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    thank you to all of you for this nice welcome!! I think I'm starting loving this forum
  2. lol!! well done!! I enjoyed the video so much!! I added to my fave youtube videos to watch it again and again, it's really great and funny!! I'm sure Mika would love it if he watch it !! hope you tell if you make more 'cause this one was, honestly, great!
  3. wow! there are a lot of pics I hadn't seen before!! I love making graphics so.. am I allowed to take those pics to make them?? Of course I'll put a credit for or even the user who post the pic! I'm not sure if it were posted before 'cause there are tons of pics here!! but this one is one of my fave, don't wanna say it's the very fave 'cause of the same reason someone said about there's not a bad pic of him!! but... this is absolutelly awesome, those eyes, those lips, that wild hair and that cutest face!! I took it from a fansite's gallery (
  4. Atomba


    hey all!! thanks for your nice replies and welcome!! this forum seems to be a very nice place.. and... well you're doing it great!! it's so big and amazing I don't know where should I start writing thanks again!
  5. Atomba


    thanks for the welcome and for the fast reply Tia
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    hi everybody!! Well, I'm Atomba, a 22 years old girl from Spain. I joined the forum yesterday and finally I'm writing. I think I found out this fanclub watching a Mika Video on Youtube or... well somewhere in the net I saw the address and couldn't resist to enter 'cause I don't know people who like Mika, at least, not as much as me! I couldn't say I'm his biggest fan 'cause I don't know many things about him but everyday which passes by I like him more and more ... he's unique, nobody has the talent and passion that he has. He makes me enjoy when I listen to him and well.. I listened to one interview with him and... what can I say? I love how he thinks and the way he seems to be! he's an idol It was hard to know who he was!! The very first time I saw him was in a stream youtube video in some random profile so... I loved the song but I didn't know who was the singer or what was the song's tittle... I gave the profile URL to my friends but nobody knows... 'till the day I saw in another random profile MIKA - GRACE KELLY and the stream video below and... that how I knew about mika!! Well this is going to long!! I'm not good introducing myself so I followed what the admins say in the sticker but, I better stop now and just hope you all accpet a new spanish fan... and finally have a place to talk about this great artist. tc, Atomba P.S. Sorry for my english, it's not always good