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  1. Cologne was sold out, and Munich was pretty full as well. Though yes, he's not exactly famous here (anymore), I think it's not that. If he can do gigs in New Caledonia and the Netherlands, he can do it here as well. My interpretation is that it's about some industry people here in Germany. I remember him talking about it already back in 2009 how unhappy he was about some people from his German label - and just recently he talked about industry people turning out to be an older version of the school bullies, maybe that's related. At least that's an interpretation I can easily accept, I can't blame him for wanting to stay away from people who make him feel bad. But well, that's going a bit OT here, sorry.
  2. I especially like these parts of the interview. All these articles seem to be about the same interview, just that some papers write in English and use his quotes, while others translate it - and it's interesting how much of the meaning gets lost when that is translated back to English by Google. So I'm really happy about the English articles in particular!
  3. Is that the concert venue though? He says in the story that it's a movie theatre and he's gone there to watch the movie "1917".
  4. If it's just about deleting them, what you also can do is go in the source code ("source") and look there. At the point in your text where the emoticon is, there's an img file <img ... lots of text ...> you just need to delete that part in the source code and then change back to the regular view. I think it might be a bug in the software, I have it too occasionally - but only rarely, and it's not actually reproduceable, that makes it hard even for Tech people to find the reason.
  5. Anyway, Germany aside (tho I certainly do like that he mentioned it in 2 interviews within one week, even if we might not know the reasons ), I think this is my favourite quote from the interview: I wonder at what point he realized that. While writing the current album, maybe? After the Canadian TV show in January, where music provoked a lot of emotions for him? Or much earlier already? I also love what he says about becoming more fragile and bigger at the same time during his shows. For myself, at least for the last few gigs I attended, I wouldn't even say more fragile, just more emotional, but I guess it depends on the emotions you have. For him, who is obviously most involved in the stories of his songs, it surely is a rollercoaster of feelings for each song. For the fans I suppose it depends on what feelings a certain song provokes in them, or if they can relate to it at that point of their life. For example, if you've just gone through a breakup or remember that feeling very well, a song like Happy Ending is likely to make you feel fragile, maybe even make you cry. But if you're happy, you might just notice the beauty in it, without being affected too much by the sadness. (also an interesting quote btw, what he says about the beauty and the sadness of things, I think it's a good approach to deal with life that way).
  6. He might've gone on a day trip there while he was in Utrecht, who knows. I think he said it at the gig, before EMD, that the next day before he'd be heading to the airport, he'd meet with his family & they'd be dancing for his Mum. Who I suppose would be in Paris, I agree with you there. But it could also be that they drove her to Alsace - we don't really know for sure. But maybe you're right and him spending time in Germany just meant that he drove through Germany by car for a few km and stopped at a gas station (or not).
  7. Interesting... he talks about doing an EP based on Arabic music, and he's gonna be visiting Beirut for that. And he'll be doing a project in Mexico for which he needs to speak Spanish fluently, and he has 3 months to learn it. But am I the only one who's wondering why the presenter asks him about the Toyota Previa?! Maybe I missed something, as the NZ accent is a bit hard to understand for me at times. But Mika going on about that Toyota on NZ radio is just so totally random. He told that story somewhere before, that his father would wash the Toyota with the hose from inside and there are plants growing out of it meanwhile, but they're gonna keep it alive til Mika's book gets published, then shred it and give pieces of it as relics with the book.
  8. Maybe for not putting all the blame on Holland. I also wonder why (and when?!) he "spent time" in Germany - maybe his flight to New Caledonia went from Frankfurt, I think that's closer to Strasbourg than Paris. Anyway, he does have a point there. In Bavaria we have a saying which expresses that if you don't tell someone off for once, it's enough of a compliment. ("Oimal net g'schimpft is gnua g'lobt!") It's meant in a funny way, but there really is some truth in it, as in 'don't show too much of your emotions', parents are worried they might spoil their children too much, stuff like that. I feel it has become a lot better over the years, but it's the way a lot of us got raised as children. Anyway I think it just means that we certainly need more Mika, more colours and emotions in our lives in Germany, he'd have a lot of work to do here!
  9. About Germany? No, just that he's a different kind of artist in France than in Germany. That's definitely nothing new. Or do you mean in general? I think it's interesting what he says, but no news as such. Do you want me to do a transcript of the interview?
  10. It's just very far and very complicated to reach from where I am, that's why I decided to go to Verona instead - got a direct train connection to there from Munich that takes just a bit over 5 hours. Looking at the RSVP lists, I'm not that sure about my decision anymore 😅 but anyway I've always dreamt of seeing him at the Verona Arena, so I wouldn't want to miss this - and I just can't do both. Btw I still have 2 tickets for the unassigned seating area to sell for Carcassonne, if anyone's interested.
  11. Nina's blog: Apparently there's a new Keyboard player?! And I asked Nina about the stage set, and from what I understood it's one big backdrop with the pictures printed on it.
  12. I found some IG stories, for example on this profile: - seems he took parts of his stageset with him! The Kingkong, the moon and the David are there. On another video I saw that he also went through the crowd for BG, like at every gig here. Edit: Ah, in this user's story we can see that at least the moon isn't solid, but printed on fabric: - surely much easier to transport this way!
  13. He mentions Germany! Only to say that he's a different kind of artist in France than he is in Germany, but hey, at least he still sees himself as *some* kind of artist in Germany, that's a start! T4p! Seems it was recorded when he was in Holland.
  14. Damn time difference, I missed it! Did any of you listen, or maybe even record it?
  15. Haha, well, I don't think so. He didn't need to read MFC to know his fans were sad about the change (not just me, tho I was a bit more explicit online about my feelings than others ), I'm sure he knew. What's funny is that just after I had found a way for myself to deal with the situation, Mika decided to change his approach as well. So when I went to Luxemburg, I expected nothing but got everything. After Padova I was still happy, tho I didn't get any special attention by Mika at this gig, nor did I see him when he left (just his car from afar) - because I managed to have no expectations, but simply curiosity about how it might be. Y'know, not like this depressing "I expect nothing, so I can't be disappointed", but more like "I'm sure I'll have a good time and if anything special comes along in addition, I'll embrace it with open arms". And Bolzano, you know what happened. I was sure Strasbourg couldn't keep up with that, but it turned out to be just as good, or even better. I sometimes wonder whether he can feel this attitude by fans, what they do or don't expect. He's very sensitive, so it wouldn't surprise me. And then he often does the opposite to what people expect from him. But he's generally a lot more open this year, making lots of eye contact with people at gigs and talking about personal things not only in his lyrics and to journalists, as last year, but also on stage or when he meets fans. And I'm sure this doesn't have to do anything with what I wrote on MFC or elsewhere. Maybe he just needed some time to open up - like, when bit by bit he started talking about personal things at his gigs last year, it seemed to get easier for him the more often he did it. Yes, it's possible that the getting me on stage in Bolzano might've been because he had read some of my Tweets / IG posts about me missing the good old times. But I prefer to think that at least the general change in his attitude this year, this not keeping up this distance anymore - and that is what matters to me much more than the M&G's - comes from himself, because it feels good to him that way, and not because some fans might feel sad and he feels obliged to make them happy again - that's certainly not what I would want! And I don't think it is that way, because he's being himself now much more than ever before, he wouldn't fake this just to make people happy. He's much more real these days, and although I don't think this actually makes him more my friend than before (there's just too many people wanting to be friends with him ), I love it.
  16. I'm so much more relaxed when talking with him these days than I used to be at the first meeting, I certainly don't miss that feeling of being too nervous to say anything that makes sense. But well, my feelings when meeting him also changed over time. From being too nervous to say much over talking too much rubbish, over having the feeling not to have anything relevant to say to him anymore, up to now, when it almost feels like we're friends. I guess that's because a) I'm not nervous anymore when talking to him and b) because he's so open and honest now, he talks about personal things, about how he feels about certain things - he never did that before. But that's a very recent change, so maybe when you meet him the next time it'll be different for you as well.
  17. Yes, I'm pretty sure that's the reason. As I said on the other thread, I think Mika just feels for others too much, he's so empathic and sensitive - and with all the sh*t he had to go through in recent times, he's just not able to deal with other people's problems right now. I also RTed Florine's story before the show, but Mika made it clear to me when I gave him a letter that he couldn't tolerate anything else than happy content in it. I think the story about the girl who had been in a coma was different, because from today's point of view it's a happy story, she woke up from the coma thanks to Mika. But Mika won't be able to heal Florine's hearing. I'm happy for her that she did get to talk with him after the show, I'm sure she's happy too, and Mika did the very best he could, so it's really just this journalist's fault.
  18. Oh Mika... Sometimes I wish he could see himself through our eyes. But then again, better not, he'd probably become conceited. Ok, sounds like he succeeded in making a bad joke. Not bad to create an improptu language pun in a foreign language, I admire his spontaneity! Thanks for the translation!
  19. Thanks! Do I understand it right that he bought a horse, and he's jumping with it? Also I think he says that unfortunately they had to cancel China, so that's the confirmation of what we've already suspected. And what does he say in the end about muscles? Apart from that, I understand that he tells the story about Mika / Michael and that they make him sing all sorts of weird stuff, a jingle (lol, I love when he sings the Gilette jingle! ) about the radio station, and some ahh-haa song about going to place xy, and he sings he travels the world.
  20. If you mean the girl with the pink eyelashes, I think that's @AsiaGera. t4p!
  21. I think he spoke about it a bit before singing it at the US gigs, and iirc also in interviews around that time, but I don't have any links for you - maybe @Kumazzz remembers something in particular? Anyway in combination with his story about rediscovering the 'Michael Holbrook' part of himself, to me it was always clear that he's singing it to himself, tho at first I got dizzy when I tried to define which "you" or "I" means Mika, which Michael, and which Jealousy. So in a way I think you're right that it's about him as a songwriter. He had a writer's block, and by rediscovering that part of himself that he had neglected, he got over that. 'Jealous of the man I used to be' is who he was before he became famous, he said that somewhere. The 17 yo writing songs in his bedroom, just for himself, without any pressure.
  22. So, time to write a report. This gig was so intense - in the sense that everything seemed a little bit brighter, more beautiful, colourful, energetic, emotional. I guess that was because everyone on and off stage felt that it was special because it was the last one in this part of the world for several months. And the last one with this beautiful stage set. I had feared it, and I got translations now from others that Mika has said it at the gig, the stage set will be destroyed after this show. Anyway I didn't understand that at the gig, so while several times I thought (and said to Saskia) "noo, I don't want this tour and this gig to end!", at least I didn't know then that it'd be the last time I'd see the rainbow stage and the flying piano. The crowd was very energetic from the moment Mika entered the stage - and wow, they were loud!! Mika looked very happy and it felt like he was very relaxed - sometimes I get the feeling at gigs that he's struggling a bit, with his voice or to keep up the energy - but not this time, it all felt so light and easy, but still full of energy and emotions. He talked a lot, I only understood bits & pieces (tho the acoustics in that venue were awesome, I think it was the first time I actually understood all of Charlotte's lyrics!) but I filmed most of the talking parts, hoping someone will translate them on here (thanks @Libellule95 ! ). I didn't film much apart from that though, also didn't take a lot of pix, I just stood there or danced, in awe of the whole atmosphere, the music, the energy, the emotions. At times I got a bit distracted by the fan actions... after I had forgotten to hold up the "We love you Mika" sheet after Ice Cream (I wasn't the only one though), I did think of the flowers and the paper hearts. The balloons were used randomly throughout the show, instead of for LT as planned, but I couldn't find mine anymore, so no balloon for me (and no distraction ). The Thank You messages were held up too early, but that was ok, as during TL Reprise / Stay High I just wanted to fully enjoy that last song and not hold up any sheets. I loved the flowers most, and I think so did Mika - so thank you Anna and the others who had organized them, a really beautiful idea! They didn't even get thrown on stage in masses, as I had feared before. I loved Mika's choice of clothing, the yellow suit and the polka dotted one, I had hoped to see these at one of the gigs (had seen the dotted one in Paris, but from far away) and I was lucky. For Big Girl, Mika didn't do his usual round by going down the stairs and then to the other side, but he jumped off the stage on the right side and came directly to where we were standing and stepped on that high part of the barrier, right in front of me. I tried not to look like that smiley, tho I felt like it, because I was sure someone would be filming or taking pix of Mika there, with me on them (so far I haven't seen any where I can see myself while M stood up there, so no idea if I succeeded in looking cool ). I smelled the starch of Mika's shirt, heard his voice without the amplification and had to resist the temptation to touch his hand or arm - didn't even think I'd be tempted to do that... doesn't happen to me at M&G's and when in Brussels he had left the crowd where we stood, I also just took care of making him space. So no idea why it was different this time, but in any case I do understand the fans better now who touch his arm or back when he goes through the crowd, takes some strength to resist! (I must admit I also couldn't resist but touched his hand for a split second when he had it on the barrier 🙈). I wasn't sure whether he'd climb over the barrier there, sometimes he just stands up there and then goes on and chooses another place... but he did, and put his hand on my shoulder while doing so - I've seen a video of that, and I certainly didn't succeed anymore in looking cool at that moment, but rather like - oh well, who wouldn't have? 🙈 Paloma was the most beautiful version I've heard on the 6 gigs of this tour I've been to where he played it. I nearly cried, and that never happens to me at gigs. Also Happy Ending, especially the off-mic part, was one of the most beautiful versions I've heard. At some point of the show he mentioned the different countries from which fans had come to see him, and pointed to our group when saying Germany, to which of course we cheered loudly. When Love Today started, I was very sad for a moment that the gig was coming towards an end - but when the gig did finish a few songs later, I wasn't sad but just filled with the joy of it all, it felt complete. After Stay High and bowing with the band he got his whole crew on stage to thank them. And the IG video he posted really must've been literally after he left the stage, because we hadn't even left the inside part of the venue when he posted it, tho we were quite fast. We then went outside to the back of the venue, where barriers had been standing all day, and waited there - in pretty much the same spot as after the 2016 Strasbourg gig. We had lots of fun while waiting, the only downside was that it was rather cold. Miri, who would take a bunch of my friends in her car, wanted to leave soon, so Saskia and me got a bit worried that she'd have to leave soon and miss Mika. But we were lucky. At some point, some of the band members walked out and got in a car, and we gave them some applause. Maybe 2 minutes after that, Mika arrived by foot from inside the fence, but we only recognized him when he got closer. Everyone stayed quiet and in their place, just like after the last Strasbourg gig. It wasn't even that long when he came out, in Luxemburg we had waited much longer... But when he came to us, he said "Sorry it took so long, we had to pack all the stuff" (for the next part of the tour) - I was pretty surprised by that, I really don't mind waiting for him a little, because it means the wonderful evening hasn't ended yet and I can enjoy more time with my friends. And even if he had just waved from the car I'd have been happy, after this intense gig. My only worry was that he might be gone already, because his IG post had sounded like a goodbye. Or that my friends would have to leave before he came. Anyway, it wasn't a long chat, but it was really nice. He thanked us, we thanked him for the tour. I gave him a letter and he asked me so he could be sure it was a happy one - as I wrote in the other thread, I think sad stories just pull him down too much these days. I assured him it was, then he also asked if I was good and when I answered and asked 'and you?', he said yes, with a little happy smile on his face. We then went along the street to where his car would drive out and did our little Mexican Wave for him, which we always do when we get the chance. I didn't even see Mika this time, the car was too fast, but it's enough to know that he saw our little crazy 'choreography' for him, I hope it makes him feel happy and special in a similar way as he does make us feel.
  23. Just a little update on this from Strasbourg: When he came outside for signing stuff and quick chats, I gave him a letter, and he asked me whether it's a happy letter, as he'd have no tolerance for... (anything else). Actually he stopped the sentence after "no tolerance", because I had already answered that it's a happy letter. Anyway "no tolerance" was a very clear and strong statement, also the way he said it. Maybe he even said "absolutely", can't remember, but in any case it came across that way. My interpretation of this is that with all the sh*t that has happened in his own life in recent times, he's just not able to deal with other people's sh*t right now, I suppose it pulls him down too much. So maybe that's one more reason why he's not doing a lot of M&G's anymore.
  24. Thanks! I hope someone has filmed the beginning, I didn't think he'd tell a story for Relax, so I only started filming later. 🙈 Edit: I'll continue uploading videos & will write a report tomorrow evening, too tired now.