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  1. Hey y'all, happy 10th Mika-versary! The one I wasn't at! But HK gave him a letter from me, and the rest is history! Awww, the fan-girly stuff we did....
  2. Old Wimmins. What a memory. That was Dublin, but I guess the night before that in Belfast was UK. Minor geographical hiccup from an Aussie. The Palladium was indeed my first LONDON show though. Thanks everyone for sharing your photos and impressions. I am still in my Mika-blur here. Haven't really had this feeling for a long time!
  3. I just realised that this show was a big milestone for me: my 20th Mika show!! I don't live in Europe so I really haven't had the opportunity (or the $$) to go to hundreds of shows like some people, even though I am one of the original fans from way back at the start. But on this trip to Europe which was mainly for my work, I was able to combine it with Mika shows in Lisbon, Paris and now London, my first ever UK show. I'm finally back home in Melbourne Australia after my 27 hours of travelling, wishing I was back at the Palladium with all my friends in Row B. Gosh we had such a great time, it was a huge party in Row B just like when I was last with all of them in 2010. We danced and sang so much, my videos are all pretty jumpy, but they are also full of little gems of commentary from Jemma and Sara beside me, listening back to them really makes me laugh. Mika sang directly to us so many times, it was just excellent that he could see us all there together like old times. And I got my own special moment when he received the MFC Year book later, and he mentioned "Australia or Japan" which covers both my homes - he couldn't know which place I'd travelled from, so I was very happy that both got mentioned together because that comment meant he was referring to me. So here are the rest of my uploads: Big Girl Good Wife Talk About You Grace Kelly Rain (things got wild in Row B when we started doing Mana's old Rain dance moves. Mika even responded with an imitation at the end!) Good guys (Mika sitting on the big throne, with the M looking like the Morrison's M...oh the comments! Mika sings "Where have all the good guys gone? and Jemma calls out "TO MORRISONS!" ) Origin of Love Relax (including the story of how he wrote the song. It's 10 years this week since the EP was released!!) Staring at the Sun from the balcony Chatting about the selfies and the "touching in inappropriate places" Underwater Promiseland Happy Ending WAG Love Today finale with SO MUCH CONFETTI!! Just one thing I would like to say to Mika about his set lists (not that he would listen to me, but this is my unasked-for opinion anyway) - please mix them up Mika!! You have so many excellent songs to include, it doesn't need to be the same songs every show, especially not always the ones you have been doing for 10 years! You don't need to always do a "greatest hits" show. I expected that would be the case in Lisbon at a huge festival, where people wouldn't know many of the other songs, but I was disappointed to find in Paris that the setlist almost identical to Lisbon even though it was billed as the "special" show in Paris, with so much hype about it being "Wonderland". Yes there were different bits of props on stage, some different some video and some French cover songs and the acrobat, and I enjoyed those, but the Mika songs were the same old standards, which was a bit of a let down TBH. So imagine when it came to the London show, when I saw some of the set from Paris including the Arc de Triomphe and the big chair, and then we got almost the EXACT setlist from both Lisbon and Paris!!! Only exception was NO FRENCH SONGS which was a win for the UK fans after all that happened about that. I guess that would have felt like a significant change on Mika's part, but he really didn't add in any major different songs. The one new song for me was Ordinary Man which was great, and apparently Promiseland wasn't on the set list, although I had heard it in Lisbon. But what about Touches You, or I see you, or Hurts, or Make you happy or one of my all time faves which is Kick Ass?? And you can't say that's an old song which he never plays any more, because seriously, how old is Big Girl? Happy Ending? Lollipop -he can skip that one altogether! I know these are his well-known songs, but do we need them all at every show he ever performs at? Grace Kelly, Relax and Love Today are enough for the big hits IMHO, the others could be much more of a mix across all his albums. Now these comments are from someone who has seen ONLY 20 shows over 10 years. I cannot imagine how people travel to 25 Mika gigs in 10 countries every year, when the set list is almost exactly the same each time. Likewise, I cannot imagine Queen fans going to 40 Queen shows and getting the same stuff every show, but sadly for Queen there is no more music being released, so theirs is pretty much always a greatest hits show. But I really enjoyed their show in Lisbon. That is not all to say I didn't enjoy Mika's shows, I really did enjoy them, especially London in Row B with so many friends. But I feel like the shows could be EVEN BETTER with changing the set lists more.
  4. Great to meet you. The fridge magnet is already on the fridge ;-)

  5. Totally wonderful show from our favourite popstar. It was particularly great for me because I was with so many of my Mika friends on the other side of the world. This was my first ever show with Deb, in all our years of friendship! My videos are uploading bit by bit, but I loved OMS with Alex Millar, Mika chatted about his memories of being in Oliver in the Palladium when he was a kid, and he sang his heart out for the very international crowd, all in English!!! Ordinary man Over my shoulder with Alex Mika chats about Oliver Porcelain Last Party The rest are posted in page 6 of this thread but I see Eriko has listed them all in the first post.Thanks Eriko-san!!
  6. My vids, the ones I have, are all on YT now. See updated post below.
  7. Great show. My first ever French gig. Stupid o'clock queuing, glad my hotel was right at the venue so I didn't have to go out so early. I was third row at the end of the catwalk, which was an excellent place to be as he sang so much down the front to the enormous crowd. The girls beside me were at their first ever Mika show, very excited to see him. I remember that buzz, way back! My videos are going to take a while to upload This is a bit of the opening My favourite Rain Pt 1 (I accidentally pushed stop!) Rain Pt 2
  8. More videos from me: Big Girl Talk about you Grace Kelly Origin of love Promiseland Relax Underwater Lollipop Rain Elle me dit Happy Ending We are Golden Love Today
  9. Well that was quite an experience. My first ever festival, my two favourites, Mika and Queen. It was just amazing. Nothing new to report as you already know everything, but I uploaded my Over My shoulder FADO version. But you probably know how you feel after a Mika gig. Then you have a QUEEN gig straight after. With Adam Lambert. OMFG it just overloads the brain and the body, completely.
  10. I'm arriving at Lisbon airport at 10pm on 19th, so not possible for me to join you MFCers the night before, but free all day on 20th!
  11. How fun, I will be here too! My first ever festival! I get to see MIKA and QUEEN, my two faves. Just unbelievable.
  12. Well guess this is where I can reveal my crazy travel plan to actually be there at the London Palladium. It just doesn't seem real....
  13. I cannot actually believe I am posting in this thread at all, let alone saying YES I WILL BE THERE!!! Can't wait to meet up with you all!
  14. Yang you are not the one getting the final say on how fans should react to this incident or how fans should interact with Mika. Your opinion matters only as much as mine or anyone else's, so why so judgmental? Mika is 100% responsible for stirring up this anti-Jemma sentiment and that is way out of line. He should know his own fan club better and how drama is fueled by his own comments/actions. There is a long history here that gives some of us a different perspective on this incident and makes it less forgiveable.
  15. I'm surprised that Mika, who has always complained about bullying, is so oblivious to his own forays into bullying. Because singling out Jemma on two occasions for a tiny bit of concert banter, is uncalled-for bullying. Did he think nobody would hear about it because it was in an interview in Asia? Has he ever seen the sleuths in his own fanclub? "What is bullying? Bullying is when people repeatedly and intentionally use words or actions against someone or a group of people to cause distress and risk to their wellbeing. These actions are usually done by people who have more influence or power over someone else, or who want to make someone else feel less powerful or helpless." Heck, there are many of us who have stood down the front and engaged in all kinds of banter and heckling with Mika. One show in Japan comes to mind, and when I apologised to him later (which I happened to have the chance to do) he told me he didn't mind what I said, as he had a "thicker skin than that". So why is his skin suddenly so thin now??? And Jemma's comment was not even particularly bad on the scale of things that have been called out over the years....! He knew he was taking a risk singing BBB and yet he went ahead. In the interview this story serves no purpose but to make HIM feel better about his choice, andin singling out a fan and embellishing his story, he shows total disregard to the outcome for that fan. Really Mika, is that really the most touching event of your career? Not meeting the refugee families? Not being given a plaque on the seat at the Royal Opera House by your fanclub? You need to put someone else down to illustrate how touching one concert moment was? Why couldn't you just say, I was touched when fans got their flags out from all around the world? Why preface it with hateful talk? The behaviour of Mika fans on social media has been appalling these past couple of days, ganging up against Jemma. It's like crowd-fueled mass hysterical BULLYING. Poor Mika was heckled at a show. In return, poor Jemma gets her life intruded upon by thousands of people she doesn't even know! You people should be ashamed of yourselves. Mika does not need you to defend him. Mika is not a victim here, although he has tried to make it out that way. Nope, Mika has all the power. He stands on stage and can do what he likes, and can say and sing what he likes. Even if what he says severely disturbs the private life of one fan. Really Mika? Really MFC?