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  1. It does not work like that - luckily. It was a good indicator of the value of the UK entry (not even making it into the local top 100) but people outside Western Europe don't tend to buy music online and singles charts are based on airplay. Even if the majority of the audience was the same as the record buying public of Europe, in Eurovision it is the performance one votes for, so many different things, including the visual elements, the running order the songs, local commentators' comments...etc, influence the decision. In terms of entering the sales charts, it is songs like the Swedish e
  2. I understand what you mean but the fact that all the other songs practically sounded the same (catchy, memorable pop tunes, most of them written by the regular Eurovision songwriters from Sweden) made the Ukrainian entry stand out. There were so many well-performed, typical Eurovision songs stripped off of any charisma that the few that had it in one way or another, really stood out, in my opinion. For the Russian song it was the visual elements used that helped the performer (rather unfair, I must say) whilst for the Polish song it was both the look of the performer and also the fact that
  3. Congratulations to Jamala from Ukraine! Great song, singing and performance. I never vote but if I had decided to, I would have voted for her as well, performing the most original song in the whole competition. She also came top in the televoting in my country, followed by Russia and Poland. What the jury heard was obviously different - like in most countries. I have just had a look at results from all countries and the funniest results are from UK: jurors voting Georgia as No1, voters ranking them as 19th best only. That speaks volume about the people running this industry and the way thes
  4. And how useful is it to play the kind but misunderstood fan whose opinion is not considered because of nothing but language issues? I know my earlier post left open doors in interpretation, so I hope my recent response to Yang made it all clear: I was wondering about the strength of an argument in which a native speaker is asked to bring down the level of convesation so it pleased fans posting mostly pictures with 2-3 misspelled words. I have acknowledged that I have jumped to conclusion soon and, at the same time, I also recognize how it easily one can take it out of context and play the vi
  5. Hi Yang, Thank you very much for your detailed explanation. I must admit I jumped to a conclusion too soon - I literally only checked posts from you for a few minutes when I 'jumped in' - also in someone's defence. I am really sorry for that. I understand your point now and also your explanation that it pinched a nerve. I often end up in similar situation and it happened to me as well this time: I have seen many similar debates on this forum with similar argumentation with Christine / a group of 'old fans' on one side and another group who felt they were somehow excluded on the other. I do
  6. @mariafrancy, I really liked your post, perhaps because I can totally relate to your point of view: if I were your age and a fan just joining, I would most likely have the same view and understanding of events as well as what Mika is all about. I also have the same perspective on songs in other languages ( I do like them and to me it makes no real difference) but with a note that usually it is non-English native speakers who write pop songs in their own language. They do so partly because that is the best way they can express themselves and partly because their lingustic and cultural backgr
  7. Exactly. That is why I was totally taken aback by his comments on the 'intolerant' reaction. There was no sign of intolerance witnessed by me, either. This is no longer about the 'issue', actually, just general discussion. I haven't checked when you joined but this type of conversation used to be the norm on MFC, whether the topic was a song, a gig, whether the colour of his jacket was blue or purple..etc - anything. I believe many of us actually enjoy it but no worries, it will soon turn peace and quiet again as Mika is pretty inactive outside France and Italy, so not much to ta
  8. Ok, so obviously my post did not make it obvious why I was using the words I did, so let me give it one more try and explain the background.... When I started to read this thread I found a string of funny comments by you, posting from the US and asking a native speaker not to use words you don't understand. I also found you engaged in some utterly ridiculous conversation about the meaning of a phase unknown to you that you tried to understand with the help of Google pictures ... At that point I was about to step in and recommend you refer to a dictionary or an online Thesaurus to figure ou
  9. haha. Sorry, I really have no time for that. I can live with a few not understanding what I say or mean or even me not wording it the right way. Have a nice day. That is also how I see that, especially because of the way he brought this up at a gig in France shortly afterwards and also the way he is pointing out how international the audience was vs one voice 'demanding' he sang in English. The two are not directly related as most of his international audience speaks no French, either. Yes he needs to handle the national audiences really carefully as in some countries he clea
  10. Please read the edited post with the quote and consider if people speaking proper English would need to apologize from others apparently also living in an English speaking country for using words that are outside a basic / beginner's vocabulary.
  11. Well, I did not mock anyone, I just asked how you define the 'we' you are talking in the name of. So it is that group then, I see. Thank you. So who needs to read guidelines?
  12. Hell-o I hardly ever posted here in the last few years but since I was at the Adelphi gig I did ask myself what I would have done if I had been the target of Mika’s unexplainable and unreasonable response. First of all, I would have sold my (also 2nd row) Palladium ticket to some random fan who is willing to pay 200 GBP more just to get 2 metres closer and laugh at people’s desperation in disbelief... Jemma did not do that, of course. She was offended publicly two times already and in situations where she could not respond so she recoded an impromtu video response – one any professiona
  13. I'm sorry, but who are the 'we' in your example? Those who reduce their forum activity to posting pictures only with some random and often misspelled comments? ... which is exactly what happened to MFC.
  14. Hi everyone, It was my first gig after 3 years (with the last 2 being only festival appearances), so I feel I need to post a short review as well. To be honest my expectations from the gig were more related to a kind of nostalgy and was more excited about meeting my friends than attending the gig. I still looked forward to it, of course, but not with great excitement. Someone even asked me beforehand: 'What if he disappoints? ' to which I responded confidently: 'he would not - he can't do wrong with a live show'. He proved me right, of course. I can't say it was one of his best shows
  15. suzie

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    you all are welcome - says someone who hasn't visited this site for 1.5 years btw, hi Bexx!
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