'd turn it down :naughty:

  23. well gee, wouldn't that be grand? :biggrin2: