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  1. Hi Matt! I'm waving to you also from the East Coast of the US, Washington DC area. Welcome aboard, we're glad you're here. You're joining at an exciting time, what with Mika's new album and the tour and all! And if you're not too shy to share -- who is your mom? I've been here a while and may remember her!
  2. Two things: 1) Has anything been decided definitively about the fan action? It would be nice if we could do something, but as I read through this thread quickly just now it didn't seem that any one idea was decided on? 2) If you're planning to attend this gig, please be sure to RSVP here: And if you're planning to attend the MFC gathering the DAY BEFORE the gig, please reply to the poll so I can have a more accurate count. Also, if you replied to the poll before and you are now NOT coming to the party, can you please remove yourself? Again, I need a more accurate number of how many there will be. Thank you!
  3. @Anna Ko Kolkowska Anna it costs A LOT more than £20 -- it's probably closer to £100 when you include tip. Plus, many cabs these days insist on cash, especially at night they won't take credit cards and say their card machine is broken. Very annoying. Uber is a lot cheaper -- you can catch Uber in the parking garage across the street from the airport terminal. It's marked, but it's a little confusing. When I was there in July the pickup point was on the fourth floor, but you never know -- they may change it, so you'll need to check once you get there. You can ask an attendant who should be able to direct you. Taking the Piccadilly line is the cheapest way and it's direct to Kensington. It is very easy unless you have a lot of luggage. Some of the tube stops have stairs, but no escalator or elevator (like Gloucester Road). Which tube stop are you going to? Also, if your flight is delayed and you take a while going through customs and passport control, you may be too late to take the tube -- they stop after midnight or so, I think. You can check this site: https://tfl.gov.uk/plan-a-journey/ Which day are you arriving? Maybe there are others who are arriving about the same time as you and you can all travel together?
  4. Yes, totally! As I said above, you don't need to come to the party to contribute for the flowers -- when I get the notice on Paypal, I'll add your name to the list. No, I'll get notices from Paypal, so you should be OK! Karin took all the words right out of my mouth! But if all else fails, yes you can give me the money in person -- I just would like to avoid carrying lots of cash around if at all possible.
  5. Hello, everyone! Well, we have finally nailed down the details for our pre-show party! We have booked a pub called The Pembroke near Earl's Court. WHO: MFC! WHAT: PRE-LONDON SHOW PARTY WHERE: The Pembroke 261 Old Brompton Road London SW5 9JA WHEN: SATURDAY, 9 NOVEMBER. 5 P.M. TO 8 P.M. COST: £10/person. This goes toward the hire fee for the space and finger foods. DRINKS ARE EXTRA AND ARE YOUR RESPONSIBILITY! We also would like to send Mika flowers from the fan club as a whole, to celebrate the start of the Revelation Tour. If you would like to contribute toward flowers, you can tack on a few extra pounds to your party contribution. So that we don't have to deal with collecting all that money on the day, we'd appreciate it if you could pay via the MFC's Paypal account if at all possible. If you don't have Paypal, or don't have a friend who can send your payment for you, don't worry. We will accept cash at the party! Also, you don't have to be attending the party to participate in the flowers -- you can send your contribution via our Paypal account, too, and I'll be sure to add your name to the note that we send along. The MFC's Paypal account is: mfcregister@gmail.com For your information, here are the finger foods that will be available: SEAFOOD PLATTER (we've pre-ordered 1 of these) Garlic King Prawns Beer Battered Haddock Fillets Crispy Salt & Pepper Squid Smoked Salmon Bites Crab Scotched Egg Cocktail & Tartar Dip MEAT PLATTER (we've pre-ordered 2 of these) Chorizo Chicken Skewers Mini Burgers Lamb & Courgette Skewers Beef Brisket Croquettes Ranch & BBQ Dip GARDEN PLATTER (we've pre-ordered 2 of these) Olives Greek Salad Hummus with Carrots & Celery Cheese & Onion Tarts Halloumi Fritters Tzatziki & Pitta We can change these pre-orders up to a week before the event, so please let us know what you think! What am I forgetting? Any questions? Let us know in the thread or DM me! Just 3 weeks to go! 🤸‍♀️🤸‍♀️🤸‍♀️
  6. I was just coming here to say this! I agree, Dee, "can't" makes much more sense. It's hard to hear in the recording, so hopefully Mika will do this live soon and we'll be able to hear better.
  7. dcdeb


    It's grown on me as well, but not my favorite either. Curious, what's the worst song on the album, in your opinion?
  8. I think like many of Mika's songs, there's a duality to Platform Ballerinas. By the way, I don't own a pair, but I kind of like these Platform Ballerinas I could certainly use the added height! LOL! Maybe I should get some! Anyhow, I think the song could simply be about a woman (like me) who doesn't care what anyone thinks when she's out dancing and having a good time. I'm doing it not for you but for me, and that doesn't make me any less of a girl, or make what I'm doing less valid. And as for "she's dancing in her kitchen" that just means she's dancing like she's right at home, with no one watching -- she's being herself, regardless of what anyone else says or thinks. I get that. So if I sing along even if I don't know the words or if I dance until my hair is a mess, who cares? On the other hand, I think this could also be about a transgender person, or maybe even a drag queen as someone else said. Think about it: Don't believe everything you see. A girl doesn't wake up with makeup and wearing her heart on her sleeve (in other words, being obvious to all). And even if a person DOES wake up with makeup on, does that make them a girl? "It better be yourself that you're making -- because every other girl out there is taken." In other words, everyone else already has their own identity so be yourself, don't try to be somebody else, somebody you're not. "Blowing up her lips to make them best to kiss that won't even help to get a guy to kiss her better And that don't make her less of a girl" Blowing up her lips -- enhancing her lips with collagen, with exaggerated lipstick even? That won't even help to get a guy to kiss her better -- having "better" lips won't make any guy kiss her more than he would otherwise, right? And that don't make her less of a girl -- she's still a girl, whether she's kissed by a guy or not, whether she wears makeup or not, whether she wears a dress or not, whether she dances like a fool or not... no matter what she looks like, or does, or how people react to her, or what they think of her, she's still a girl. Even if she was born a boy. That's what I think, anyhow. Or... it could just be a feel-good dance party song. 💃 👯‍♀️👯‍♂️🥳 🎉 🕺 In any case, it's one of my faves on the album... but who am I kidding? I could say that about every song on the album!
  9. Love it, Julien! ❤️ Did you post it on Instagram? I'd love to repost it there!
  10. If anyone is interested in seeing Mika's ad pop up on this electronic billboard, I found a live webcam that is facing the building here: https://worldcams.tv/united-states/new-york/times-square Choose the 1540 Broadway view. You may have to wait for 10-15 minutes for the ad to pop up, but still it's a thrill to see it. I can only imagine what this fan who took the photo above must have thought when he saw it -- he just saw Mika in Mexico a few weeks ago and he's visiting New York.
  11. Could it be that the files are too big? I don't have time to investigate right now, but will look as soon as I can.
  12. Ha. I don't know either of these songs. I need to get out more.
  13. I don't think those are all writers -- I'm going to guess that those are the people who performed on the tracks. For instance, we know that David Sneddon co-wrote Tiny Love his name doesn't appear on that listing at all. Mitch is the current keyboardist, Tim is the guitarist/musical director for the live performances, so I wouldn't be surprised to learn that they played on the recordings, too. I guess we'll find out for sure soon!
  14. Mika revealed another song today in an interview on Radio Monte Carlo. It's a duet with Jack Savoretti, called Ready to Call This Love. You can hear it at around 2:05:00 here: https://www.radiomontecarlo.net/audio/due-come-noi/50017/mercoledi-dalle-10-00-alle-13-00.html Here are the lyrics, best as I can tell: I'm afraid of the world Losing love in the dark Every time that I move too fast I fall apart But I think you're the same And I know that you're scared Think too much of the end and we will never start We still sleep with the light on So afraid it'll go wrong Take your time if you need it But don't wait when you know you feel it And you're ready to call, ready to call this love Don't speak if you don't believe it But please say those words if you mean it And you're ready to call, ready to call this love I don't know what to say That's unusual for me First step is the hardest one you'll ever take You can't see sparks with the light on Let's be brave turn the light off Take your time if you need it But don't wait when you know you feel it And you're ready to call, ready to call this love Don't speak if you don't believe it But please say those words if you mean it And you're ready to call, ready to call this love Are you ready yet Are you ready yet Are you ready to call this love Ready to call ready to call this love Are you ready yet Are you ready yet Are you ready to call this love Ready to call ready to call this love Take your time if you need it But don't wait when you know you feel it And you're ready to call, ready to call this love Are you ready to call this love Take your time if you need it But don't wait when you know you feel it And you're ready to call, ready to call this love Don't speak if you don't believe it But please say those words if you mean it And you're ready to call, ready to call this love Are you ready to call, ready to call this love Are you ready? What do you think of this beautiful ballad?
  15. Just catching up with this... is anyone working on a translation? I can get a sense of what he says here, but would love someone's better interpretation!
  16. Another 'merican! I'm here in the DC area. Welcome aboard! We're crossing our fingers for more Mika in the States in 2020! 🤞
  17. In today's La Presse Redécouvrir Mika https://www.lapresse.ca/arts/musique/201909/29/01-5243394-redecouvrir-mika.php Nous avons rencontré Mika à la mi-septembre dans un hôtel du centre-ville de Montréal, au lendemain de deux spectacles survoltés qu’il venait de livrer au théâtre Corona, sans autres effets spéciaux que sa générosité, ses mouvements de danse déchaînés et son énergie débordante. C’est que le chanteur britannique d’origine libanaise a choisi de « casser » son nouveau matériel et son spectacle de ce côté-ci de l’Atlantique – les représentations de Montréal arrivaient tout de suite après New York et juste avant San Francisco. Sa tournée des grands amphithéâtres européens commencera en 2020, et il promet qu’il repassera par chez nous très bientôt. « Je voulais commencer avec des publics qui me donnent quelque chose, qui ne veulent pas juste prendre, confie-t-il, détendu et chaleureux. Avec l’esprit que j’ai en ce moment, c’était important d’aller dans des endroits qui comptent, où j’ai un lien. » Il ne s’est pas trompé : lors du deuxième soir au Corona, alors que le spectacle était clairement terminé et qu’il saluait la foule pour une dernière fois avant de quitter la scène, les spectateurs continuaient de taper des mains en lui criant… merci. « C’est bizarre, c’est moi qui est en train de remercier et après, c’est eux qui me remercient », dit-il, songeur, notant « l’intelligence du public ». « Après quatre ans d’une vie assez compliquée, c’est comme s’ils avaient compris que je voulais faire un grand truc émotionnel pour me reconstruire. » Deuil et maladie dans sa famille immédiate et chez des proches : le chanteur ne s’en cache pas, il est passé à travers une grande période de turbulences personnelles au cours des dernières années. L’idée que « ce que tu prends comme des choses qui vont toujours être là commence à s’effriter » l’a fortement ébranlé. Il l’avoue, ce disque, « né directement de la tristesse », lui a permis de se sentir « moins loser ». « J’ai pu me retrouver sans la patine des années et retrouver mon bonheur. Et c’est seulement ce bonheur dru, rude, qui peut m’aider à combattre la réalité de la vie. Pas dans le sens de la carrière, mais de la vraie vie, qu’on doit tous vivre. » L’après-télé On le perçoit dans la conversation, Mika sentait aussi le besoin de prouver qu’il avait encore une légitimité comme artiste. C’est que cet album arrive après plusieurs années de présence intensive à la télé – il a entre autres été juge pendant deux saisons à la téléréalité X Factor en Italie et coach à The Voice en France de 2014 à 2019. Bien sûr, il ne regrette pas cette expérience, pendant laquelle il a vraiment pu être lui-même. « J’ai pu m’exprimer dans un monde où on a très peu la possibilité de le faire. Je ne me suis pas fait chier et je n’ai aucun regret. » Mais il a « du mal à imaginer » qu’il y reviendra un jour, préférant le travail au long cours de la musique à l’immédiateté et à l’éphémère de la télé. « J’ai dû me séparer de ça pour ne pas devenir addict. » L’objectif étant maintenant de démontrer que ce n’est pas parce qu’on le voyait à l’écran toutes les semaines ou qu’il a fait des pubs pour Peugeot qu’il ne peut plus surprendre. « C’est une provocation délicieuse. Quand j’ai annoncé que je faisais un nouvel album, les gens disaient “mais qu’est-ce qu’il a encore à raconter ?”. Et moi, je me disais “je vais vous casser les couilles”. » Son but ? Affirmer sa place comme « un artiste qui travaille dans la pop, mais qui n’est pas dirigé par la commercialisation de sa propre musique ». « Ce n’est pas sale de faire de la télé si on reste nous-mêmes. Ce n’est pas sale de faire de la musique pop et mélodique si nos histoires racontent des choses. » Il a d’ailleurs tenu à faire un disque avec très peu de collaborateurs « plutôt que du collage », toutes les chansons ont été composées chez lui — « c’était la règle, je ne voulais pas travailler avec des gens qui ne venaient pas chez moi » — et s’est laissé inspirer par les couleurs pour créer les différentes ambiances du disque. « J’ai décidé de faire de la pop qui parle de la vie, de religion, de sexualité, de politique. Comment donner un contexte à toutes ces choses sans devenir lourd ? Eh bien les couleurs, c’est une manière très efficace et universelle de créer des chapitres. » Authenticité Il est clair que ce cinquième album est celui de la vérité et de l’authenticité pour Mika, et c’est avec ce feu et « cette énergie que vous avez vue en spectacle » qu’il va le défendre. « C’est comme si je déchirais mes propres habits. » C’est d’ailleurs pour se remettre en contact avec lui-même qu’il a utilisé son nom civil, Michael Holbrook, comme titre de l’album. « Ça m’a permis de faire une sorte de reset sur qui j’étais. De reconnaître mon père. De dire merci à ma mère. De dire “je suis Mika, le fils de mes parents”. Pour comprendre qui je suis et d’où je viens, sinon je ne vais jamais pouvoir continuer, même si je dois continuer tout seul. Bizarrement, Michael Holbrook m’a aidé à redécouvrir Mika. » Pop, My Name Is Michael Holbrook, Mika, Universal Music, sortie vendredi.
  18. A photo to go along with the RTBF interview
  19. <pulling up a comfy chair> I guess I'm camping out here now, too. 🥺
  20. https://medium.com/artmagazine/mikas-my-name-is-michael-holbrook-is-shaping-up-to-be-hist-best-album-yet-e3bec3936659 Mika’s “My Name Is Michael Holbrook” is shaping up to be his best album yet Christoph Büscher Sep 21 · 5 min read It’s been four years since English singer-songwriter Mika released his last album No Place In Heaven, a sublime record filled with growers that gave us what is possibly his career-best song in “Good Guys”. Now, with its long-awaited successor My Name Is Michael Holbrook set to drop on 4th October, Mika is busy giving us one treat after the other in the form of singles and buzz tracks. The more we hear from the album, the clearer it becomes that My Name Is Michael Holbrook may just be the best record of Mika’s impressive career. The first taste: “Ice Cream” The aptly-titled “Ice Cream” gave us the first taste (see what I did there) of the album all the way back in May. With its fun lyrics, fluffy uptempo melodies and a colourful video, the song was ticking all the right boxes for a summer hit. Hailed by many as a return to the sound of his early successes, “Ice Cream” certainly was a welcome comeback song, but it just didn’t quite have the same originality as other Mika gems like “Good Guys” or “Relax”. As such, it was a solid start to the album campaign and got us in the mood for new Mika music as it was supposed to. What we didn’t know at the time was that far greater things were still to come . . . The game changer: “Tiny Love” Greater things eventually came in August with the release of “Tiny Love”. Everything about this song screams career-defining masterpiece. The unusual structure, reminiscent of a certain Queen mega-hit. The smooth melodies and appropriately simple chorus hook. And, above all, the relatable lyrics. You know Mika’s on to something amazing when the first lines you hear are the following examples of first-rate songwriting: With “Tiny Love”, Mika laid the foundations for a brilliant album and shot our expectations all the way up into space. The question was: Would this be an odd-one-out in an otherwise merely ‘solid’ project? Or would it set the tone for the things to come? The white hope: “Sanremo” As it turned out, the latter was the case. On 6th September, Mika dropped “Sanremo” — and blew us away for a second time straight. This track couldn’t be more different from “Tiny Love”, but that’s precisely why it was so important for the album campaign: after its dramatic uber-ballad, My Name Is Michael Holbrook now also had its own subdued feelgood bop. Sure, “Ice Cream” could already have counted as that, but in comparison “Sanremo” feels more original and laid-back. If “Tiny Love” wanted to make you fall madly in love, this follow-up makes you want to take your significant other and just run off to the next-best airport, get on the next-best plane to the next-best destination and make a sunny adventure out of it, no matter where you end up. By now, we were really falling for My Name Is Michael Holbrook. But would the love story last, or would it turn into inspiration for Adele and Taylor Swift’s new records — a.k.a. would it die in the most dramatic fashion possible? The confirmation: “Dear Jealousy” Spoiler alert: The love story went on. Oh, how it went on. “Dear Jealousy” clearly showed that Mika thought this album campaign through. After “Sanremo”, a song that arguable focuses on melodies and atmosphere rather than genius lyrics, “Dear Jealousy” reminded us all that Mika is first and foremost a brilliant songwriter. “It’s coming to get us,” Mika proclaims in the chorus. “You better run away while it lets us. ‘Cause like it or not, every day we get a little better at jealousy.” There’s so much truth in those lines that you cannot help but jab an accusing finger at your reflection in the mirror. There are those select few songs that flawlessly hold up a mirror to society without coming across as patronizing or excepting the performer from the accusations. “Dear Jealousy” is one of them. The icing on the cake: “Tomorrow” It was pretty much confirmed by this stage that My Name Is Michael Holbrook would be quite fantastic. But then, only a week after “Dear Jealousy”, Mika hit us with “Tomorrow”. The singer-songwriter had for a long time stayed silent about his sexuality. That is, until No Place Like Heaven directly addressed it on songs such as the aforementioned “Good Guys”, the equally genius “Good Wife”, and the title track. “Tomorrow” takes us back to these personal and relatable realms — or, at least, it can well be interpreted to do so. “You and I, we’re really, really not so innocent,” Mika sings in the first verse. “Consequences won’t be easy. From here, every road leads to regrets.” In the chorus, however, the tone changes, and the song takes you from a dark, insecure place to the highest highs a relationship can reach — to those moments when the world stops to exist around you, and nothing else matters anymore: There’s a feeling of ecstasy in those lines — and a feeling of profound sadness as well, given that the next day may well bring the end of the relationship. Happy and sad is a hard combination of emotions to achieve in a song, but when a singer and/or songwriter manages — as Mika does here — the effect is astounding. Underlined by Mika’s strong vocals, “Tomorrow” is the kind of song that you usually only find once on an album. But here, in the company of “Tiny Love”, “Sanremo”, and “Dear Jealousy”, it’s just one heart-wrenching pop music gem among many. In conclusion, . . . . . . the verdict has been reached: Mika has graced us with no less than four way-above-average gems in a row (along with one okay summer song). Even if the rest of My Name Is Michael Holbrook will be disappointing — and that seems as unlikely as Christina Aguilera having another top ten hit — , the album clearly deserves our attention. If you get hyped up for any upcoming record these days, it should be this one. Because all the signs point towards Mika dropping the best album in his impressive discography. My Name Is Michael Holbrook will be released on 4th October. Go get it!
  21. FYI, anyone in the US who wants to see MIKA on TV: This episode of Late Night with Seth Meyers, featuring MIKA, will be re-broadcast, Friday, September 27, at 12:37 a.m. (Mika will be on at the end of the show, closer to 1:30 a.m.). OK, technically it'll be Saturday, September 28, but you know... it's the end of Friday.
  22. https://www.idolator.com/7875109/mika-paints-a-lovely-picture-on-whimsical-romantic-single-sanremo?firefox=1 MIKA Paints A Lovely Picture On Whimsical, Romantic Single “Sanremo” Mike Nied @mikeynied | September 9, 2019 3:36 pm We’re still a month away from its release, but My Name Is Michael Holbrook is rapidly shaping up to be one of the best albums of 2019. MIKA’s eagerly awaited fifth LP arrives October 4. In the meantime, he’s keeping us very well-fed by dropping a couple bops off the tracklist. The 36-year-old launched the new era with “Ice Cream” and followed that up with “Tiny Love.” Both are utterly fantastic. But his latest single – “Sanremo” – is possibly my favorite so far. Out September 6, it’s a dreamy and exceedingly smooth bop. Produced by Marc Crew and Dan Priddy it finds him dreaming of escaping to a tropical paradise with a love interest. “If I could, I know where I’d be. In a little town in Italy,” MIKA seductively croons. “Close your eyes. Come away with me. Tomorrow we will be sitting by the seaside. Drinking up the sunshine. You’re here so why don’t we go dancing in Sanremo.” Conjuring desirable images of rest, relaxation and romance, it’s the perfect song to close out the summer months. It is also enough to keep me on the edge of my seat until the album arrives. MIKA opened up about creating the project in a press release. “I hadn’t put out a record in four years. I didn’t know what to do when it came time to start the process and was honestly kind of at a loss,” he explained. However he did have a goal. What was it? To create “an uncontaminated, homemade pop record.” Based on what we’ve heard so far, I’d say the “Grace Kelly” superstar met those expectations. Fall in love with “Sanremo” below.
  23. https://ventsmagazine.com/2019/09/20/mika-premieres-new-song-tomorrow/ MIKA PREMIERES NEW SONG “TOMORROW” MIKA premieres a new song, “Tomorrow,” from his forthcoming record, My Name Is Michael Holbrook, set for release on October 4. Listen the track HERE. Pre-order the album HERE. For his first full length in five years, MIKA explores his American heritage on My Name Is Michael Holbrook. While his tumultuous childhood began in Lebanon before fleeing to Paris and then London, he focuses the album on the roots he traces back to his father’s Savannah, Georgia upbringing. The work also paints a loving picture of his relationship with his mother, the woman who trained him, made his wardrobe for years on the road and most importantly taught him never to follow and always to express himself fearlessly. After writing in home studios in Miami and Tuscany over the course of two years, MIKA went to Brussels to record with producers Marc Crew and Dan Priddy. “I hadn’t put out a record in four years. I didn’t know what to do when it came time to start the process and was honestly kind of at a loss,” MIKA says. “I felt a little disappointed by the commercial side of the industry. I didn’t want to make a record by numbers or by committee. I wanted to make an uncontaminated, homemade pop record.”
  24. I've been looking for Sanremo, too, since that's when he came over and squeezed my hand. Sadly, Christelle's video doesn't *quite* get me in the frame. Oh well, I live in hope that someone has a decent still photo... Also, I've been looking for reviews, and there are surprisingly few! Like practically none. Here's one short one: https://uinterview.com/reviews/music-reviews/mika-makes-energetic-return-to-stage-with-songs-from-new-album-my-name-is-michael-holbrook-ticket-info/
  25. The £20 would include the shared trays of appetizers and the exclusive use of the room from 5 to 8 p.m. I'm sure that water would be free of charge, but alcoholic drinks would cost extra. As I said, they have 2-for-1 drink specials, but still... We could of course stay longer, but they would open up the room to the public after 8 p.m. I tend to think £20 is a bit too expensive, so I'm still calling around. The party will be the night before the gig, Saturday, November 9th. Because it is a standing gig, everyone will want to queue, which is why we're not having it the day of the show. @kath I'm sorry to hear that you won't be coming until Sunday. I'd invite you to come early and stay with me at my hotel, but it looks like my husband is coming to London with me. Not to the Mika gig -- heaven forbid! -- but to London, so that we can have a short holiday.