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  1. This is the mfc photo's always turn up eventually
  2. I was the girl wearing the marie antoinette wig
  3. I am deffinetly wearing my costume again its just to much fun not to:roftl: Maybe a bunch of people could come in costume and it would be like the royal court of the mika (lady lollipop girl , sir billy brown and princess roco in verious random costumes ) Ignore anything I say I've been sick with a summer cold for 2 weeks now and it might be afecting my judgment lol:naughty:
  4. hey I'm back it was amazing I met thatpinksock and a couple other mfc'ers unfortunatly I had to leave right away my mom was waiting I'll post everything as soon as I wake up . p.s. sorry I had to leave with out saying good bye my mom had a cab and didnt want to lose it.
  5. Change of plan due to a mini (and by this I mean major) fashion emergency I've been forced to changed my outfit last minuet . just look for the girl with the marie antoinette wig.
  6. Sorry sweetie that really sucks. I hope your dad cools down and eveything works out .
  7. Hey thanks for the pic I dont have a MFC pin but I'll be the tallish girl in a yellow pinafore white summer coat carrying a cat bag .
  8. hey are any other mika fans in park slope if so maybe we could all go to the concert together:punk:
  9. 6 foookin day's (dam I need a time machine:naughty: )
  10. Seven freaking day's (god I'm freaking out:roftl: ) One week till MIKA Time:blush-anim-cl:
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