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  1. Ho un biglietto SEDUTO per il concerto di Pistoia, mandatemi un PM se vi interessa :-)
  2. I have got a spare SEATED ticket for Pistoia, July 5th. PM me if interested :-) Ho un biglietto SEDUTO per il concerto di Pistoia, mandatemi un PM se vi interessa :-)
  3. Thanks, I sent you a PM. I forgot to say that I want to buy seated places.
  4. Hallo mfcers! I'm about to buy two tickets for Mika's gig in Paris on May 27th, but I wondered if maybe there's someone who has tickets to sell for that date. Give me a ring!
  5. done. better than any gift we might ever give him. god bless all those poor people.
  6. http://www.corriere.it/esteri/16_gennaio_02/mika-video-racconto-ritorno-libano-profughi-scappati-da-isis-guerra-siria-unhcr-forza-tenerezza-d8c9142e-b0ab-11e5-85c5-ba49db0234b6.shtml
  7. You are truly amazing. Even if I think anyone should learn Italian. LMFAO!!!
  8. I loved the original and I love this one verrrrry much. Just for your poll Elwedin ;-)
  9. ok, I've merged the two threads, so that posts in Mysti1990's one are not lost
  10. from the Casino fb page https://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.1073551505988339.1073741851.779039722106187&type=3PICS
  11. Thanks everybody for the hard work of collecting all the material, this thread is exactly as I wanted it to be Please all the fans, note that we are updating categories all the time,, so you might find something new each time you read the thread. If you find interesting links please keep on posting them here, then the person will add them to the category posts Yesterday I missed something really important: the tweet of Monica CirinnĂ  supporting Mika and the campaign. She's the deputee who signed the law which is waiting to be approved by the Commission and then by Parliament. Quite an aknowledgement, I'm impressed. I think that this law, when approved, could be remembered as 'Decreto CirinnĂ -Penniman'
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