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  1. hah yes i was the tall one with glasses!! and i do remember the VIP person! thats my friend Adele as the lollipop girl in that picture! as far as how i got the gig... i interned for his mgmnt over the summer and was in charge of organizing lolli's for the US tour and also for GMA!
  2. wow. i just found this thread and there are SOOO many posts. ima not sure if this is even where i should post my question, but it is GMA related [im new to using boards haha] but I was a lollipop girl at the GMA event [and at the NYC show in june] and when i was leaving GMA some girls took a pic with me and said it would be going up on their fridge beside the pic from the nokia show... just wondered if people post pix on this, or maye those girls read this! thanx. amandajo.
  3. amandathefan

    North American Fans Unite

    gahhh... i hate that scalpers are selling the NYC tix for SOO much money; i was sposed to fly out of NYC that night but I changed my flight for a heavy fee and went to buy tickets only to find them sold out; so ima out the money i spent to extend my flight and left with no way into the show. talk about redic.