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  1. I remember at some point he launched a doodle competition - 2012 or so? I don't remember when or what I sent in, but it was fun.
  2. Thanks. It's mostly the same as from the written articles, about I love Beirut. In the end he talks about Star Academy, that in these times artists have to find ways to think out of the box and dare to take risks.
  3. I wouldn't rule that out. 🍦 Leo.org tells me that excitée can also mean something like hyped up, that might make sense in this context. I think shoes (like other clothing) can make you feel sexy, so if they had said that, it'd be something I could imagine to be true for his sisters wearing Louboutins as well as for the feeling Mika wants to get on stage. Anyway I suppose we can agree on that it means "good" in some way... only Mika knows about the details.
  4. I wonder whether the lives can take place as planned, with Corona infection rates on an all-time high. 🙄 Surely without an audience. But if they get a strict lockdown like in March / April again, they might have to postpone.
  5. I thought the same. But even if Mika said it like that to Louboutin, I'm sure Louboutin wouldn't talk like that about Mika's sisters. Such a fuss about shoes, I'll never understand that. But I suppose that's just because my feet are too big to develop any desire for certain shoes, I can be happy to find a pair that fits me, anything else is overrated.
  6. Ok he RTed some more, but trying to put his answers here at least: what did Emma write? The automatic translation doesn't make much sense. Do you enjoy reading our comments? Are you watching? (I suppose she means Xfactor?) that one's super sweet: lol! Don't expect him to be your guiding light, lol! If anyone was still in doubt whether he wants to talk about OM 2206: Someone else saying that he's a bad/mean judge. And he says "I'm good.
  7. Ah you're right, very observant! Thanks for finding this, I had forgotten it.
  8. No, you definitely don't have to install anything to use this forum. I suppose Tech Team were working on the site or something. @dcdeb do you know what it was?
  9. I agree with you that he was in Athens already on Friday, I'm just thinking it might not be the apartment but a different place. Maybe he got a house there? I just meant it doesn't look like his kitchen from his cooking shows. Maybe another room, but it's not that big from what he said. If he got a new place there, it'd make sense that things like paintings or his apron from the apartment would be there now.
  10. I had been wondering as well where he was on Friday, I thought maybe he'd visit his Dad for his birthday... but the cupboards in the back don't look like the kitchen cupboards from their Athens apartment imo.
  11. I hope so too, but they only mention Louane, Kylie and Rufus - if they cut the duets with Danna and Mashrou Leila, it'll lose some of the best parts. 🙄 I guess they won't show Laura Pausini's performance, and maybe also not the poems, but I hope they'll leave the other songs. On another note, they write he's in Athens, or at least was yesterday for the video conference. Max also posted a pic from Athens on IG last night, with Andy on it... I thought they'd be filming something for Max, maybe a music video, as his album is out tomorrow... but maybe it was something for Mika?
  12. So apparently for Taormina the one who bought the ticket has to enter the voucher code, for Verona it also worked with a different name - but it's a different promoter... and apparently they also charge lots of fees! The value on the voucher was 115€, although the original price was 122€ - I think that's still pretty normal, was about the same for Verona. But when entering the voucher for reimbursement, it cut off another 15€, so it's 22€ of fees altogether, for ONE ticket! That's just impertinent! I wish I could get tickets for Mika's next Italian gigs (whenever that will be) a different w
  13. Some fans wore such masks at the gig in Padova and Mika said later that it scared him. 😅 But he made the best out of it and put the masks on his band - so does this count as masked Mika?
  14. Lol thanks @holdingyourdrink! Ok then I think I haven't missed that much, just the last one you posted I can't remember, maybe that's when I tried to call Deb. From what he said it sounded like he had commented a lot more.
  15. I think Deb said on the live on Friday that they'd be shipped around this weekend - I suppose it can take a few days til they arrive. If not, then maybe Mikasoon?
  16. I've hidden the posts about the Arabic subtitled videos - not sure this YT account is an official source and I'd prefer to have Team Mika confirm it first.
  17. I still liked the first one best, tbh.. He actually seemed more relaxed to me there, or at least the general mood felt relaxed. Yesterday was more fun maybe, but not as informative and deep as the first one. I guess you could tell in the first one that he was taking philosophy lessons at that time. 😊 In the 2nd one he didn't seem very relaxed imo, but I guess that was because it was in the midst of XF promo filming. Anyway I love them all. He's just the best, joining his FC's lives every few months.
  18. I don't understand the details, but apparently there's news on reimbursement for Taormina:
  19. Corriere della Sera: https://www.corriere.it/sette/attualita/20_ottobre_09/mika-beirut-si-puo-danzare-anche-gli-occhi-colmi-lacrime-5b49a56e-086b-11eb-ab0e-c425b38361b4_amp.html It's an article written by Mika. Here's the Google translation: Mika: I ♥ Beirut. "You can dance even with your eyes full of tears" by MIKA August 4th, I will not forget. Tiny in front of the ruins of the temples of Bacchus and Jupiter, I dare to walk in the footsteps of Fairouz and Oum Kalsum. That evening, with the fez on my head, the Lebanese flag around my neck, I feel
  20. Haha maybe. I read the theory on Twitter today that "OM" meant "Over Mika" - and the first retweet he made today was around the time of 22:06 - dunno if it was exactly this time, I didn't pay attention and with a RT you can't see the time afterwards. But I remember looking at the clock at 22:10 and it was shortly after Mika had retweeted and thinking "was that 22:06 again?". I love it how he's messing with our minds, from believing that his dog sat on the keyboard and he tried to cover it up, to thinking that it was all planned and has several meanings and layers that he all intended,
  21. Thanks. I don't like the girl too much either, and the rapper is ok, but I prefer the other two. The guy with the guitar might be a little bit too boring and the other one is a bit too autotuned for my liking (a great performer though!), but these are the two of Mika's team that I'm really looking forward to see more of.
  22. Maybe it is because I don't understand his lyrics? If it's clever what he sings, I could imagine he could be a good comedian. But as for music, as I said, it hurts my ears to listen to that. Ok this time it was better than at the auditions, but still, for a *music* contest I completely disagree with that guy. In Germany we have another format called the "super talent", which is for all sorts of talents, I could well imagine him in that kind of format. But musically, this is absolutely not my cup of tea, sorry.
  23. I have an idea now which contestant the saw music was for. Most of the time I agree with Mika's taste in music, but this... really... no.
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