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  1. Oh hope it doesn't do too much damage! At first they predicted the hurricane to come my way too but it looks like its going out to sea. And wait... Mika is writing or written a book?? How did I miss out on this?!
  2. I know this thread is like 3 years old... but I am bumping it up because... I LOVE Josh Groban I saw him once in concert 2 years ago, it was so awesome! My seat was terrible but it was so awesome nonetheless
  3. Welcome to MFC! Your cat likes Mika too?! That's great
  4. Mika @mikasounds SURPRISE! Mon concert à Bercy sera retransmis au cinéma le 21 octobre ! Infos #MikaLoveParis #MikaLoveParisAuCinéma
  5. I wish I knew what this feeling felt like!! Sometimes I think the only way to see Mika is on youtube.
  6. I hope its ok with me bumping up this thread! But I love letter writing! and wouldn't mind writing with anyone
  7. I'm not sure how I didn't see this thread the first time I was in this section! Anyways! This is one of my fave Mika songs!!
  8. Oh no... I am almost an oldling now aren't I?? I don't feel ready to be yet haha! Yeah I know a lot of the old posters I posted with have vanished I do keep coming back here though! Hopefully I remember to post here more often!
  9. :D hey rrrroooxxyyyy!! Come back here! :)
  10. I live in NC... I know he has been to NYC before and Las Vegas.. LA.. but I highly doubt he'll come to NC. Its hard to believe I first heard about him when I was like 19 almost 20... and now I am 29.