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  1. I uploaded my video of Mika dancing with Myriam in Luxemburg on Tiktok 2 days ago (on my personal account), and it went viral. The other videos I uploaded of fans on stage in Padova and Bolzano got far less likes and views, I guess this one must be a combination of several things that appeal to the Tiktok audience. Just an excerpt of the video I already uploaded here, but in case anyone is curious to follow how many views / likes it'll end up with (still going up!), it's here:
  2. Ah, I forgot to answer that. All I remember about the area is that we boarded the boat in Rüdesheim, does that answer your question?
  3. As he writes AND performs his songs, it might be ok, but idk - from what I read, writers get nearly nothing, and it's not much for performers either, you need millions of streams every month to make a good living from it. I'm sure you can find somewhere on Google how often you'd need to stream a song/album for it to create the same revenue for the artist as buying an mp3/CD. Also I think it's different whether you use the free or paid version of Spotify, I only use the free one, because it's not worth it for me. As for storage space, I recommend buying an external hard drive - once
  4. Ah thanks, I didn't know - they are closed in Germany since mid-December. How about Italy and Canada, does anyone here know? Anyway, I was joking, obviously. He didn't let his long hair stop him from posting during the first lockdown, so that surely isn't the reason why. Guess I'm already in "making up theories about why Mika has gone into hiding" mood, the kind of thing that never makes any sense because even after 14 years we don't know the answer, but keeps us distracted til he returns. 😅
  5. Btw, what I didn't like so much is that he said he prefers to have his hair shorter, because it's easier to handle that way. I like him with both long and short hair, but it does make me a tiny bit sad that we'll probably never get the long fluffy curls back. So it seems we were lucky during the first lockdown... maybe that's why he's not posting now, hairdressers closed and hair getting too long even for hats.
  6. Thank you, dear Subtitling team! I love how he talks about the fireworks, you can indeed tell he was excited like a child. And it reminded me of how excited I was as a child to see the "Rhine in Flames" event, it was the most marvelous fireworks I've ever seen live (I think, at least from my memory ) - driving on a boat on the Rhine, with fireworks all along. I can't say I ever was obsessed with fire, as he says he was, in fact I was rather scared of fire, I didn't even dare to light a match for a very long time. But I always loved fireworks, my Mum just would have to say there was fi
  7. When he says about Lola that "there is this line that says you can as well give in and sleep with whoever you want", I wonder what line in the song he refers to. Lola is one of the songs I had never really understood the meaning of - you could easily say it's just a blah blah lovesong, but even tho he sings "it's just another lovesong", that's not typical for Mika. Well, without wanting to get too much into a song discussion here, we have an extra thread for that song, I just wonder what he refers to when he says that. From what I understand, in French after that he says something about break
  8. Maybe because it was on the setlist only on one tour, not like GK or HE on every tour since 2007.
  9. Lol did he actually say he played Lola live only 1 or 2 times?! He must've been really tired on the 2012/2013 tour to forget already that it was part of the setlist. Or did I understand that wrong? Maybe he was being ironic? That Jakub guy reminds me of Giulio in some of his photos.
  10. What's this? "Mika in a few days" on France 5 - is it the Versailles gig?
  11. I suppose the replay will be here? https://www.6play.fr/lou-et-moi-p_18039 ... so far they haven't put it there tho. There was one question I missed almost completely, because my kids were distracting me - I think she asked him sth like what he'd do if he was a woman? Not sure I understood it right... I was listening with half an ear and I remember at one point he talked about Big Girl. What did they say there?
  12. I think I heard the name Jane Birkin some time, but no idea who she is. I don't know if it's the voice itself that bothers me, or the way she sings (this song), it just somehow makes me feel uncomfortable. Her speaking voice is ok, sounds actually nice. And I can see why Mika says she's a good conversationalist - they were laughing a lot together, and she actually listened and reacted to the things he said. Quite the contrast to some other interviews. Like the one that the Subtitling team posted yesterday, that guy pretended to know a lot about Mika, but he obviously had no idea, som
  13. Haha, thanks! Yes, he talked about Fantasia at another point of the interview, I think the question was something like his ideal concert, where he could decide who is on stage? I watched Fantasia on New Year's Eve, my son requested it, because we had watched it the previous year on NYE - actually that was the first time I had watched it from beginning to end. I could imagine it becoming some sort of NYE ritual for us to watch it, it somehow fits - indeed it's like a firework by itself. My fave part is the last story with the volcano, how everything grows and rises again from a sit
  14. Ok I listened to most of it, but kept getting distracted - gotta listen again later when my kids are in bed, but I definitely need some help by our @Subtitling Team to understand everything. I loved that he talked about how it felt to him doing the Versailles fireworks, would love to understand more of that! He said he was cold, didn't he? And that he felt tiny?
  15. Sorry I can't record it - it's a bit early for me, so I hope I can even watch it live. But surely someone will record it, or it'll be available via Replay later.
  16. Translation by our @Subtitling Team: Tweets by Mika: IG stories by Lou Doillon:
  17. Have you been listening to "Dear Jealousy" and watching the "Popular Song" videoclip? Besides, I also don't have an explanation, sorry. I had another Mika dream a few days ago, a beautiful one, but all I remember of it now is that we said hello with a little kiss. It wasn't an unrealistic dream, I think it was some signing or something like this where I met him. I found it remarkable because it was the first time in months that I had a dream like that, a happy dream where I felt the connection with him. I had a lot more of those around the time of the Revelation tour, it's nice to
  18. I don't like her voice, but his is just those deep notes... Song: Diamonds and Rust by Joan Baez.
  19. That's true, but I think also because questions are often not answered on the internet. Everyone writes there, from politicians, stars and influencers with millions of followers, over normal people, to people who hide behind several different profiles, pretending to be someone completely different in each of them. For a lot of different reasons, many of these people won't answer questions online - so you automatically start to make assumptions. Which I think isn't wrong per se, you just have to realize that there are different points of view, try to open your mind to see beyond your own horizo
  20. I read an article today about hope and curiosity, it reminded me of Mika's words that curiosity is more important than hope, and I think I understand the connection now. Curiosity is like experimenting, as scientists do, try something, look at the outcome, and if it doesn't work one way, try another way and see how the outcome changes. So what they say in the article is that we should treat hope like a scientific hypothesis, which means a) doing something to get closer to what you hope for, whatever it is that you try, but if it doesn't work, just try something else. Because the best theory is
  21. Dunno where that info is from, can someone confirm?
  22. New Mika story, he says he's waiting. I wonder what for? Where is he? Studio? Airport?
  23. Thanks, dear @Subtitling Team, that was incredibly fast! I wonder if he'll even be there in person in February? Apparently he already has started working on the concept, and of course that sounds wonderful that he'll use the star academy contestants to illustrate his own story. Can't wait to see that. How are the restrictions in Canada, is there a lockdown atm? Do people coming from abroad need to quarantine?
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