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  1. hoihoi! Gelukkig 2014!! Ik wens je een jaar vol liefde, vriendschap en een goede gezondheid!!

    Hoe ist nog met je? Goed gevierd?


    Groetjes! xx

  2. Welcome! Als je op de "MQ" button klikt onder elke post die je wil quoten, krijg je ieders post in je reply Veel plezier op het forum!
  3. My favorites still are: Malta, Iceland, Greece, Russia. Denmark, Hungary and Estonia are quite good too. I'm looking forward to hearing/seeing France. I like the song but it all depends on the live performance for me
  4. IMHO this night's entries are way better than from the first semi final.
  5. I can't wait to see more of Lynda Woodruff!
  6. I thought it couldn't get worse. And then the woman appeared!!!
  7. You're offline but still posting, cheater!:mf_rosetinted:

  8. I like the Russian song a lot. If you're gonna do a ballad this is the way it should be imo.
  9. I have to say: very catchy! I don't like her outfit etc. but the song is cute!
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