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  1. 2 hours ago, Subtitling Team said:

    :uk: Did you miss Mika talking about classical music, figuring an ideal line-up with several artists from every decade, talking about his experience in Versailles filming the fireworks show, giving interesting recipe suggestions? You can now watch "Lou et moi" with English subtitles :yay:

    :italia: Vi siete persi l'ultima intervista in cui Mika parla di musica classica, immagina uno show ideale con artisti di ogni epoca, racconta l'esperienza della registrazione dello spettacolo pirotecnico a Versailles e consiglia ricette interessanti? Ora potete guardare "Lou et moi" con sottotitoli in italiano:yay:



    PS: we're uploading it on vimeo as well in case it's blocked or removed (yeah, it has already happened :doh:), it will be online only Saturday due to upload limits <_<




    Thank you, dear Subtitling team! :flowers2:

    I love how he talks about the fireworks, you can indeed tell he was excited like a child. :wub2: And it reminded me of how excited I was as a child to see the "Rhine in Flames" event, it was the most marvelous fireworks I've ever seen live (I think, at least from my memory :teehee: ) - driving on a boat on the Rhine, with fireworks all along. :mikalove: I can't say I ever was obsessed with fire, as he says he was, in fact I was rather scared of fire, I didn't even dare to light a match for a very long time. :lol: But I always loved fireworks, my Mum just would have to say there was fireworks somewhere, and she could be sure I would want to be there. :lmfao: Which is funny, because I also was scared of loud noises as a child, for example of the vacuum cleaner. And I *hated* those firework crackers that just made noise without any beautiful lights or colours. :teehee:


    I also love what he says in his recipe about ordering salmon sushi and just using the salmon of it to make a salmon tartar, because it's better than salmon from the supermarket. :lmao: That's just so super pragmatic and unpretentious, and that he is like that is one of the many reasons why I love him. :biggrin2: Also, the dish in general sounds delicious.  :) 


    And so true what he says about the universality of music. I'm not someone who streams music much, I prefer to buy the CD and the mp3, and I suppose most of those who love good music actually do that, or not? Classical music, jazz and world music  have always been more of a niche product in the pop world, but those who like to listen to that usually are more likely to pay for it, and pay more for it. I don't follow infos from the music industry much these days, but isn't it still like that, that in these areas money isn't made by streams but by sales?


    And obviously, when I talk about "good music", I also mean Mika's - but his music, like himself, is a mix of everything. Like, right now, from what I saw on Twitter, he gets lots of Spotify streams by the younger audience who just discovered him on TikTok. And there's also the older fans like me who still love to buy CD's - and probably there's everything in between. So well, altogether I don't get where he gets the idea from that your music only has value if you get a lot of streams on Spotify. Is that what his record label tells him, because they just label him as "pop" and then have their standard marketing strategies for that, which includes writing songs designed for streaming playlists? I hope not... but this topic does seem to touch him these days, he also mentioned it in the settestorie interview and even at the Christmas gig at one point he said "who even needs a musician" and looked very serious for a moment, before he laughed it off. :sad: It makes me sad that there seem to be people who try to make him feel like he has to get a lot of Spotify streams and his music isn't valued the way it is.


    The song he played by Jakub Orlinsky was a part I skipped so far when listening to that interview, because I don't like baroque music (although in fact baroque style churches are my fave kind of churches, with all the gold and ornaments). But what Mika said about it, that Jakub's voice makes you feel more like in a brothel than in a church made me listen this time, and I think I can hear what he means. I still don't like the song, but I love it that, as so often, Mika makes me feel more open for things I'd never have tried otherwise, by pointing out such details. I think it'd be interesting to have a sort of "art of song" with classical music from him. He could make a podcast, to teach us about classical music. Or an audiobook? I'd definitely buy that! :wub2:

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  2. 10 minutes ago, Anna-is-golden said:

    Hello everyone!
    I was looking for the photos Mika did some years ago with the rainbow glitters forming a star around his eye. Do you remember them? I tried searching “mika rainbow glitter face” and other similar words but all i found had nothing to do with it

    Thank you!😘





    Try googling for Mika Bestival, that's where these photos are from. ;)

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  3. When he says about Lola that "there is this line that says you can as well give in and sleep with whoever you want", I wonder what line in the song he refers to. Lola is one of the songs I had never really understood the meaning of - you could easily say it's just a blah blah lovesong, but even tho he sings "it's just another lovesong", that's not typical for Mika. :teehee: Well, without wanting to get too much into a song discussion here, we have an extra thread for that song, I just wonder what he refers to when he says that. From what I understand, in French after that he says something about break your heart (and accidentially says corps instead of coeur and they're lauging about that, right?) - so he starts that sentence in English but continues it in French, and I'm just like huh? :blink: What line of the song do you think he refers to, does it make more sense what he says in French?

  4. I suppose the replay will be here?

    https://www.6play.fr/lou-et-moi-p_18039 ... so far they haven't put it there tho.


    There was one question I missed almost completely, because my kids were distracting me - I think she asked him sth like what he'd do if he was a woman? Not sure I understood it right... I was listening with half an ear and I remember at one point he talked about Big Girl. What did they say there?

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  5. 6 minutes ago, carafon said:

    I love the deep notes to

    As for Lou Doillon ,she's the daughter of Jane Birkin ......kindda the same type of voice tho



    I think I heard the name Jane Birkin some time, but no idea who she is.

    I don't know if it's the voice itself that bothers me, or the way she sings (this song), it just somehow makes me feel uncomfortable. Her speaking voice is ok, sounds actually nice.

    And I can see why Mika says she's a good conversationalist - they were laughing a lot together, and she actually listened and reacted to the things he said. Quite the contrast to some other interviews. Like the one that the Subtitling team posted yesterday, that guy pretended to know a lot about Mika, but he obviously had no idea, some things he said just made me cringe. Like what he said about the song Sanremo.  :facepalm: 

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  6. 4 minutes ago, Anna Ko Kolkowska said:

    He said that the situation was strange because for the fireworks night there was a lot of police and security around the palace. 

    But at the moment the show starts he was ALONE!!!! ALL ALONE!!!. In a huge Versailles garden.


    It was cold and the production proposed him do put a coat and a scarf but Mika refused. For the moment like this he HAD TO BE IN A SUIT!!!!

    At the beginning he was cold. And he didn't know what to do. The moment was so special. What to do not to make too much?  So he stood up and started to make movements with his arms to the fireworks. And he felt so tiny!!!! It was like a child's dream. Dance with fireworks.


    Lou said that it was her first impression seeing him there: Mika is tall but he looked soooo tiny!!!!!!!!!!! And she thought about Fantasia. And Mika agreed with her. Mika loves Fantasia and from the very young age he was obsessed by fire. Several times he almost burnt their place in Paris. Hopefully he didn't burnt Chateau de Versailles :lol:


    Haha, thanks! :lol: Yes, he talked about Fantasia at another point of the interview, I think the question was something like his ideal concert, where he could decide who is on stage?


    I watched Fantasia on New Year's Eve, my son requested it, because we had watched it the previous year on NYE - actually that was the first time I had watched it from beginning to end. I could imagine it becoming some sort of NYE ritual for us to watch it, it somehow fits - indeed it's like a firework by itself. My fave part is the last story with the volcano, how everything grows and rises again from a situation that seems hopeless and devastating. Although actually this happens in most of the Fantasia stories, but this one is the most powerful to me. 

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  7. 2 hours ago, Serendipity said:

    Ok, so maybe due to this Mika competitions I'm quite Mika obsessed these days (while usually.. I'm obsessed anyway :doh:), so I started thinking of him even while sleeping.

    So last night I had a dream. I don't know, I think we were in a classroom, me, Mika and someone else, it was a very friendly situation, I mean, Mika was not MIKA the famous one but a normal person, but it was Mika anyway. I was desperately searching for his attention but he was absolutely ignoring me. At one point I realized he was DELIBERATLEY ignoring me and I was so sad. I remember watching him while he was sleeping on the school desks (?!?!) and he was so sweet and I was wondering why he hated me so much. Than I understood. He was jealous of me!!!!!!!! Because his nephew Beauregard was always following me and choosing me as playmate.....

    So if someone could explain me the meaning of this dream is very welcome


    Have you been listening to "Dear Jealousy" and watching the "Popular Song" videoclip? :teehee: Besides, I also don't have an explanation, sorry. :dunno_grin:


    I had another Mika dream a few days ago, a beautiful one, but all I remember of it now is that we said hello with a little kiss. It wasn't an unrealistic dream, I think it was some signing or something like this where I met him. I found it remarkable because it was the first time in months that I had a dream like that, a happy dream where I felt the connection with him. I had a lot more of those around the time of the Revelation tour, it's nice to have them back, I wouldn't mind more of those. And then another tour. :biggrin2:

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  8. 6 hours ago, holdingyourdrink said:

    But I also think that we also don’t know what the other truly has to deal with. We have stopped to ask questions, instead we make assumptions. 


    That's true, but I think also because questions are often not answered on the internet. Everyone writes there, from politicians, stars and influencers with millions of followers, over normal people, to people who hide behind several different profiles, pretending to be someone completely different in each of them. For a lot of different reasons, many of these people won't answer questions online - so you automatically start to make assumptions. Which I think isn't wrong per se, you just have to realize that there are different points of view, try to open your mind to see beyond your own horizon and not go for the easy way, the solution that seems most plausible to *you*. Accept that life is full of contradictions, and many things aren't just black or white, but in fact can have every shade of the rainbow. And I think that is the hardest thing - which, indeed, might have to do with our instincts and with the human nature to simplify things - in fact an ability of our brain that enables us to live life without thinking about every single step every single time. We couldn't do complex tasks like driving a car without that ability. But as you say, we have to stop and think, ask ourselves the questions that others won't answer, and try to look at them through other people's eyes.


    As for Lawrence of Arabia, Mika says his Dad has a Lawrence of Arabia complex, it's not about himself. ;)

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  9. I read an article today about hope and curiosity, it reminded me of Mika's words that curiosity is more important than hope, and I think I understand the connection now. Curiosity is like experimenting, as scientists do, try something, look at the outcome, and if it doesn't work one way, try another way and see how the outcome changes. So what they say in the article is that we should treat hope like a scientific hypothesis, which means a) doing something to get closer to what you hope for, whatever it is that you try, but if it doesn't work, just try something else. Because the best theory isn't of much use if it isn't tested in practice. And b), and I think this goes in the direction of what I said in my post about it, knowing that it can also go different than you planned, be open for a different outcome than the one you hope for. Without that, you might fall into the trap of that destructive version of optimism that I wrote about in my previous post.


    I love it that a random article in a German newspaper explains the meaning of Mika's words to me. :naughty: And I love it that in some ways he has this profound understanding of life, of how certain things work - he might not be able to explain it like they did in that article, but he's totally right with it.

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    1 hour ago, Subtitling Team said:

    :uk: Have you heard about last Mika's project? Here's some anticipation with English subtitles :wink2:

    :italia: Avete sentito degli ultimi progetti di Mika? Ecco alcune anticipazioni con sottotitoli in italiano :wink2:





    Thanks, dear @Subtitling Team, that was incredibly fast! :flowers2:


    I wonder if he'll even be there in person in February? Apparently he already has started working on the concept, and of course that sounds wonderful that he'll use the star academy contestants to illustrate his own story. :lol::wub2: Can't wait to see that. :biggrin2: How are the restrictions in Canada, is there a lockdown atm? Do people coming from abroad need to quarantine?

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  11. On 1/2/2021 at 1:34 PM, holdingyourdrink said:

    Grocery Shopping Mika always cuts the queue and puts allllll of his pennies on the counter


    I don't remember that, where's that from? :lol:

    Definitely agree with you about the negative attention, that certainly might be a reason for people crossing boundaries although they should know better.


    I'm just watching the interview again, because while it inspired me so much, brought up a lot of questions about Mika, but also about life in general, which I want to think about and express and discuss, after a few days those emotions start to fade. I felt very deflated today after reading some news and tweets about Covid, it made me feel like I can't say much about anything because the world's problems seem like such a huge weight on me. Anyway I wanted to get back to the things I wanted to say about this interview, so I decided to watch it again, and it helps. :wub2:


    What I liked a lot is his answer to her question about him being Trump's worst nightmare. When he says that while in the world there's a tendency to divide people, he's a mix of so many things. It's exactly this aspect of dividing people what scares me most in regard to the pandemic these days,. You just have to read a bit on Twitter to see what I mean, all these harsh words people throw at each other pull me down even more than the pure facts about Covid and the restrictions. And I think that's one reason why i dive into the Mika world in nearly every spare minute in these times - he's the complete opposite, the antidote to this - he unites cultures, languages, opinions,... - with the way he is, with his music and his concerts. And as he says himself, that's certainly not easy. At his concerts it works so well, everyone there gets the feeling that they're welcome, that they can be who they are and are good exactly as they are. No matter your age, gender, nationality, sexual orientation, skin colour, looks, etc. - it's just your heart that counts, and having an open mind. And even if you go there with a cold heart and a closed mind, you might still get carried away by that wave and leave the gig a lot lighter and happier.


    But if you look at fans' discussions on social media, there's also far too often young vs. old, straight vs. gay, French vs. Italian, etc.. It's not about denying or ignoring those conflicts, they are there - but about dealing with them by trying to understand each other, without bringing the others down, without throwing harsh words at each other and making the trenches even deeper. You can see that often Mika manages to solve it all just with one post, one photo - suddenly it's all forgotten and instead everyone goes "Awww!". :wub2: :lol3:  Shame that it never lasts long, and sometimes people even use his posts to start a new conflict. :sad: A little bit of Mika love is so important in these times, even if it just helps for a few hours or a few days, it's a little light in the darkness. :hug:


    And one more thing about the interview for now, I find it interesting what he says about his Dad, that he has all the talents of the world, except for making money. Doesn't he work in finance? And also they weren't exactly poor, before they lost everything due to bad circumstances. Well, I'm sure there's a lot of things that we (still) don't know, so there's no point for me in trying to make sense of that, I just think it's an interesting contradiction. About Lawrence of Arabia, has any of you seen that movie and knows what Mika might mean with that? 

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  12. 55 minutes ago, Sabine64 said:

    Next time you dream about a gig like this tell me before that so I´ll be there in front row without any stress....................:lmfao:


    You might've been there at the gig I dreamt of, I know that @Statue_of_Liberty was, and even she stayed in the back... well, you already can see that it was a very unrealistic dream from the "Mika gig in Munich" part. :naughty: 🙈

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  13. I had a nightmare about Mika last night - I dreamt he did a gig in Munich (homegig for me), in a small and cozy venue, and for some reason I couldn't go... bad enough, and then I saw videos of it, with the venue being almost empty, even the fans who were there not daring to go to the front but staying in the back. And that made me feel so incredibly bad for not having been there and supporting him, as if I had failed being a fan. :tears:


    It's rare that I have bad dreams about Mika (or at all, in fact), definitely prefer the happy ones. :rolleyes:

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