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  1. The video should NOT have been released early. Maybe the director naively didn't think anyone would be stalking his Vimeo account, but he really should not have posted it when he did. It's clear Mika intended for it to be released on Friday, as he had just said that very day to look for the video and single out on FRIDAY. It's difficult when something like that leaks early -- we're all fans, we're all excited for the new music and new video, obviously... but still, it would have been nice if there could have been some restraint to honor what Mika intended. I feel sad that all his careful planning and hard work were somewhat spoiled I'm afraid that having viewed it early, a lot of people won't think to watch the video again when it's finally out on YouTube, so I DO hope that everyone watches and rewatches it, and leaves lots of comments for him to read on YouTube and elsewhere. I guess what I'm saying is I hope everyone is as excited and enthusiastic about it tomorrow as they were yesterday.
  2. OK, so it's looking like 50 or so of you would like to have a get-together of some sort... and it also looks like the night before makes more sense, since we'll have to be queuing the day of the show... So... I'll start looking around at places in London -- I'm assuming that people will be staying all over the city, not just in the Shepherd's Bush area? I'll keep you all posted!
  3. Unfortunately, London is not in Italy. I think we would have a hard time finding someplace to take 50 or so of us that late at night. I would definitely not count on Mika joining us!
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    Hi NaoMika, I actually did update the "Contacting Mika" thread with info that the old fanmail addresses were no good any longer back on June 8, but didn't remember the info was in this FAQ thread at as well. I have removed the addresses that you supplied above, as I have been told they are not valid addresses and that mail sent there may be returned as well. We are trying to determine what address fans should use now. As soon as I know, I will post! Thanks for your patience.
  5. Bonjour, Bienvenue au MFC. Malheureusement, nous ne pouvons pas vous permettre de conserver Michael Holbrook Penniman comme nom d'utilisateur. Je vous écrirai en privé pour savoir ce que nous allons changer. Je suis désolé, mais je suis sûr que vous comprenez que cela créerait trop de confusion. Merci!
  6. Hellooo everyone! Trying to get a sense of how many people would join us for a drink/snacks/meal before the London show on 10th November. PLEASE NOTE: This is NOT, I repeat NOT, a meet & greet with Mika. He could obviously come if he wants to, as long as he lets me know in advance. This is simply a chance for all of us to get together for a drink and maybe meal. We need a rough idea of how many people are interested before we start planning anything. Please reply to this poll ASAP if you are planning to come! Thanks!
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    Meeting Mika

    With the new list of 2019-2020 tour dates, I thought it was a good time to remind everyone to re-read our guidelines/policies on meet & greets with Mika! Thanks!
  8. JUST A REMINDER TO EVERYONE, ESPECIALLY ALL OF OUR NEW MEMBERS! Now that we have a nice long list of tour dates coming up, I wanted to let you all know how important it is to us that you let us know if you're going to a gig. Be sure to RSVP for any upcoming shows you're planning to attend. It's nice for us to see who will be at which show, and also the list of attendees comes in handy for any meetings (with or without Mika!) we may want to plan. Visit the Community Calendar, click on the date of the show you're attending, then click on the event link and RSVP to let us know you'll be there! SEE YOU SOON!
  9. Were you able to get a ticket for the 12th, Sara? There was an Amex presale on Wednesday, not sure how the sale went today.
  10. If you have a US mailing address, you should be consider a US resident. Did you get the email with instructions with on to redeem your code so that you get the free CD?
  11. Not sure about that... I just think Mika is extremely popular in Montreal. It looks like the balcony is sold out for the 16th too -- just floor/standing tickets left.
  12. OK, I'm posting here, since this seems to be a very active thread The code you'll need (supposedly) for the presale is MIKATINY. The links for the presales will all be found on mikasounds.com/shows The presales should all go live around 10 a.m. LOCAL time. That means 10 a.m. NY time for the New York and Canada shows, 10 a.m. Mexico time for the Mexico show, 10 a.m. Pacific time for the California shows. As always, things might not be the way the should be -- things tend to go wrong on presale days! LOL But this is how it's been explained to me. As far as I know right now, ticket sales are open to everyone and the little US/Canadian residents thing only applies to the free CD. (They don't want to have to ship that all over the world.) Good luck! I hope you all get the tickets you want! (I hope I do, too!)
  13. I think I'll see you there, Dee -- hopefully both gigs! Whenever I go to Kohl's or Target I hear Popular. And I don't just think it's the gay community -- I think it's just in these big cities more people are exposed to a wider range of music, so are more likely to have heard of Mika. I know in my parents town, all the radio stations are either "classic rock", "oldies" or country & western. That's literally all the majority of the people there know. I'm actually surprised Mika's not going to Miami -- I mean, he even has a house there! But I agree a Chicago date would have been nice, especially for the fans who are in the middle of the country who could travel a little bit to see him.
  14. Hmm, I interpreted that to mean only US/Canadian residents would get the album with the purchase of the ticket. I'll clarify with Mika's team, but the way it's worded, I really think that US/Canadian restriction only applies to the free album offer.
  15. I believe tomorrow's presale is what they're calling the "artist" presale -- I think there's another presale by the AXS.com on Thursday. It looks like there will also be a presale for American Express cardholders. There is a code and I'll be posting it here tomorrow morning an hour or two before the presales start. It should also be posted on mikasounds.com, along with the links to the sales. Tomorrow's presales will start at 10 a.m. in the time zone the show is in -- that is, the Montreal and New York shows' presales will start at 10 a.m. Eastern time in the US. (That'll be 3 p.m. for the UK and 4 p.m. for Italy, France, etc.). The LA and San Francisco shows' presales will start at 10 a.m. Pacific time (which will be 6 p.m. UK time, 7 p.m. France, Italy, etc.) Of course, this is all what I've been TOLD. Whether it actually happens as planned is a whole other story! You all know how that goes!
  16. Hi Angela. Even if we had this information we would not give it out. We will post an address for fan mail soon.
  17. Mika's single Ice Cream is nominated as Song of the Summer (or Summer Earworm, I guess) by RTL, and he needs our votes! Vote for your favorite song on the charts! In order to participate you have to register with the RTL 102.5 Community and log in. Each user will be able to vote once a day for each WEEKLY Ranking. Voting open as follows: from 12:00 01/07/19 to 12:00 05/07/19, from 12:00 08/07/19 12:00 to 12/07/19, from 12:00 15/07/19 to 12:00 of 19/07/19 from 12:00 22/07/19 to 12:00 of 26/07/19 from 12:00 29/07/19 to 12:00 of 02/08/19 from 12:00 05/08/19 to 12:00 of 09/08/19 from 12:00 12/08/19 to 12:00 of 08/16/19 from 12:00 19/08/19 to 12:00 of 08/23/19 from 12:00 26/08/19 to 12:00 of 08/30/19 from 12:00 02/09 / 2019 at 12:00 of 09/06/2019 The listeners' preferences will be weighted with the airplay data compiled by EarOne, the Italian company that provides real-time airplay rankings and surveys, a consolidated partner in the music industry. The airplay data considers a representative sample of more than 150 broadcasters on the radio scene including national / regional / local radio stations and provide an indication of the tracks most liked by the radio, or each song in the race reports a score determined by the number of air passages on each issuer weighted with the audience data of the issuer itself by time slot and day of the week. All the details regarding the WEEKLY Rankings and the GENERAL Ranking can be found in the rules on the RTL site. If Mika's ICE CREAM wins, Mika will appear on the stage of RTL POWER HITS on 9 September! On September 9, 2019, the winning song of the RTL 102.5 Power Hits Summer 2019 will be announced during a great live radio show, broadcast live on RTL 102.5, from the Arena of Verona. Vi piacerebbe vedere MIKA sul palco di ‘RTL POWER HIT’ il prossimo 9 settembre? Vota #Icecream come tormentone dell’estate e incrociate tutte le vostre dita: https://www.rtl.it/power-hits-estate/2019/classifica-della-settimana/?fbclid=IwAR2IM65r6of-SMPe8ioAIQQGtNBnHaGgYvWdlNorH6Uz1jgWlXUZA5NbUFU
  18. Hi All! Just a note to let you know that we had a software upgrade overnight. Everything seems to have gone smoothly, but if you notice any quirks or things that aren't quite right, please let me or one of the other moderators know! I'll be writing more in a day or two to let you know of any new features you might want to try out, but I haven't learned them all myself yet! As soon as I do, you'll hear more from me! :)
  19. Hi and welcome! I'll be coming from the US! Mika has hinted that there may be more dates, as Silver said, just keep checking here and if we hear anything we'll be posting about it. As for spare tickets, I'm sure as the date gets closer people's plans will change or they'll find they can't go, so do check the link Silver shared. Some people (like myself) may even have bought extra tickets that they'll be selling eventually. I only have one extra at the moment, and I'm not ready to sell it just yet, as I may have a friend coming, just not sure. Also, we often get tickets from Mika's management to give away here. That won't be until much closer to the gig (they're very last-minute), but keep your eyes peeled!
  20. No worries. And after I said not to post the codes, Mika of course posted them everywhere. I don't have a code for that show, sorry. Maybe someone else has one they didn't use?
  21. Hi Mei Li -- I don't know how you will be able to buy a ticket with cash, unless you go to the Shepherd's Bush box office in person. Tickets will be on sale on Friday, but if you buy them online, you will need a credit or debit card. Perhaps you have a friend here who can buy the ticket for you? Once you are at the show, there will be lots of MFC members there and I'm sure you will find some of us. We may even have a party or get-together before the show, so please check back here to find information about that.
  22. Which show are you trying to buy for? Several of the presales are sold out already, you may have to wait for the general sales on Friday, which won't require a code.
  23. London presale was sold out, but they've just told me they have added more tickets. Try again! If you're desperate for London, Kata, I may have an extra ticket Or try again now that there are more tickets available. Anyone who wants to try for Madrid or Barcelona, I can give you the codes: MADRID: MIKAMAD19 BARCELONA: MIKA21FM Please don't share these on social media! Thanks!
  24. I hope the word has gotten out by now that for countries outside of France and the UK, you need to visit mikasounds.com/shows to purchase tickets. I was trying to handle problems on social media, didn't get a chance to come here, sorry! It seems they're still having some issues with the UK and Spanish sales, but I *hope* everyone else has gotten the shows they wanted? If you have problems, I'll try to help -- just leave a message here and I'll keep checking back!
  25. I'm ready to chat about it! A lot! Where should we start? I know I'm not from the UK, but I haven't seen Mika for 3 years, there's no way I can wait until 2020 for IF he comes to the US. Not sure if you know McLovin, but pre-sales start this Wednesday at 9 a.m. BST -- you can get a code for the pre-sale, by pre-ordering the album from mikasounds.com https://shop.virginemi.com/mika/