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  1. You are one lucky girl I'm so jealous! And you're so cute! Thanks for all the pics
  2. I think Mika was great yesterday I was just so happy to finally get to see him! And he got to sing four songs! His Swedish was just adorable I feel sorry for you guys who had been standing in the rain! When I arrived in Malmö the rain had stopped. Of course I forgot to bring my camera, but I took some photos with my sister's phone, I can post them when she has put them on the computer. I was standing in the middle, perhaps three people behind those girls with the pretty golden hats I think I saw you people with the very pretty Mfc banner
  3. He's not even cute! And you only need to learn two, I think he only sang two songs... The show starts at 16. There will be some tents next to the stage where the sponsors of Rix fm will have some competitions and other things. They will probably open at 13. The signings will be there as well, and hopefully they publish the schedule soon, and hopefully Mika will have a signing!
  4. I was at Rix FM festiavl in Växjö yesterday and I must give a warning for the Hassle fans! XD He'll perform in Malmö as well, so there will probably be some screaming teen girls after all... But you people seem to go there quite early anyway, so no risk of not getting in the front Will you save a spot for me, one of the conditions that my sister will go with me to Malmö is that I won't complain to follow her into the shops she wants to go to xD All the singers yesterday only played three songs each Not even the most popular ones sang more...
  5. Cookies Now I really want some... James Dean or Marilyn Monroe?
  6. I have been checking in here a few times, but then I've been busy. But it still feels the same now And those were really the good old days... Or rather nights maybe? Seriously? Wohoo! :biggrin2: But he did cancel Rix Fm because he got ill, something with his ear I think? Can't remember why he cancelled Way out west though... But that can't happen this time XD
  7. I know, I haven't postad anything for aaages XD It's fun to see that all the oldies are still here I'm doing great thanks, how about you? I try not to think of that he cancelled last time -__- It can't happen haha! Well, I'm going to Malmö that day anyway to accompany my sis.
  8. Haha really? That is very rude! Fooling all the fans of our Mika If you look here it is our Mika here as well http://rixfm.com/festival/schedule.php?action=city&cityid=59
  9. They have the wrong tracks for the guy Kim who is playing as well, so I guess it is just Last FMs fault or something