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  1. Thanks, and thanks for sending me the French transcript. A few lines got messed up, so here's a corrected version: (Part 1 for now, will do the rest tomorrow or when I have time, I'm off to bed now...) My Lebanon A year after the explosion in the port of Beirut, Mika told Sophie Rosemont about his unwavering affection for his country of birth. A delicate and strong testimony, like this singular singer. August 4, 2020. I am at Villa Aurelia in Rome, which hosts events organized by the American Academy. Everyone's been there, from Getty to Hemingway. In a dressing room, I'm filmed for an interview and, suddenly, I see my phone light up in front of me. Lots of messages: photos, videos like an avalanche. At first I don't believe it, I think it's a new app simulating an explosion in the Port of Beirut - we're so used to manipulated images. But it is real. Suddenly, while in a temple of glamor, childhood traumas, linked to war, to the impermanence of the comfort and stability of everyday life resonate in me. I understand then that we are shaped by our childish feelings. My reaction is very intense, very silent: immense sadness, more than fear, descends on me. The injustice of these images strikes me with full force: why this explosion, in this city which is already suffering, politically, economically, socially and where young people are being sacrificed? Instinctively, I know it's not the fault of neighboring countries or of a bomb. I guess this drama is linked to what is gnawing at Lebanon: corruption. Lebanon is where I was born. I have never lived there, but it has always been part of my life, like many Lebanese in the diaspora. A few weeks ago, someone knocked on my door in Montreal. It was a Lebanese lawyer who came to drop me bags filled with dishes cooked by his mother! My origins are plural. My father is American. Son of a diplomat from Savannah, Georgia, who worked for the US government, he was born in Jerusalem and grew up everywhere, including Beirut. My maternal grandfather comes from a large family in Damascus. After fighting in the Arab revolt at the start of the 20th century, he arrived in Ellis Island in 1919, disgusted. He rebuilt his life in New York, first as a fabric delivery man, then rose through the ranks and set up factories in China. The day arrives when his sister wants him to marry at all costs. He goes to Lebanon where she has chosen a woman from a good family for him. During his engagement cocktail, he sees a family bathing on the beach. He falls in love with one of the girls, cancels his marriage and asks for her hand. My grandmother is 16, he is 60. She leaves Beirut for the United States, speaking only Arabic and a little French. On the other side of the Atlantic, she very quickly gives birth to my mother and four little sisters who will grow up between an uprooted woman and a man who has never forgotten that he was Syrian. Everyone speaks and cooks Arabic. My own childhood was marked by the specter of war, including that in Kuwait, where my father was hostage before coming back different. Recently passed away, my mother passed on the warmth of the exchange to me, responding with emotional urgency. It is a temperament and a temperature! This may have surprised journalists during my interviews ... I grew up with very strong oriental figures - the absolute icon, Oum Kalthoum; the Rahbani brothers, Fairuz, who built a bridge between the West and the Arab world ... My guilty pleasure is Nancy Ajram, and I love the rock band Mashrou'Leila. I like Gibran, Mahmoud Darwich, Amin Maalouf whom I read a lot, younger, Léon l'African. What also binds me to my native land are the 6,000-year-old olive trees that line the roads in Libya. These representatives of the resistance are to be revered as gods and goddesses. On August 4, 2016, I gave my last concert in Lebanon, in Baalbek. It was fantastic, they threw pillows everywhere! Two years ago, here, we had to interrupt us three times. First, because there was prayer, which was broadcast very loudly. Then, because they had thrown so many cushions that the stage was covered with them. We even confiscated them but impossible to play again. So I started some music, probably remixed Fairuz, and I went back to my dressing room. Among my fondest memories of live, there is also the Place des Martyrs, in 2009, after the defeat of Hezbollah. There were a crazy crowd, young girls in veils or in brassieres. If I wrote this column in Le Monde ("Lebanon, my country, is dying, and its children are taken hostage", published in May 2021) it is because after the visual shock of the explosion of August 2020 and the enthusiasm generated by my charity concert (I Love Beirut, in September 2020), the following months saw the situation worsen in Lebanon without the international community really being moved by it. Yes, the explosion was like an electric shock. This catastrophe vibrated very far. However, in a world as immediate as ours, attention time is quite short. The image or information is consumed as a product with a very short expiration date. As artists, we are not necessarily legitimate to express a political point of view, but that should not prevent us from externalizing our emotions beyond the 280 characters on Twitter. Sometimes I feel stupid for just using words, but they are still a precious expression nonetheless. (the rest of the article will follow soon)
  2. I've edited your original posts. Please everyone do that, if you sold your tickets or aren't looking for tickets anymore, edit your original post. It's up to you if you delete it or just add something like "sold" or "found". (if your post has been quoted by others, it's better to add something than delete).
  3. I don't think that people can find it from that tiny part, but still, it's a part of his personal space, and idk, if I was him I'd find it scary to know that people are looking at my home on a satellite picture where they can see every corner of my garden. I find it crazy enough that you can see so much on Google Maps, also of my own house, I'd definitely feel uncomfortable being a celebrity, lol! So imo it's enough if those fans do that who have his address, we don't need to post screenshots here. In fact that's why I don't even want his address, although I know many fans have it. Back in 2007/2008 I still did the same, checked out his parent's house where he lived on Google Maps - and now sometimes when he posts something, or others post a photo he took with them, I might check, like where a restaurant is located or something. So yes, I also can be a bit of a stalker. But if I checked out his garden in detail on Maps, I'd somehow feel like I'm invading his privacy. And that doesn't mean I judge anyone for doing that, it's just how I feel - not sure why, maybe because he just doesn't feel at all like a celebrity anymore to me, after all these years. Or because I'm like "my home is my castle", my safe space. Anyway Mika sings "my house is your house", so I suppose he might see things differently, lol!
  4. Just booked my trains. Thanks for the motivation @holdingyourdrink! Now I only need an outfit. Or rather two.
  5. Thanks Anna... but I feel it's not right to post a satellite photo of his garden here, even if it's public on Google Maps. So I deleted that. Google is such a stalker, lol!
  6. His garden must be huge! And I'm not even talking about the olive tree fields but just the garden. We know the corner where he had his bday party last year, but where is this, does he have a whole football field there?! I wonder if the football goal is for him or for Andy... Mika always said he doesn't like to play ball games (and I'm totally with him on that 😅) but I somehow could imagine Andy playing football. And / or Mika has changed his mind. Somehow this trampoline and football goal remind me of the movie "Big", where Tom Hanks plays a 12yo who suddenly turned 30 overnight and starts working in a toy company. Love this film! And again about the garden size, he has a swimming pool too somewhere, doesn't he?! Lol at least with such a big garden he doesn't have to take the dogs for a walk!
  7. Ah cool, thanks! I see I have to activate Reels notifications extra, just did that. Hope it works better than for stories...
  8. Maybe he had bad connection / IG problems again, as he posted (or at least filmed) it this morning but apparently it only went online in the afternoon... and he deleted it because "Morning!" at 4pm just doesn't fit anymore? Damn technics!
  9. It's often the same for me... because if I can't decide and wait long enough, there won't be so many options anymore, which makes the decision easier. 😅
  10. I've booked my hotel but not the travel or the outfit yet. So it's not like you're *that* far back, Prisca. And I've only booked the hotel early because I prefer a certain hotel and I want the flexible rate anyway due to Covid, so knowing that I can change it if I change my mind helps. 😅 Otherwise I'm a bit undecided as well. Car isn't an option for me, I hate taking longer trips by car. In the train at least I can move around and surf on the internet / watch videos, and a flight wouldn't be that long. Right now I tend towards taking the train, although it takes longer, is more expensive and less reliable than a flight, but I don't have to watch my luggage size / weight and I just find it more comfortable. But maybe I should book that soon too, we wanted to take the train to Italy 4 weeks from now for our family holiday and wanted to wait with booking for the details of my uncle's birthday celebration - and now that we have that, the train can't be booked online anymore. I'll ask at the travel center today, maybe it's still possible there, but I fear we might have to go by car. Sadly flights to Venice aren't cheaper than the train, it'd be over 1000€ for the whole family!
  11. they're planning direct train lines to Paris from different cities, but it'll take a few more years... for Munich I think only in 2026.
  12. That gig Mika often talked about, where he sang 5000 Miles and people were ballroom dancing in their underwear to his songs was his very first gig as MIKA back in 2006, and unfortunately I've never seen any videos of it or heard of anyone who was there. The one in 2007 that I went to and of which @Kumazzz posted the videos was a different one. It was also hosted by Manumission iirc, but it was a special format, Ibiza Rocks, a series of gigs with a different artist every night, kind of like a festival. It was only a handful of fans there, and a tiny half-open-air venue, with a capacity of maybe 200 people or so. All the details on this 2007 gig are on this thread (reports starting on the page I linked here, but there's LOTS of chatter - lovely memories for me, but sorry to whoever wants to just read the reports now ), in case you're interested:
  13. When he posted the snippet of "Fly Paloma" when recording his last album, I heard "love alone", so I'm sorry to disappoint you about my "smartness" - it'd just be luck if I happen to be right this time!
  14. I don't understand what they say in French, but in the song snippet after that I can hear "we keep on fighting". That first word tho that he also mouths... it sounds like "dude", but that somehow doesn't fit. Or is that a French word, maybe he's mixing French and English? I see another "fly balloon" discussion coming up. (and he's probably doing that on purpose ) I don't really like it, but it doesn't bother me as it would have a few years ago. Back then I'd have thought "OMG no I hope he won't grow one!", and now I'm just thinking, whatever, if it makes him happy... In fact the first singer I was a fan of (at the age of about 11 or 12) had a moustache, it was a German country singer called Fred Rai. Actually I have the same eye colour as Mika, and I found it a bit boring because I hardly ever see my eyes as green, as it depends on the light and usually when I look in the mirror the light isn't like that. But in Mika's eyes I can see all the beautiful nuances this eye colour can have, so now I'm proud of my eye colour, even if most of those nuances stay hidden in my eyes as I usually don't do photoshoots with different lights.
  15. He has put this up in 2017 or 2018, iirc. Had it in his stories back then, I think his sisters were painting it. Nice to see that it's still there, it adds such a personal touch to his garden, unique and instantly recognizable. It even was a fanaction in Padova, holding up signs with flying pigs and that text. Tho to me that felt a bit weird because I don't know what specific meaning it has for Mika. If it does, ofc it could just be fun.
  16. But then he could have filmed the videos and posted them later - while I suppose that when it shows "posted 8 hours ago" the moment it appears, this rather speaks for a technical problem. Besides, for fans who see that he's in Venice and want to find him, the Biennale probably would be the first place to look, as he said he'd be coming back there... Apart from that he just posted a story from his garden. Mika, are you reading this thread?
  17. It seems he was "lost" at the Biennale without internet connection, as his stories only showed up 8 hours late. But we can go back to guessing now... is he still in Venice? Already home? Somewhere else? Will he let us know? So many questions... I could imagine tho that he might spend 2 or 3 days there, dunno if he'd go there to visit the Biennale just for a few hours. The last time I think he was there for 2 or 3 days and still said he'd come back because it's so interesting. It's probably huge, each of those installations he showed is already a room for its own, and I'm sure there's much more than just a few...
  18. I know, but if you look at Fortuné's post, there's fireworks at the wedding, and he posted that before it was dark today, so I suppose the wedding must've been yesterday - which means he could be back to Venice already.
  19. Ah ok thank you! At the first look it looked like Venice, but if I look closer, of course you're right. So no Xfactor, probably, as no one else from the crew seems to be there. I'm curious to know if he's there for work or maybe to visit the Biennale / see his brother... his shirt looks quite fancy and he looks styled, so I do suppose whatever he's doing, there might be some photos / filming involved. Or at least a fancy dinner.
  20. Emma seems to be in Rome tho, according to her stories.
  21. Elyy_guerra from Xfactor has a pic of Venice in her story, so maybe they're filming something else for Xfactor there? Homestories or so, are there any?
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