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  1. Those are stellar! Thank you so much! Thanks ladies! But you can thank Sports Mode for those photos
  2. Thanks, and no problem! Glad I did whip my camera out now!
  3. Lovely report Jemma! Thanks for sharing, and yes, a massive thanks to Deb Also, what would taking photos be without the odd derp or two And his chair... I reckon Morrisons sponsored his concert
  4. Oh I know he talked about it yesterday I just couldnt remember the finer details, but thank you to you as well ^^
  5. Were we even at the same gig?? The crowd sat down during slow songs but always got up when the funkier songs came on. I also didn't think Relax was inspired by 7/7 attacks, I thought it was something that happened in Lebanon? Maybe someone else with a better memory can correct this.
  6. The last gig I went to before this one was October last year in London. Before then, about 3 years ago. My Mika madness has definitely died down and I had thoughts that this would potentially be my last gig. After 7.5 hour dance rehearsal I was completely shattered, but on I went to Zebranos to meet my fellow Fokkers and of course see some familiar faces! The atmosphere was really chilled, everyone was getting on and having a laugh, the food was free, and it was generally really lovely. And of course I met Blue Sky for the first time!!! We've known each other since basically the dawn of time on MFC, but as she's always in between Japan and Australia, we've never had a chance to meet. And whenever she's been on the European side, we've always missed each other So that was really, really great! After 9 long years!!! We finally made our way to the venue and squeezed in Row B (where some people were already being sneaky and sitting in our seats ). It was such a great view - it's been a long time since I've been so close to the stage! At first I declared that I was just going to enjoy the gig - no photos or filming - but that didn't happen As I was recording our rehearsals earlier that day I had my beast camera with me so I've got some decent shots which I shall upload at some point today or tomorrow. The gig itself was fantastic, and it really did feel like old times. Although I'm not that Mika mad fan that I used to be, it was great to revisit those feelings for a short while. He was energetic, he was smiling and really happy. Beautifully genuine. And how amazing to hear Rain and We Are Golden! The crowd was on fire! It was lovely to see Alex on stage again, and I thought the choir was a nice added feature myself. They performed very well in terms of stage presence and I enjoyed watching them! My only issue was that Mika voice was overpowering theirs and didn't feel like that their voices really had much impact at all, which is a shame as I'm sure they would have sounded amazing. Or maybe that's just me?! So, so pleased - maybe it won't be my last one after all! Although I would like to add that to all the fans that congregated in the road whilst waiting for His Royal Highness to come out... dumb. Ain't nothing worth that. Anyway after my super long day and my early start the next day I decided that 2nd row was good enough for me so left before Mika came out. All in all, great seeing everyone, great seeing Mika, great seeing a fantastic show and just lots of greatness all around
  7. THANK YOU *bows* Also thank to you Deb, perfectly written.
  8. Alright, let's go back to my Andrea Bocelli example. Because I am a foreigner at an Italian opera concert, should I hope he sings an English song even though the majority of people in the audience will be Italian and expect him to sing in Italian? Would that be fair?
  9. It is NOT weak to ask for English songs at an English concert. So what if there are foreigners at a UK gig? He must sing a song in a different language to accommodate them? I'd NEVER go to an Andrea Bocelli concert in Italy and hope he sings a song in English because I'm a f*cking foreigner, THAT is self-centered and absurd. His French songs are pretty irrelevant here - they've never been released here, I've never heard them on radio (in fact I've not heard him on radio for a very long time because he hasn't been here, despite being a British artist) and why would he promote them here anyway, because it's in French?! Not sure if you're aware, but foreign songs don't do too well in English speaking countries unless it's gone viral, like the Macarena or Gangnam Style. They're not on his albums here, so unless you're a super hardcore fan the majority of people in the Adelphi theatre probably didn't even know about it. I am not holding a grudge against anyone or any foreigners. It's not the French or Italian's fans fault that he's stayed in those countries for a very long so I can't blame anyone for that. What I am horrified at is that Mika brings up this non-issue of Jemma moaning at a gig 6 months down the line, where, if you watch the video you can see it wasn't even a problem then, but yet he sees fit to exaggerate the story by a hundred and paint her to be an evil being. The UK went THREE YEARS without a single gig and he sang a random French song when there are plenty of other enjoyable ones he could have sung instead for his UK audience. I am not against Mika singing songs in a different language, all the power to him. Truly. Just preferably not here, that is all. Hell, if people here wanted to here Mika sing in Franch live so much then maybe they can livestream his French concerts instead.
  10. MFCers may be drama princesses, but Mika is the goddamn Queen.

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      Happy to see you here anyway :)

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      Yes Mika is ground zero for this debacle. #butthurt #diva

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  11. I don't think he felt unsure about it at all, as he said that he KNEW how some British fans felt about the French songs but that he was going to sing them anyway. He even said at the beginning of the gig that it felt good to be speaking English and then he goes and sings a French song, so like... ??????? As I said, save the French songs for the French speaking audience who will appreciate them more. What Jemma said wasn't even harsh and vindictive like Mika was saying in that video, he way overstepped the mark and exaggerated everything, as he typically does. It's not like she actually insulted him or punched him in the face, Mika said "Not many people understand Boum Boum Boum" and all Jemma said "that's because it's in f*cking French". WHICH IS TRUE OH MY GOD. Seriously you people need to take a goddamn seat.
  12. How is it arrogant to want English songs at an English gig?????? If he wants to sing French songs at a gig, all the power to him, but maybe for an French speaking audience who would appreciate it more? Why is that so arrogant and wrong? I listen to Korean pop music. It is common knowledge to those who listen to KPop that Korean idols also often promote in China and Japan, doing Chinese or Japanese versions of their Korean songs, and even releasing material just for a Japanese/Chinese audience. The Koreans get their share, the Chinese/Japanese get their share. Fair and square. If I flew to South Korea, to watch a Korean idol at a Korean concert and they ended up singing their Japanese/Chinese stuff instead I'd be annoyed, because that's not what I've paid for. If I wanted to hear their Japanese/Chinese stuff live, I'd go to a concert in the appropriate country. It's the exact same thing!
  13. You might need to change your signature I don't mind Boum Boum Boum actually, but there's a ton of French songs I've not even listened to, like Blame It On The Weather or Karen or whatever her name is. I have no interest. Majority of people I know have - openly admitted on here - that these are not very good songs. Everyone is perfectly entitled to their opinion, both pretty and ugly, but whether it affects you or not is down to you. Mika can talk about bullying till the cows come home - I was bullied at school too, my best friend is gay and was bullied for that also, I've seen and witnessed first hand how terrible people can be, and how it can affect you both then and in the present times. I also understand how these things affect people differently, but I also come from a dance/performance background and what people need to realise is that there's downright insulting and then there's criticism and an opinion. As Mika is a f***ing musician, who should be listening to advice and criticisms all the time when it comes to producing music and putting a show together, I'd expect much better, less bratty behaviour. I've listened to songs in Italian. Hell, I listen to songs in Japanese and Korean on a regular bloody basis. I've listened to music from Sweden, Finland... it's not like I'm against foreign music. What people need to understand is that Mika has been bouncing around France and Italy for the past billion years and barely paid any attention to his UK fanbase, which by the way *ahem* is where it all started from in the first place. I've also been a big fan since the beginning - winning competitions and made fan videos and the like. Back in the day, LiCM got a very mixed reception in the UK, it was like Marmite. Mika even admitted that, he was PROUD of that. People loved it and they hated it. Did he mind? No, in fact, he said HE LOVED DIVIDING PEOPLE AND DIDN'T WANT TO BE IN THE MIDDLE. How can he have gone from being so confident to flapping around like a wet flannel? Like seriously, what the hell changed? So what Jemma didn't like the French song in the UK setlist, lots of people didn't. As I said, he practically abandoned the UK, and fair enough he got gigs elsewhere - you go where the money is and clearly French and Italian TV want him, and that's great exposure for him. In France and Italy. Where he's learned the language and sings songs in their language. After being forgotten about for so long, and literally having one small gig every year (as opposed to gigs around the country, like in the good ol' days), I think it's perfectly understandable that some of us are upset that French songs would be included in a UK setlist. The fact that he bangs on about how many people there were in the audience from different countries is irrelevant - they've all come to the UK. For a UK gig. They clearly have the money to go abroad and see him, and if they wanted Mika to sing French songs then perhaps go to a French gig. And the way Mika actually took the piss on stage saying "French isn't hard" - just because it is a European language with ties to the English language doesn't mean that we should just accept and be happy about him playing his French songs at a UK gig. Do I actually have to learn the bloody French language to enjoy a UK gig now, should His Majesty want to ignore the wishes of his "Loyal Subjects"? (Who also contribute to his wages????) Sorry for being harsh, but I am calling him out on this, because he is a liar. Also saying that he talked less to the audience because of Jemma's reaction is nothing short of bullsh*t, he didn't stop chattering the entire night. I think Jemma is perfectly entitled to defend herself. She made one huff about one French song. Mika took the piss out of the protests on stage (because there was more than one protest) by telling everyone that French isn't hard, then humiliating her and getting personal by saying that Jemma needed more boum boum boum in her life, and then swanning off to Asia and talking about it on TV... 6 months later. Grow up Mika, for God's sake. I am so over this.
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  15. Not that I remember.... it was years ago when I saw it. It was just full of white...female singer...there was a man in the video as well and...there were bows and arrows as if he was teaching her how to do archery or something...
  16. annyeonghasaeyo I have a question about KPop...I watched a music video years and years and years was a female singer. It was a slowish sort of song, the MV was very, very white and bows and arrows were included. Does anyone have absolutely any idea what song I'm talking about?? Any help is appreciated!!! Kamsahamnida
  17. I know I posted the full thing and got a load of asterix...I was thinking WTF and then I realised
  18. aish*teruuuuuuuuuuuu!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Arigatou gozaimasuuuuuuuu!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  19. First of all the song is titled "MIKA - Popular Song ft. Ariana". Therefore, this shows that it is Mika's song and that Ariana is the addition, not the other way round, and if her fans can't get that then it's their problem. It's all spelled out for them and if they don't get it then just leave them to it It's already in black and white for them to read. Secondly, it's on HIS vevo channel. Enough said. Anyway, I like the video, best one he's done yet although not sure about the song change. The end.
  20. Konnichiwa!! ^^ Long time no speak!! Anyway, I'm searching for a JPop song and wondering if you guys know what I am talking about. I can see the MV in my head, but I can't remember the title or even the lyrics!! I'm sure it's a remake, and it's about not working too hard...the lead singer (male) is a bit geeky looking and there's one scene where he and a few others are randomly doing aerobics and he's in a red tracksuit. I'm sure the beginning starts off with a woman sweeping leaves, and there's a chubby businessman involved and the lead singer hands him a banana. I'm also sure Mika talked about it. Does anyone have ANY clue what I'm talking about??