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  1. I would like the master to knit this pattern : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=waLM8KDrW00
  2. Mika's Arty Debut Oh Mika you're so fine. You're so fine you blow our minds. Is it just me or are journalits lurking on the mfc. Yes folks, here in the Showbiz Shed we can officially proclaim we are the bubblegum pop singer's biggest, bestest fans in the whole wide cosmiverse. And not just because he invited us to an intimate gathering to launch the exhibition of artwork from Life In Cartoon Motion. We showed up at Blink Gallery to find that colour was the essence of the evening - kaleidoscopic, vibrant, bold and intriguing. His art we mean. Oh, go on then, the Grace Kelly singer himself. We had a little chatski to Miks, and a bit of a natter with his fancy-dressed motley crew too. He told us he is on the mend from being a little bit poorly in recent days. And he also mentioned something about rolling around in the lollipops spread all over the floor... Lollipop Girl told us about her love for candy, and the Willow Forest, where she's from. But she also warned us about the monkey from the very same forest, who could show up and steal the sweeties... Sound crazy? That's because it was. But we had a whole lot of multicoloured sugar-tastic fun. Last Updated: 08:53 UK, Thursday July 12, 2007
  3. Mika: 'Big Girls (You Are Beautiful)' Released on Monday, July 16 2007 By Alex Fletcher The Mika bandwagon doesn't show any signs of stopping with his third release from debut album Life in Cartoon Motion proving to be even more camp, bombastic and chirpy than 'Grace Kelly' and 'Love Today'. 'Big Girls (You are Beautiful)' cements the Lebanon-born singer's status as the rightful heir to Robbie William's throne of anthemic, booty-shaking pop. While Williams is busying his time trying to escape the limelight, Mika seems only too happy to sing his heart out, all brash and carefree in order to win over the nation's hearts. Undoubtedly there will be many who despise this song and even those who sing its virtues may not be so bold after a summer of incessant rotation on the nation's radio stations. However, for those who like their music bold, brassy and with bells on top, this single is all that plus a kitchen sink thrown in for good measure. With '80s synths and snapping drum machines bouncing along in the back, Mika uses his undeniably impressive scales to croon over the virtues of the larger lady. While lyrics such as: "Diet coke and a pizza place / Diet coke I'm on my knees / Screaming, big girl you are beautiful," aren't going to win any poetry prizes, it is unlikely this will perturb fans of his ludicrously over-the-top tunes. Mika, to his credit, appears to have his tongue firmly stuck in his cheek, especially with the sound of somebody slurping, what one can only presume is a can of fizzy pop, opening the track. Destined to be performed heartily by every person who secretly sings in the shower, it would appear resistance to Mika's rising star is futile
  4. God.... when will I find out anything . I hope the NY concert doesnt happen while I'm gone. I'm in switzerland from september 24th to october 10th (to early for the swiss concert).
  5. I'm sorry but, he looks like a hobo.
  6. Thankyou, thankyou, thankyou, this is a great article I cant wait to read the rest.
  7. The Gossip get excited by Mika at Oxegen Beth Ditto says it's her 'second most emotional show ever' 3 hours ago The Gossip revealed they were excited by Mika today at Oxegen Festival today (July 7). Singer Beth Ditto said that they met the singer backstage. She told the audience: "Do you know who I met backstage who I've been waiting a long time to meet? Mika! I was very excited. I came in my pants a little bit. I didn't tell him. You know, I'm not very good at keeping cool when I have to." The Gossip played a furious set that included 'Listen Up!' and 'Jealous Girls'. Reacting to the small minority of boos the band got after their cover of Wham's 'Careless Whisper', Ditto said: "What I want you to remember is that there's no such thing as perfect. Ever. The most beautiful people in the world are the poorest, most ugly people. The most beautiful music in the world is the most difficult. So if that mean I'm ugly and if that means this band is **** then I'm proud not the be perfect." Despite this, Ditto revealed that the performance was very special for her. She said: "We played All Tomorrow's Parties with Sleater-Kinney one year and I've got to say this the second most emotional performance we've ever done. I don't know what you've guys done to me. Maybe I just have really bad PMS." Before closing with an extended version of 'Standing In The Way Of Control', the group introduced a version of Aaliyah's 'Are U That Somebody?' by saying: "Aaliyah rest in peace. Timbaland live on." The Gossip played:[/b] 'Eyes Open' 'Jason's Basement' 'Rebel Girl' 'Careless Whisper' 'Listen Up!' 'Coal To Diamonds' 'Jealous Girls' 'Are U That Somebody' 'Yr Mangled Heart' 'Standing In The Way Of Control'
  8. Look what I found. "who said drrunk if you taste like a rainbow I'm not drrunk" "come to poppa bear" "Mmmmmm and it just got better" *looks at big girl* "hey big can you help me with my shirt" I know, I need help.
  9. Gay, Straight, [Fill in the Blank] How do queer kids today label themselves? Friday, July 06, 2007 “Gay/Post-Gay/Not Gay?†That’s the question Out Magazine poses about its current coverboy, pop singer Mika. The question seemingly takes president over the pianist-cum-rocker’s musical and artistic offerings. To be sure, playing the “gay/straight/or closeted†game is nothing new in regards to pop-culture personalities. Witness the still-controversial international ink still spilled in speculation about Anderson Cooper and Jodi Foster (coincidentally, facsimiles of both also graced an issue of Out magazine earlier this year). When celebrities play coy about their sexual identities, we often assume it’s due to their own internalized homophobia or crass materialism and marketing. And maybe it is. On the one hand, why won’t Mika take a stand? Scissor Sisters frontman Jason Sellards did. Rufus Wainwright did. (Let’s right now dispel the argument that coming out has kept these artists from cracking the U.S. top 10. Sure, it may affect their sales, but these eclectic and talented musicians are not producing the type of music—i.e., hip-hop or bubblegum fluff—that rule the stateside charts.) On the other hand, Mika’s been rather quiet about most of his personal life. In the larger context, is he treating his sexuality any differently from other aspects of his life? If one wants to be particularly generous with the artist’s decision to remain mum on whether he likes men, one could make the argument that, at age 23, he is simply reflecting the views of many of the younger generation. They see sexuality in terms foreign to those in the LGBT community a few years their senior. While talking with LGBT college students last fall, we discovered that many chose not to identify themselves as “gay†or “lesbian†because the terms were too restrictive. Rejecting the idea that one must pick as side, these students embraced a more fluid understanding of sexuality and gender. They specifically spoke against a “binary†system of identification: an either/or construct. They apply this not only to sexuality (i.e., gay or straight) but also to gender (male or female). “Gender queer†is the phrase that pops up more and more in conversation and in written word in regards to people who don’t fit the prescribed notions of masculinity and femininity. This is not to be confused with transsexual. But it is confusing, right? Does the LGBT community embrace those who don’t fit our definitions of gay and lesbian? Even though drag queens are credited with started the Stonewall Riots back in 1969, many in our community have yet to embrace the more “fringe†elements. Forgoing a binary system makes way for femme guys, transgender people and butch lesbians. Must we label everyone? Khadijah Farmer, a masculine-looking lesbian, was allegedly kicked out of Caliente Cab Company restaurant for using the women’s restroom. The Transgender Legal Defense and Education Fund has taken her case, which caused some to speculate Farmer was transitioning to a man, or at least masquerading as one. Not the case. As TLDEF stated, discrimination against people who do not conform to gender norms is wrong. The point that the younger generation is making is one we can all learn from. And that is a simple lesson: It doesn’t matter whether you’re gay or straight, butch or fem, male or female—or whether you alternate between these identities throughout your life time. You’re a human, and you deserve equality and respect. Forcing a person to pick a firmly held gay identity can be as restricting as forcing a person to deny his or her homosexuality. If Mika were to announce he’s gay, would he be next forced to answer questions such as, “Bears or twinks? Tops or bottoms? Grace Kelly or Freddie Mercury?â€
  10. Q: Would I trust Mika the pilot ? A: Not in this life time baby.
  11. Have you knitters whatched this: http://uk.youtube.com/watch?v=wfCu-G0QYOQ It's the master doing what he does best. It gives the term chubby bunny a whole new meaning. (chicken)
  12. Yay MIKA he's our man if he cant do it no one can. I really hope mika wins because if he does it means more US shows.
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