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  1. Oh my gosh - that is the hardest question ever!!!!!!!! Errrrrr - no I wouldn't break up with my boyfriend for him... ...but I would give him my mobile number in case things didn't work out! ha ha ha! If you had been going out with Mika and you split up, would you sell information to magazines for money/publicity? (BTW -i think this is totally wrong:blush-anim-cl: )
  2. I wouldn't... I couldn't possibly cut off his curls, even if he begged me - they're ace! Totally random - would you cut one of your fingers off for a million pounds? lol
  3. ...lips, so somebody had to...
  4. Relax - coz it's so groovy and we could see more of his sexy dancing!
  5. Have a good time and enjoy the mika-ness!
  6. Hey, everyones artwork is amazing! Mika definately attracts creative people. Martincy - especially loving your cartoon sketches. You've captured his personality in just a simple outline - they are so cool! Anyway, this is my drawing (before and after) that everyone will probably have already seen - but you asked for it! I should really have been doing my coursework instead of drawing this but Mika is just so drawable lol. I've got my exams soon but I can't wait 'til I have more time to draw! x
  7. There's a photo of Mika looking at my drawing... and he's smiling! He's actually seen it! *faints* I'm in shock - it's so cool that he got to see all the letters and everything! Thanks Sivan - you're amazing and all the things you have stuck on the scrap book are well groovy - it looks ace! ...I am so happy (as you can probably tell) !!!!!!!!!!
  8. Aww bummer! More for me then!
  9. If I met Mika (and didn’t actually pass out like a freak), I would ask… Sensible (quite!): 1) What is your favourite food and do you like marmite? 2) What colour would best describe you? 3) Isn’t it great playing the piano? – I taught myself too. 4) If you could have three wishes, what would they be? 5) Which of your songs do you like the best/enjoy playing? Cheeky (pheww…) 1) Could you sing me your whole album live… pretty please? 2) Will you compose a song about me? Hee hee hee! 3) Do you like blondes? – I certainly have more fun… hint hint! 4) So, where are you taking me for our date? Lol! 5) I’d love to move to France – can we buy a lovely old house there and live happily ever after with lots of animals running about in the garden? Of course, there are many more but I'm afraid they would scare Mika too much if he were to read this! *winks*
  10. First he could come to my house and have a nice chat. I'd get him to model for me whilst I drew him - coz he's so handsome. Then we'd go out ice-skating so we could skate round holding hands! ...and he'd have to keep me warm coz it'd be cold outside...
  11. Sivan, did you actually get to talk to Mika? I can't believe he's got the book - how did you get to give it to him! I'm very excited - Oh my goodness lol!
  12. Ah well, I've got Mika's bum, so ha ha ha!
  13. OOh... I also want to bagsy... The song 'Who wants to live forever' - by Queen The song 'Thriller' - by Michael Jackson (including all the zombies lol!) Bonfire toffees Innocent fruit smoothies
  14. I can't be bothered to read all of this thread first, so I hope these haven't been taken! Keanu Reaves!!!! Tennis player Rafael Nadal ...is any part of Mika left lol? ...erm wat about his cheeks (not of the face variety!) ha ha ha!