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Status Updates posted by mellody

  1. Staying high on a Tiny Love ❤️

  2. Trying to stay high.

    1. Anna Ko Kolkowska

      Anna Ko Kolkowska

      Stay HIGH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



    2. Paoletta


      stay high not low!!! forever Mikaaa

  3. I really need this long Mika weekend away from RL now... so much stuff on my mind, need to clear my head of it. :)

    1. crazyaboutmika


      Hugs Mellody <3 See you there <3


  4. Finally all booked for Paris, Strasbourg and London! :D

    1. mamiam


      Enjoy your "MIKA-tour":-) See you in London! :-)

    2. frenchfan84


      Omg you are very lucky to do all of those trip ! ;-) enjoy it for us too XD

    3. teenagedreamer98


      ooh have fun! maybe see you in London :)

  5. Finally booked all my flights/trains for Paris, Strasbourg and London.

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. mellody


      Just doing that cause it's on the way home from Paris and as close to Germany as it can possibly get. *lol*

    3. Roseline


      See you in Strasbourg !

    4. victimofthetimes


      see you in Paris :D


  6. I should start deciding which gigs I can or can't attend and start booking before it gets too expensive. xD

  7. Happy that Mika finally changed to touring at times when it isn't freezing cold outside. :D

  8. finally i know what this "wonderland" talk is about! faccia a faccia interview - worth watching! :)

  9. I need new gig dates now... xD

  10. London weekend coming up! :D

  11. stunning new show and stageset, love it!

    1. dcdeb
    2. mellody


      Aww deb, you'll see it too in just a few weeks! London will be so special! <3

  12. excited for my first gig of the new tour in Paris today! :D

  13. excited for my first gig of the new tour in Paris tomorrow! :D

  14. Less than a month til the tour starts! :D #hibbeling

  15. still fangurling over Mika's Tweet after the Barcelona M&G.

  16. Had a fab time in Barcelona, thanks to Mika, the MFCers, and the lovely city. :)

  17. very much looking forward to the gig in Barcelona! Mika and palm trees is a lovely combination! :D

  18. two days til Barcelona! :D

  19. It's far too hot to even *think*. Muchless move. xD

  20. Don't occupy my throne, give me the crown I own! #mikaquote

    1. Cassilda


      Do we know, if he watches Game of Thrones? :-D

  21. Listened to NPIH 4 times so far, and love it more and more with every time!

  22. Less than a week til Milan! :D #hibbeling

    1. dcdeb


      Excited for you! x

    2. CaRoLiNa
  23. Wow, new Mika gigs starting tomorrow!! New songs maybe? Can't wait!

  24. I love it that DM's are conversations now, so like on FB it's more a private chat than lots of single messages. :)

  25. I love the new colours! :)

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