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  1. OMG - that photo of you....so YOUNG !!!

  2. Happy birthday, which happens well in his day

  3. :) hiya!! I used to post here years ago bahah :P but I'm back for now :)
  4. I've got a bit bored of Mika now. JOE :] awh.
  5. AAAAHHHH. seeing MILEY ON SATURDAYYYYY -excited much-
  6. I didn't know there was a thread :o

    Well I got her a really cute birthday card with forever friendss on.. ahaha so thats better :P

    I misss you too. We should have one of our good old webcam chats again like we used to hehe :]

    btw I love the way you always seem to know I've been online :P spyyyyy ahaha.


  7. You were here - and I missed you :shocked:

    You did not add your name to your Mum's birthday thread!!!! :sneaky2:

    Come back soon - I miss you :huglove:

  8. Aha of course I remember yoooou :P

  9. hey, i saw your avvie in the gallery. how did you make it? i know on the computer, but like using what program? or website...

    it looks brilliant!

  10. Hi Beckar, not sure if you'll remember me...I posted on here a few years ago and thought I'd come back and chat in here as I've fallen back in love with Mika. Just thought I'd say hi and catch up with you if you do still remember me! Happy New Year. love Charlotte x

  11. Well I don't know if I can go party as I don't think we have the money n all that :( & it's difficult as the boys need looking after and my dad is a lazy bum :(

  12. You coming the party , yes yes?

  13. YAY. http://uk.youtube.com/watch?v=YKZ_YGsxomM was awesome
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