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  1. I haven't and to behonest, I have no idea how to do that on my iPad.. I will have to ask my personal tech support (Leator ) if he knows if that's possible
  2. Hi everyone, I have a question about logging in/out.. The forum keeps logging me out if I'm not active for a couple of minutes. The "remember me" box is active and I don't log out myself obviously Is this because I'm on my Ipad and not on a PC or something? (I can't switch to try it out, I don't have a PC anymore) Thanks
  3. Although I haven't been here for a couple of years, after reading this awful news on facebook yesterday, I had to come back here to pay my respect to Freddie. This was his place and it was here where he became one of my best friends in the Mikaworld. Thanks to him, I felt immediately at home over here when I arrived as a newbie. After quite a while he left me his beloved thread "Freddies Butterfly Bar", a place where everyone was welcome for some drinkies and have a nice random chat about all that was on your mind at that moment. I still feel honoured that he did that, although I neglected it since a couple of years, due to personal reasons. He was there for me, over here and in private conversations on MSN, when I went through a bad time in "real life". He was the one that brought Leator and me together and he was the one that made the arrangements and comforted Leator for our engangement at the Mikaconcert in Munich. The last time we met was in Amsterdam, where he was dressed up as the Mad Hatter. After that, we lost contact, because he was more like a twitterer, I was a facebooker and both didn't really like the other social media. But I'll always remember all the things he did for me. Freddie, I really hope you're in the front row (or even on stage!) at the concerts that Freddie Mercury is giving in Heaven right now.
  4. Happy Birthday !!!:flowers2:



  5. confused.. sitting behind the pc for 33 hours is suddenly called "manic".. (the "fun" part of being manic-depressed..)
  6. I'm watching comedy central, but there's nothing funny.. okay, I stop now.. enjoy your evening..
  7. oh, I like friends.. just not the televisionserie..
  8. I don't like lost, so it won't work for me.. some other suggestions??
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