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  1. Unfortunately, I won't be able to go either. I had plans to go with my friend and although she asked for the day off a month in advance, her boss decided to not let her have the day off in the end. So very disappointed! But I hope everyone that's going has a great time.
  2. I've given him cross stitches each time I've seen him and every time he tells me that he's framed my work. So you should go for it! If nothing else...you'll enjoy making the gift for him and with fingers crossed maybe you can manage to give it to him!
  3. The Chicago tickets were all will call only, so perhaps that's why there aren't any showing on StubHub? Just a thought.
  4. Yeah, I was surprised he left out the South again. The furthest South he's going is Chicago and that's considered the midwest!
  5. I know, right? It's hard to believe! Is it true the show is already sold out??
  6. I haven't missed a Mika show in Chicago yet and I don't plan to this time either!
  7. Happy Birthday



  8. Yes, I thought that was funny, too! I did get that sense very much so during the show. I just wish people would give his new music a chance after hearing it live, because even if you don't love the studio versions, that doesn't necessarily mean you won't like it live. This review states that very well!
  9. Little review of the show: http://www.urchicago.com/reviews/2012/10/23/mika-vic-theater.html
  10. LOVED reading your story, Catherine! I have been wondering ever since the show how everything went for you and I am just thrilled to bits that it went as perfectly as it did! No one deserved that night more than you! <3
  11. It's a few days after the show and I am still in "Mika Mode" and having fun reliving the night! I knew the show was going to be amazing, especially after having waited three years to see him again, but his performance was better than any previous concert I had seen! I got in line around 11AM and the weather was much more bitter than I had anticipated (thank goodness my brother was kind enough to let me use his humongous coat or else I would have been in bad shape!) I think everyone was nearly ready to riot to get in the venue because it was so cold. It felt so good to be able to feel my
  12. This song is perfection in my eyes. I absolutely adore how the song builds up into this great, heart-pupping anthem (right before the "I feel like a fool" section). In love. <3!!!
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