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  1. Oh, one other note... The boat we will be on is called "Paris Etoile". Paris Star. Which is Mika, right? Our Paris Star.
  2. So a few little updates about the boat. Unfortunately, the person I need to talk to the most about our trip is on vacances this week, so finalizing the details will have to wait until Monday or Tuesday of next week. However, the people I spoke to this week are 99% sure that we can depart at 3pm (rather than 2pm). They are not sure about the food situation, so I'll keep you posted on that. On another note, because we have more than 100 fans coming now, I have more than the 2500€ needed for the boat. I will put that money toward flowers and/or a gift for Mika, and those who have already paid for the boat will not have to contribute anything extra. I'll start a thread in a bit where we can discuss the flowers/gift in more detail. And I just want to say -- 1 month from today we'll be SAILING THE SEINE on our MFC TOUR BOAT! If you haven't checked yet, here's the Instagram for Vedettes de Paris to give you a taste of what it will be like -- please, let our weather be this beautiful! https://www.instagram.com/vedettesdeparis/
  3. Yes, I'm going to start a thread on that later today. I'll put all relevant information there. Yes! Will be good to see you again, @IngievV! Have you heard about the Sunday boat ride? Are you able to join us?
  4. Thanks for adding this, Eriko! There are several other well-known TikToks that have done the challenge, such as Scott Hoying from the group Pentatonix. I saw today that Radio KissKiss in Italy did the challenge, too. It's the trend that keeps going and going...
  5. OK, multiquote isn't working properly for me today. But I wanted to say that I want to spend lots of time with MFCers AND I want to see the city, because, as I mentioned the other day, I haven't been to Paris in actual decades! But I am staying until Tuesday, so I could sightsee on my own on Monday. I don't need to go to the Louvre, but I would like to see the Eiffel Tower and the Arc de Triomphe and Montmartre and... well, I just want to be a tourist, I guess. But maybe I could take a bus -- a TOUR BUS! -- on Monday and do it all then! So I am fairly flexible Friday through Sunday for sure.
  6. Hi Lindsey! And yes, that's how it starts... good luck!
  7. OK, please report the account to Instagram as a fake account, and I will do the same. Please do not continue to post about this fake account here -- you do not need to start multiple threads on the same subject, OK? Thanks. I don't know what to tell you about your other problem, that's out of my control.
  8. 9/20/21 ZOOM RECAP For those of you who weren't on the MFC Zoom call yesterday, I thought I would just sum up for you what was discussed. (Those of you who were on the call, please let me know if I've forgotten something or gotten it wrong.) * The MFC Tour Boat is set for Sunday, 24 October 2021. Departure time will be 3 p.m. so if you are attending you will need to arrive at least 15 minutes before that. We will be sailing with Vedettes de Paris and departing from the quay located near the foot of the Eiffel Tower. The boat ride will be 1 hour long, and there will be food available for purchase on the quay or on the boat. The boat company should be able to arrange for us to pre-purchase food that will then be brought on the boat to save us time waiting in queue. Details for this are being worked out and will be announced soon. * A Saturday fan gathering was discussed at length. Some fans have been in touch with a cafe located near the venue, and also the Hotel Mercure, where many fans are staying, to determine whether they have a space where we could hold either a breakfast or lunch. Realizing that many may not want to incur additional expenses, alternatives were discussed, such as finding an open park where we could gather, bringing our own food/drink. This idea depends on good weather, so a "Plan B" (bad weather) option is also necessary. * Pre-concert drinks somewhere before the Saturday night concert -- near or at the venue? * A method for staying in touch during the weekend was also discussed. Options include: -- posting on mikafanclub.com -- creating a WhatsApp group -- creating a private group on Instagram -- creating a special/private Instagram account -- creating a special Twitter account I haven't yet decided what the best option is -- maybe we'll need a combination of these, so that no one is left out. * Other items: -- It would be nice to have a way to identify each other, as not everyone will have an MFC badge -- name tags/stickers. -- Decorations for the boat? Not sure whether we will be able to do much, as we are only sailing for 1 hour. We did not get around to discussing flowers/gift for Mika yet, but we should! I will start another thread for that. This is what I think my tentative schedule for the weekend will be here -- obviously it is subject to change. If you all have ideas for how I might fill it in, please let me know! FRIDAY - 22 OCT 7:30am: Fans start arriving to Paris (at least, that's when I arrive!) LUNCH DINNER ------------------------------------------------------- SATURDAY - 23 OCT BREAKFAST/LUNCH - Possible Fan Gathering? AFTERNOON - Sightseeing around Paris 7pm - Drinks before concert? 8:30pm - MIKA! 11pm - Post-concert drinks/snacks? ------------------------------------------------------- SUNDAY - 24 OCT BREAKFAST LUNCH 2:30pm Meet at Vedettes de Paris Quay 3pm MFC Tour Boat sails the Seine! 4pm Disembark and socialize 5pm Dinner and prepare for concert 7pm Drinks before concert? 8:30pm MIKA! 11pm Post-concert drinks/snacks? MONDAY - 25 OCT BREAKFAST - Farewells? AFTERNOON - Sightseeing around Paris (if anyone wants to join me!) DINNER TUESDAY - 26 OCT MORNING - Return to reality...
  9. @Xyandro Well done! I see that the YouTube is unlisted -- does that mean you don't want us to share it? Because I'd be happy to tweet about from the MFC account if you would like more views!
  10. Have they written to you privately, Myriam? I don't see any posts on this account yet, so I'm not sure how you know it is fake account.
  11. That's a cute idea! I don't have anything like that, and we don't really have a lot of time to decorate, but I was thinking we might want to have something on board.
  12. Also, I can't believe I forgot to tell you -- we're holding a competition right now, prize is 2 tickets to Sunday's concert. Deadline for entries is tomorrow!
  13. Hi Aram, and Take a look in this thread - people are selling extra tickets there. How many tickets do you need? Just one?
  14. You are definitely not too late! Please get your payment in as soon as you can, though! Thanks! I'll double-check on this but the green pass for sure -- probably masks inside. If you could let me know in the next day or two that would be helpful. Thanks! Yes, eating indoors may be an issue. From what I understand there is a cafe on the quay and I think as long as the weather is dry we could meet outside somewhere. Speaking of all this, though -- I will be having an MFC Zoom later tonight Monday, 20th September, probably around 9 p.m. Central Europe time, to discuss things relating to the Boat trip as well as the Paris concerts in general. I'll send out the link on our Instagram stories and post it here a bit later today. Finally, I have payments from 85 people so far. Thank you all so much! I'd really appreciate it if you all could get your payments in ASAP -- I'll be formally committing to the cruise today! Thanks again.
  15. OK, a little update. I have payment for 61 people! Thanks and please get your payment in ASAP. If you don't have Paypal, or don't know anyone who does, please contact me privately! THANK YOU!
  16. There's no fee for registering. And you shouldn't have a conversion fee if you pay in Euros. There's just the fee they're charging for sending to the US, I guess.
  17. Ugh. I'm sorry about that. But it really is the easiest for something like this. By the way, I already have payment for 37 people so more than a third of the way there! Thank you all!
  18. Staring at the Sun is MUCH better, thank you!
  19. MENUS: As I mentioned before, here are the menus for Vedettes du Paris. "Menu Bar" is what's offered on board the boat. The "Carte Cafe" is what's offered on the quay. Just to be clear, these items are in addition to the price of the boat. It seems like we will have the option to purchase food in advance that they will bring on to the boat, but I have to clarify exactly how that will work. vedettes-Carte café des Vedettes-1.pdf vedettes-MENU BARS-2.pdf
  20. Hi Claire, I think the boat company is flexible as to the time and we had talked about departing at either 2pm or 3pm. It won't be earlier than 2pm. Is that OK for you? I can make it 3pm if the majority of people would prefer that. The schedule for the day then would be something like: 2:30-3pm Fans gather and prepare for cruise 3-4pm Cruise 4-5pm Socialize afterward if desired 5-8pm Dinner and prepare for concert 8:30pm Concert Does that sound about right to everyone? Well, I think we need to speak with Cerise before changing her design at all. And I'm not sure about the stickers -- although it's a good idea for us to have some way to identify each other. I guess not everyone will have the MFC badges. Let me think on this a bit. Are you addressing me, Myriam. Yes, that was me hosting the MFC Instagram Live. Ah! You wound me, Joelle! We do not want to be Underwater!!! And for that matter we also don't want:
  21. OK... Time to start talking $$$ or in this case €€€ ! Since it looks like we will have at least 100 people I need to collect 25€ per person from those of you who will be joining us on the MFC Tour Boat! This amount is for the 1-hour private boat ride only. Food and drink will be available to purchase on board, or on the quay cafe before and after departure. I will post a menu of what will be available later today in this thread. Please PAYPAL your payment as soon as possible to the Mika Fan Club account at mfcregister@gmail.com Send your payment in EUROS, please, so there's no conversion fee. Also be please sure to state that you are sending the money to a friend rather than making a payment, so that there are no fees charged. If the cruise is cancelled due to issues relating to COVID (please NO!!!) there will be a refund. Note that if we get more money than we need for the boat, it will be put toward a gift or flowers for Mika. If we get A LOT more money than we need, I will be keeping a spreadsheet of everyone participating so that we can talk about rebates. If you do not have Paypal, please try to find a friend who does who can send a Paypal for you -- it really is the simplest option. Otherwise, please contact me privately and we'll see what we can work out. If you have any other questions, or if there's something I've overlooked, please post here. THANK YOU SO MUCH! PS Special thanks to @Cerise for the MFC in Paris logo!
  22. Hey! Travis! Nice to see another US fan! And was that in Philadelphia? If so, I was there! Judging from your photos, I would have been to your left a bit. It's a small world! Anyhow, glad to have you here. And we're wishing for another US tour right along with you!
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