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  1. I haven't logged in here in years but I heard the sad news about David and felt I had to come and add my condolences on this thread. He really was the heart and soul of MFC back in the early days and although I only met him briefly in person twice, he seemed such a kind and fun person. Very sad for him to be taken so soon. RIP Freddie
  2. Out of the stuff I've heard that's on the new album, I definitely like this best. It has a very classic sound. Very catchy too but in a less annoying way than Talk About You. I'm far from completely on board with Mika these days sadly, but on the strength of this song perhaps there's reason for me to at least listen to NPIH when it comes out. I don't think the spark will ever truly reignite for me, but we'll see.
  3. I love how he's stooping to Cowell's level. No metaphor intended
  4. Oiiiiiii!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I will marry Mika!

  5. I'm hardly ever here anymore and was just lurking reading this thread, but had to log in to say that I agree with what the others have said Marilyn: you most definitely have a strong identity and personality on here. However it's very true about the fast-moving thread thing - I used to fall victim to it too in the days when I posted more and you can take it to heart (we are human after all), until you realize it really is nothing personal! I think it has probably happened to more people than you realize, on here. It really was a busy busy place a few years ago wasn't it. Anyway, I only pop in very very occasionally these days but I can guarantee that when I do, I will always take notice of your posts if I see them around, as I always have in the past
  6. I'm with you Christine. I do not recognise Mika these days. Not the Mika I fell in love with 6 years ago. Obviously everyone changes over time, one expects a bit of that, but I just can't relate to him or many of his decisions these days.
  7. YO!!! Where is Mikagasmics gone?!?!? Those were the good old days.

  8. I agree that BIOTG was a terrible single choice. I date the slide from then (although I know quite a few who were already turned off by WAG). It was one of the poorest songs on the album and had a frankly awful video. I thought Rain was better but by that time the damage was done. And yes, TOOL has been a fiasco. I still can't get my head around why Celebrate was released way too late for the Olympic vibe when I am SURE it would have been picked up more if released just a few short weeks earlier. It wasn't a strong single anyway IMO but the record company couldn't even spot its glaringly obvious, if limited potential!! The mind boggles, it really does.
  9. So the rumours can stop now...until next year of course
  10. I don't think the simple fact of not being in the charts is an excuse for not selling out venues. I follow a couple of American bands whose singles never get anywhere near the charts here, but they sell concert tickets here well enough. They've done that by nurturing a fanbase and building loyalty. I don't know why Mika struggled to fill venues in Spain this time around (or anywhere else) but perhaps it's more to do with poor promo and not getting the word out to those who might be interested in coming to see him, rather than where his single is in the charts. After all it shouldn't matter to a real fan if the single is in the charts or not
  11. Did he really say that? I missed that interview. Well that says all you need to know doesn't it. He needs to find his passion again (and I don't mean for his bf )
  12. Agreed, doing Eurovision would get him more fans across continental Europe, by which I mean excluding the UK! Over here it would just cement him as cheesy in everyone's eyes. I mean, I love Eurovision and so do many people in the UK and I think most years there are at least a couple of really great pop songs in the competition but let's be honest, it is seen as kind of a joke here and I don't think it would do his cred -what remains of it - any good at all here.
  13. I agree with most of this and it's very well expressed. The whole designer shoes and clothes thing with him.. I have just never ever "got" that. I literally couldn't be less bothered about whether or not he is wearing Louboutins, or a designer jacket.
  14. I haven't watched the Big Reunion but I'm aware of it, and I do know just how precarious and fickle the music biz is these days. That's why I think it is even more important than ever for an artist to retain control over what they do. These days you can do one of two things: sell your soul to a big record company and go with the flow and all that that entails, and yes a talented few will be lucky (eg Adele) and will take off globally, but many more will have their fifteen minutes and then fall by the wayside; or, you can do it the indie way and release your stuff - music, videos, merch, CDs etc - yourself, with the help of small record labels and distributors, utilizing the internet wisely and building a fanbase by word of mouth. Either way, success is never guaranteed. At least with the latter option, though, an artist has more freedom to innovate and take risks as they don't have to answer to the corporate machine. I've had the impression at times over the past three or four years that Mika doesn't enjoy making his music as much as he used to in his early days, perhaps because of the pressure he feels he is under to 'produce the goods'. I could be wrong but it's how it seems to me. What I would love to see most of all is for him to get his passion for music back. I don't care if he never charts again in this country now - to me that is all irrelevant now (I mean have you seen the charts these days?? ) Yep. What happened to those? He just never seemed to have the enthusiasm to keep it up did he. I wonder why?? I don't think he is a natural blogger actually, certainly not a natural writer. He would do better sharing his ideas online in another way - visually maybe or just by releasing music online more frequently and keeping the fan connection alive in that way.