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  1. Well my original youngling is now a middling and i have a youngling of nearly 6yrs....alot has changed in the 8 years i have been a member here x
  2. I am on look out for two london tickets too x
  3. STILL loveing Mika ....now with a 5yr old Emily liking his music too x
  4. Many years ago i was a bigger poster than i am now Have things changed that much - Nopesome that was big poster back in 2007 are still TOPS !!!! (1)Sarah_Lollipop 54,055 (2)Bienie 53,450 (2)iadoremika 46,808 (3)hotdlp 45,663 (4)FREDDIESDOUBLE 45,193 (5)vanessa 39,352 (6)Wendi 38,205 (7)silver 37,635 (8)Mika4Life13 32,709 (9)kath 31,503 (10)Sasje 29,000 (11)celesteee 28,977 (12)RAK1 28,322 (13)Fmbm 28,130 (14)CazGirl 26,001 (15)robertina 25,939 (16)mika-fan1001 24,631 (17)Neiobi 24,089
  5. Hi -i just sneaking in to have a look @ group !!

  6. OMG - that photo of you....so YOUNG !!!

  7. OMG - Wendi left ????

    WHY ??

  8. Hiya..."Love Today" was on T.V ... so i thought i better visit group and say hiya :D

  9. Well ..."LOVE TODAY" I've not been about much for ages...but Mika came on T.V so i thought i better come and visit group !!
  10. i'm sure if we pretend Becker under 16yrs that we could get 4 in a family room !!! Havent got lots of money to spend so will have find supermarket !!! another idea is that my uncle dont live too far so could stay @ his ??
  11. well if we go anyone up for sharing with me & beckar ??? I'm happy to have other young people share with us & happy to look after them if parents worried about them going. I have a number of CRB checks & am a leader @ Brownies & St John Ambulance cadets. Beckar will be with me she is 17yrs
  12. Has anyone thought of Backpackers Hostels ..for those of us that are more strapped for cash than others .....
  13. Ok Ok ...i'll poke Beckar and get her to add you ..or i'll sign in and do it myself...lol
  14. She will be going no where without me unless anyone got any offers
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