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  1. HELLO!!!!! l o n g time no see! :naughty:

  2. I'm going to bed SOOOOO early tonight. KJHFsdkjfhsdkjfhdskjfh TOMORROWW!!!!! sucks that I just got my period. Should I kill myself? =[
  3. Sivan!! You gotta get your tuchis over here to NY! I've yet to meet Mika's other #1 fan:thumb_yello:
  4. 7 am!?! Woah! Are you ready for the freeze??? I'm bringing an extra coat I think.
  5. I am this pink sock you speak of haha. No ones allowed to be shy if you're an MFCer! its the rule
  6. Ahh the free concert was an insane wait. My friends and I were soaked and delirious. We passed the time by dancing with our umbrellas and singing show tunes. Anyone bringing speakers on saturday??! And what time are people thinking of showing? like 2ish or noonish?
  7. Happy anniversary! in a few days it'll be my MFC 1 year!! If you see me this time you gotta say hi. I'm reeeaallly friendly, I promise =]]
  8. That sounds like soooo much fun. My mika friends and i will do our best to meet up with you guys. Everyones wearing their pin.. right!?
  9. Lovetoday, the nuptials will be said regardless of his placement in our prom limo. We're in love! Why can't you just be HAPPY for me!?!?!?!
  10. Of course I remember you!!!!! I'm BEYOND excited to catch up with my MFCers!!! =D Doing anything Mika-special this time around? I just made myself a Mika poster
  11. Has anyone heard anything from the recent shows?? I think well have some answers when he's doing his offish North American tour thingy. I wanna know what to expect but I also wanna be surprised but I also want mika to marry me after the show.
  12. I started painting my Mikagasmic poster tonight! It still need a lot more color and glitter. I'm uber excited for midway state and the finger pulse band seems pretty rockin. The worst part about early shows is the suspense for MIKA!! I can't wait!! sdkfhsdkfjh AHHHH!!! <333
  13. omg thats AWESOME! How do you know her guitarist??! I'm soo jeal. She didnt say much else besides the norms that the PR people tell you to say. "I wish him luck - it was so much fun touring with him.." blah blah. How could she loose touch!?! If I was ever on tour I'd make sure we were BFF.
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