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  1. AshtrayGirl!!!

    HI! I'm new!

    i meant, how do i join the list! found that out in the meantime....
  2. AshtrayGirl!!!

    Greetings From Beautiful British Columbia, Canada

  3. AshtrayGirl!!!

    Official - Mika Maniacs Thread

    pls pls add me to the list!
  4. AshtrayGirl!!!

    (And in comes the US to MikaMania...) HII!!

    hey jeff! i love MCR too:punk: not only frank or gerard:naughty:
  5. AshtrayGirl!!!

    Greetings from Sweden!

    welcome linnea!
  6. AshtrayGirl!!!

    HI! I'm new!

    thx guys! how can i become a mikamaniac?
  7. AshtrayGirl!!!

    HI! I'm new! the cigarette burns on my chest!
  8. AshtrayGirl!!!

    HI! I'm new!

    awsome! you're the first person who unerstood it. and ashtraygirl is my username on MANY forums i'm from croatia
  9. AshtrayGirl!!!

    HI! I'm new!

    haha that's cool i LOVE placebo. i've loved them forever. especially brian
  10. AshtrayGirl!!!

    HI! I'm new!

    hey! i'm maja... and that's all i have to say for now:wink2: