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  1. Some of my Twitter friends (Hi @mariposa ) are fans, that's how I know who they are. Without that, I wouldn't know either. They don't have that many more followers than Danna Paola, and she has a lot of teenage fans as well, I think. I don't know how likely Danna's followers were to buy tickets for the Beirut gig, but if we assume that the difference to the BTS followers isn't big, the 15$ less might have made a difference. Plus the followers of Mika, Rufus, Laura and Kylie, who are not that many and maybe not as likely to watch a livestream as the teenagers, but if th
  2. radiohitwest has posted a story with a short video of Mika yesterday - he looks great, I hope they'll put up that interview as a video!
  3. In the interview he explicitly spoke about the whole world. If you count all the followers of him and his guests together it's millions, so I can well imagine that they might have reached one million. How much were tickets for the BTS gig, does anyone know?
  4. I guess we might have to wait for official news on that until the VoD streaming has expired (Oct 7, I think?), but that sounds awesome!
  5. Ah, thanks for that info! It sounded like he was live in the radio station. Recording studio...
  6. So did anyone listen to this morning's radio interviews? Mika first was on HitWest: https://www.hitwest.com/page/le-reveil-de-mika-sur-hit-west-1247 and then on champagne fm: https://www.champagnefm.com/jeuxconcours/mika-invite-de-la-famille-816 ... I heard the last few minutes of the 2nd one, but there wasn't anything interesting. I think he guessed the listener's fave Mika song right (Elle me dit) and he talked with the cash code winner on the phone. And said he'd love to do a concert in that region. The actual interview must've been before that.
  7. He looks stunning! Those photographers tho... Zero social distancing, and some are not even able to wear their masks properly, or don't wear one at all.
  8. Yeah, good point. I mean, we surely are better than the tabloid press, because even if we discuss everything and might not agree with everything he does, we love him anyway - and I think he knows that and trusts us with this. But you're right, we also analyze and judge all the time (what else should we fill this forum and social media with? ), so I hope whatever he does is his choice and not to please us or the press or anyone but himself.
  9. I hadn't noticed, but now that you say it... well, tbh I didn't even know something like make up pigments for the hairline existed. I'm sure there's pressure to look a certain way, don't know if it's because of TV or rather Mika's own requirements to himself, probably a mixture of both. I mean, take his hair, he clearly had something done to that since the 2015 tour. And I don't think that was because of TV, he can hide it there. I remember he wrote in this letter to his 70 year old self on his 30th birthday "if you go bald, wear a hat.", so apparently this was important to him. Anyway th
  10. have you tried to put them back in your signature? I've had a look at your signature, also the code, and I can see no photo links there, apart from the smileys. Deb ran an update the other day, but it shouldn't have changed anything about the signature pics.
  11. Yes, that's the site I used as well. It worked fine for Verona, but when I tried to enter the voucher code for the Taormina ticket I had bought for a friend, I got the same problem. I sent the voucher to my friend then, so I don't know any more than you, sorry. You still have until October 18, so hopefully they'll answer until then.
  12. I actually first thought it was some comment that had just been posted and youtube was showing it in the video for some reason. When watching it for the 2nd time I didn't notice it, guess I was distracted that moment. When I read the report here in the first post, I believed that it was by Andy, shame it isn't... tho who knows - tbh I believe more that this was on purpose than that the open zipper during Ice Cream was accidental. And that gets me to my report about the gig. I liked the start with Origin. Happy Ending made me cry for the first time, really beautiful. AOW was aweso
  13. On IG it's possible to win tickets for this show: But be aware that we still don't have official confirmation by Mika or his team that he'll be there. Given the current infection situation in France, tbh I doubt he'll be there live. Maybe they'll show a song or two from his Beirut gig for this occasion?
  14. Ok, dead squirrel with a bird's head. Nah really, I think it looks like a mix between parrot, platypus and squirrel. But I suppose the dogs don't care about such details. Btw Mika has reposted a story by Jack Savoretti about the 1 year anniversary of Youth & Love.
  15. As they write 2 times in that article that Opel is a German brand (tho actually it belongs to the same French corporation as Peugeot since 2017), of course that'd be nice if they showed the spot here as well... but I won't hold my breath for it. Maybe in France. To me, Opel is still a quite boring and old-fashioned brand, but it seems they're trying to move forward and invest a lot into e-mobility. I like that much better than what all the big German car brands like BMW or Mercedes do, who produce electric cars only as a niche product and complain as soon as politicians want to ta
  16. IG story by chiaraeilcuoreovunque What does this "dage" mean?
  17. I only understood parts of the Maritima interview, but I think that was quite an interesting interview - @Subtitling Team I'd love a translation please. It was a phone interview, sounded like he was in the car. They talked about the pandemic a lot, about Coeur Holiday and the Beirut gig - tho from the things I understood I can't tell for sure whether the interview was recorded before the gig or if it was indeed live (or recorded this week). I didn't hear any talk about the reception of the gig (maybe I just missed it). At the beginning Mika talked about the Coeur Holida
  18. Gabry had posted the link to the replay on their website, but good to have the youtube video here as well, thanks!
  19. mikainstagram stories mikainstagram_119987349_372414707269985_8607111204365774273_n.mp4 mikainstagram_119951508_361756298528378_2553132944826790813_n.mp4
  20. That's fab! Finally they react to requests, after months of doing nothing.
  21. Dunno about ticketmaster, but the ticketone vouchers aren't issued on a name. You just have to enter the e-mail-address the voucher was sent to along with the voucher number, to validate it. Zlata was able to fill in the form, using her name & bank data and the voucher number from the e-mail that was sent to me.
  22. For now it is only available on French Video-on-Demand channels, as Mika wrote here: We're hoping that he will make it available to everyone via DVD or some other way, but so far there's no news about this.
  23. IBAN ist just within the EU. @Mousetrap if you don't find another way to get your money back, DM me if you want... I could have the money sent to me and then transfer it to you via paypal.
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