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  1. I think it's a good point what someone said here that Max has his own fan club, and is "just" a band member, while Ida is an old friend of Mika who has been with him since the beginning. I suppose that's where my feeling comes from that when there's money left we might consider getting something for Ida, but not for Max. I think the Max FC consists mostly of Mika fans, and I'm sure some of them will be going to those gigs - I'd say it's up to them to get something for him. Anyway, I definitely wouldn't want to make Mika's bouquet smaller. If we had the budget to fill his whole room with flowers, I would.
  2. we'll see each other at the hotel anyway. And will you be at the meetups on Saturday and Sunday?
  3. If you want we can discuss via DM for which song the hand hearts are best. Maybe the 2nd song is indeed a good idea, as you suggested, because it's not an obvious choice like Happy Ending (for example) would be.
  4. Ok it seems the setlist was indeed posted by accident. The program is downloadable on more places on the Philharmonie website now, but the setlist isn't included anymore. So please don't post any info on the setlist here. Anna, as for the fanaction - we can talk about for which songs at the meetup on Saturday, will you be there? I don't think it's a problem if it's only later in the show. Also I had an idea for a tiny fanaction that might be nice and elegant, and that was to bring tiny glittery paper hearts, not more than ca. 3-5cm, so you could put them in your pocket. But Deb reminded me of the fanaction chaos at Bercy and of Simon Leclerc's strictness, so IF we want to do this, it should definitely stay a small fanaction among MFCers (& friends), only for songs where we'd show hearts with our hands anyway, to make sure that no one throws things on the floor and it all stays neat and elegant. I'm still not sure it's actually a good idea to make that a fanaction, but for myself I decided to bring a tiny glitter heart, because at the Salle Pleyel gig I was always confused between making the heart with my hands and making it just with 2 fingers, and also Mika didn't seem to be able to decide for one, as the crowd did both, lol!
  5. and the guitarist and the orchestra, and the choir and the production and.... where should we stop? I know there was talk about getting flowers for Ida on Sunday if we see she's there on Saturday, but then also Max? They'll get the flowers in the dressing room, not on stage, so I don't think it matters if just Mika and Simon Leclerc get them, or just them and Ida ... but anyway, as you say, there isn't much budget left after ordering the flowers for Mika and Simon Leclerc, I think either we leave it at that, or we get something really small, like a single white rose with a bit of green for Ida, Max and the guitarist (at least ... maybe also the choir chef?), or just another bouquet of white roses for Ida, like the one for Simon Leclerc.
  6. I want to listen on their website to let them know that people are interested in Mika. Ideally live. But guess I'll listen to the podcast on their site instead, because I don't have the impression that the current show involves Mika, although it says so on their site. It's already the 3rd song, I surely would have heard him talk by now... I don't get it, did they cancel the program tonight?
  7. I tuned in 20 minutes late and hearing the 2nd song now without hearing Mika talking... does anyone know which song it is? I was trying to figure it out from the playlist on the website but couldn't.
  8. One ticket available for Saturday 23rd in the parterre chairs area on the side. 80€. Edit: SOLD
  9. The program with the setlist is available as PDF download on the Philharmonie website. Please don't post it here though until we're sure it's really supposed to be there and not just accidentially leaked. And even then, maybe it's better to open a new thread for posting / talking about the setlist, as some fans prefer it to be a surprise. Thank you.
  10. ah, that's the part of Florence where he lives, I get it now. Thanks. The name of that place seemed vaguely familiar - but then, I know a lot of names of places in Italy just because they're somehow connected with Mika, he did a show there or something, lol! As for Parigi, seems there's some towns in Italy with that name, maybe that's where Emma comes from or lives?
  11. Another one that he apparently posted just after the last one but that uploaded only later: 235161623_552607715830338_8053048074042818465_n.mp4 What is he saying? I can neither find a translation for "fighe", nor do I have any idea why he would be from Scandicci - that's what I understand, I think it's a city, right? Or why it makes the others laugh so much.
  12. From how I understood it from what people posted on Instagram, he just talked with them quickly inside, after the show, from the stage, he told them he wouldn't stop when leaving.
  13. It's so funny how Mika's story with the face mask from today reminded me of this comment you posted yesterday. Anyway, if anyone's planning to go to The Voice on Friday, applications are open now: http://www.emissions-tv.com/emissions/596/the_voice_all_stars - and it looks like you don't have to go on the Saturday as well, that's an extra date.
  14. Applications for tickets for the live recording on Friday are now open: http://www.emissions-tv.com/emissions/596/the_voice_all_stars ... it seems that these don't require to come on Saturday as well, there's an extra application for Saturday, starting 7:15pm by watching the broadcast of the live with an audience, which of course those who go to the gig can't attend.
  15. I wouldn't have expected that. In whose team is he? My stream didn't come back.
  16. yes. I think I'd choose Gjon's Tears, or Will. But they have a big choice, I have no idea who they'll choose.
  17. damn my stream left me, just have the sound without picture now.
  18. Hm, I'm just selfishly thinking, he might feel less pressured and stressed next weekend if he doesn't have to worry about his contestant winning... But I'm also crossing my fingers for Terence. He could just win today and in the final as well, and Mika's good mood is secured.
  19. Are the viewers of The Voice Allstars more a younger or an older audience? If there's a lot of teenagers watching, I fear they might vote for the 2nd guy. If they have taste, they'll choose one of the other 2. Terence was fantastic, such a great voice, but tbh the other 2 just brought more fun on stage, and Will was really good too. That was the 2nd guy, right? You think so? He didn't convince me.
  20. I don't know who has how many fans, but although I agree with Kris that Manon's song was boring, I thought she might be the one who appeals most to the audience. Not sure why, maybe because she came across as quite mainstream, compared to the other 2. I'd have picked Anthony, and Demi was also fantastic, but I suppose often the audience chooses more mainstream / seen already 100 times over very artistic and more daring performances. And Manon's vocal performance was fantastic.
  21. The first 2 rounds were pretty clear to me as to who would win them and I was right... In this one I also expected Anne Silla to win, but it also could've been Gjon's Tears, loved his song! She was even better tho. I think Manon might win, but it could be any of the 3, they all were really good. Shame about the technical problems in Anthony's performance.
  22. If enough of us who are staying in the Philharmonie area are going, we could rent a bus.... (deja vu... )
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