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  1. 1 hour ago, Presci1108 said:

    It will be stressful,  like always :naughty:


    I remember saying some time during the pandemic that I miss the ticket buying stress... So well, here we go again, I asked for it, lol! :roftl: Tho I gotta say, I also miss feeling safe about something, feeling I can rely on something without the expectation of having to change my plans again all the time. It's always good to have a plan B and be flexible, but the last year was just awful in regard to this. So I will be VERY glad if I finally have my tickets, it will mean a little piece of safety.

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  2. 14 minutes ago, Presci1108 said:

    I made like you said, Mellody (I didn't go as far the last time I tried).  I think I will see the 17 too, see what places are availables.

    I found out it seems we can choose a precise seat, like I had there






    You clearly see the red availables seats, and you can choose for this concert... But we don't know how it will work for Mika's or even if we can also choose when general sale haven't started, so I think we simply have to wait... 

    The good news is it seems the first rows aren't even the most wanted seats. It seems it's some balconies... well, we have to wait and see ! 



    Is that the same venue though? I think they have different rooms/halls for concerts, and this one looks different from the one where Mika will play. :dunno:


    Anyway, you're right that for classical concerts the first rows usually aren't the most wanted. The best sound would be in the middle of the parterre, I suppose that's where regular subscribers might want to get their seats.

    But I suppose we aren't the only Mika fans who will have a look at the subscription option. :rolleyes:

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  3. 3 hours ago, holdingyourdrink said:

    That being said, navigating the website beforehand is a good idea! Kind of feels like checking out the venue a day before the concert, so you know where the queue will be and where all the exits are 🤣


    Definitely, and that's essential. :teehee: 


    Dunno about the limited seats. It says on the website that there's a limited allocation for the reduced price, but that after that you can still buy tickets at the regular price. Whether that means as part of a subscription in the presale, or just in the general sale, no idea.


    I saw for the summer concerts tho that not all categories are available, it doesn't show 5 and 6. Dunno if that just means they're sold out already for those gigs, or if they're not available as part of a subscription, maybe because they're too cheap.


    I suppose we can just look at the subscription options on the 17th and see what seats they offer there, and then decide. :)

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  4. So I just went through the options for subscriptions for the summer concerts. There are 2 gigs by the same artists in June and if in the subscription list I pick one of those concerts, the other one disappears from the list. I suppose that's what Anna means, that you have to buy 2 other concerts in addition to Mika's. I don't know if it's possible to buy 2 subscriptions, but it seems it's just possible to get 1 Mika concert with 1 subscription. If it's the same for Mika as for this artist in June. Anyway you can choose a different category for the other concerts, so you can get cheaper tickets for those (I found them from ca. 17€ (reduced subscriber's price), but I didn't click through all of them).


    Just try it out on the website with the summer gigs (but stop before you have to enter your address or credit card details, lol! :naughty:), I found it very interesting to see how the site works.

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  5. 7 hours ago, holdingyourdrink said:

    On the MFC IG someone recognized the song: it’s St Vincent with Marry Me.


    Ah thanks! I hadn't read the IG comments yet. Never heard of this artist.


    7 hours ago, holdingyourdrink said:

    Wouter Hamel! You know him!? I love it when people know Dutch artists, but that’s the orange in me 😉

    They compare him to Jamie Cullum music style wise. @TinyLove_CJactually would love Mika collab with him. Look at the MFC being in sync 🎉


    Yes, in fact I know Wouter thanks to Mika. Years ago, Mika recommended his album on Twitter or somewhere (or was it just a newsletter by Mika's record label, which also was Wouter's, not sure anymore). At that time, Wouter did some stuff in Germany as well. I bought his album, Nobody's Tune, and went to see him live in Munich twice. But he hasn't been back here since, so although I follow him on socials, I've lost sight of his career over the years. Anyway I still love the album I have, been listening to it on the car stereo today. :)


    7 hours ago, Mikasister said:

    Sorry Mika, nothing is hidden from your fans. Quoting one of your lyrics "My troops are bigger than yours" in this case, "Our troops are bigger than yours" We found out everything.  :naughty: 


    It's fun for him to give us such riddles. :teehee: Remember the 2019 bday Insta live about Tiny Love? Where he said with a cheeky smile that if we followed his interviews, we'd know the answer to the question about the geese. :naughty:

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  6. Today I suddenly thought I recognized something by Wouter Hamel in the song Mika's listening to - but that's probably just because the little clipping sounds so familar today after listening to it on loop yesterday, and Wouter Hamel is the only Jazz singer whose songs are at least a little familiar to me. 😅 Btw I haven't been listening to him for quite some time, it's time I do that again! :biggrin2:


    Edit: And as we discussed our Mika dream collaborations on the MFC Insta live yesterday, while I did say that I prefer pure Mika without collabs, in fact this makes me remember that I'd love to hear a collab between Mika and Wouter. :fangurl:

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  7. 33 minutes ago, Anna Ko Kolkowska said:

    Listening to music.

    I don't know what it is but for me it sounds like The Carpenters 😁



    Or some sort of Jazz? He did say at some point that he was working with a jazz artist, didn't he?

    He looks tired, maybe he's working day & night again, as he did for I love Beirut ... but love it that he still takes the time to post and share with us what he's doing. :wub2:

    And his hair... :mikalove: just as I thought, superfluff! :biggrin2:

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  8. On 5/2/2021 at 11:07 PM, lormare73 said:


    I don't think he is alone. Paolo Klun posted the same steak cooking on the grill. 


    Ooh, I only just saw this... I had to look up the guy, but does this maybe mean more symphonic gigs, in Italy as well? :excite: Imagine another NYE symphonic concert in Florence... :wub2: I missed it the last time, would be soo happy if he did it again! :mikalove: (whether on NYE or whenever, I'm not picky, lol!)

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  9. Mika starts posting regularly again and just in time for that, my Instagram notifications stop working. :sneaky2: Seriously, I didn't get a single notification about ANYTHING he posted in the last few days, I always saw it on Twitter or here first, or noticed by chance when looking on Instagram. :aah:

    Anyway I love that he's posting so much again. Mini cooking with Mika, haha!

    I'm really curious to see his hair, it looks pretty long under the hat, I bet it's super fluffy. :wub2: (some might say messy, but... well, look at my avatar, I love the superfluff. :mf_rosetinted: :naughty:)

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  10. 1 hour ago, Myriam Mamèche said:

    Deb wanted to know the number of person who will go to Paris on october... so I will be there and I am interested for the MFC block!!


    don’t know if I am on the right section, I am so lost in this forum, sorry :)


    46 minutes ago, Stumbleonmylife said:

    Hi! in case you manage to arrange a general fan-ticket presale for the shows in Paris, my friends and I are interested to take part in it.
    We're all in for both nights! 
    Camilla colli
    Chiara Piattelli 
    Giulia cecchi 
    Lavinia bonomi 
    Sabrina Salamino
    Sophia Laino 

    Lucia Tonacci

    Margherita Sidoti
    Alice Vizzoni


    Hope to see you all there 🥰🥰🤞🏻


    42 minutes ago, Irene De Nigris said:

    Hi! in case you manage to arrange a general fan-ticket presale for the shows in Paris, my friends and I are interested to take part in it.

    We are all in the 23th night!

    Irene De Nigris

    Silvana Brischi

    Giovanna Cantarella

    Serena Miglio

    Andrea Barosio


    Can't wait to see you all there! :blush:


    Hi, please write a DM to @dcdeb about it. You don't need to put down any names yet, so far it's only about knowing ca. how many people would be interested, to ASK the venue about it. There's absolutely NO guarantee for anything so far, we'll have to ask them and see what they say.

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  11. 8 hours ago, holdingyourdrink said:

    That sounds so colourful and festive! I just looked in my wardrobe yesterday and had to dust some off to see what colour they are. And dare I say I consider wearing heels? It’s seated and we don’t have to queue at 5am to get a good spot! ......right? 😆


    That reminds me of what Mika said about our outfits after the Montreal symphony gigs. :biggrin2:



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  12. So, now I'd love to know about:

    - age restictions, can I plan to bring my kids (or at least my son)?

    - ticket allocations, will all seats be available in the subscription presale or will they keep some good places for the general sale?

    - Covid restrictions, do they leave space between the seats or are they sure that won't be an issue anymore in October? I wonder if they did that so far during Covid? (were / are they even open? Not sure how it is with such classical venues in France, in Germany it's all closed but it was open for a bit last summer, with restrictions on the number of people)

  13. 40 minutes ago, giraffeandy said:

    I was just wondering if Simon Leclerc will create some new arrangements to add some songs from MNIMH (or maybe even some new ones but I wouldn't count on that...). 


    I would hope so, about MNIMH! And indeed, maybe even new songs, he did 3 new songs for the Montreal Symphony gigs, several months before the album release, so maybe at those Paris gigs he'll introduce something from the next album? That'd be awesome! :wub2:

    But even just symphony arrangements for some of the songs from MNIMH! :mikalove: He did sing Tiny Love with an orchestra at the Andrea Bocelli gig 2019, so I count on at least that one. I went to hell would be fab, but I doubt he'll sing it. Anyway I'm sure the setlist will be different from the previous symphony gigs, we know that he doesn't like to repeat himself. ;) And he loves to surprise us. I remember how much in awe I was at hearing those new songs in Montreal, and of course all the symphony arrangements to his well-known songs. :wub2:

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  14. 54 minutes ago, krysady said:

     I am still very sorry that we never got videos of his speech at Bocconi University, I find it very interesting when he is answering to the students' questions.


    Was that the one from 2013 or so where he talked about Marketing? Indeed, I also would have loved to hear that.


    About Daria, in general I agree, but I thought she kept pressing him a bit too much about the abusive teacher, he obviously wasn't ready to talk about it at the time. Also at another point when she said something he looked at her like "just STOP it!!". In the Le Divan interview the personal questions didn't bother me, because the interview is set that way, it IS supposed to be about deeply personal topics and I'm sure Mika knew what he was signing up for by doing that. Anyway it's interesting to see how over the years he becomes more and more open and relaxed to talk about personal things, and this 2014 interview with Daria might even have opened the door to some of the later stuff.

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  15. 6 hours ago, krysady said:

    He said he saw them in person so I do believe him that he was there, but he could have been already in Italy at the time he posted ... or elsewhere in the world :aah: ( although most likely he is in Italy for XF )

    Well, that is one of the best Mika interviews ever and the host it's his good friend, probably that's why such a personal approach. And there's also some special interviews that is worth to watch like these ones: 




    Thanks. I had seen some bits of these without subtitles before, but watching it all with subtitles is a lot more interesting. Especially the Italian one. His meeting with Dario Fo is so sweet. :wub2: And what he says afterwards, that it was so surreal but surreal is bad because he can't really believe it and the next morning he'll think "oh no, why didn't I say that, why didn't I touch him more?" :lol: Welcome to our world, Mika. :mf_rosetinted: :mikalove: :omg_fans:

    And I totally agree with what he says about love, that it's constant change. And also the bit where he says he writes the best lovesongs when he's not in love, he said that a few times in interviews, but here he explains it in a way that I finally understand what he means by that.


    And although this is getting slightly OT (but in a way you can count it to "keeping us busy while Mika doesn't post :teehee:), if we talk about special interviews, the ones from Giffoni film festival (especially the 2016 ones) shouldn't be missing.

    part 1


    part 2


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  16. 1 hour ago, Hero said:

    I just had a wicked thought. If he doesn't appear in the pics, how do we know he's actually there? He could have asked someone to send him pics of the posters in Paris, then posted them so it seems that's where he is... handy if he wants to throw people off his trail for a while. :eek: 


    Mika, if you're reading this (and I really hope not :naughty:) - you need to be in the pics if you want to convince us! 


    Don't worry, he has no problem with just not posting if he wants to throw people off his trail, he wouldn't need to lie. :teehee: Tho it might be possible that he took the photos several days ago and is already somewhere else now. He didn't say he actually IS in Paris, just that he saw the posters in person again. :naughty:

    Anyway, I believe him that he's there. :dunno_grin:Or at least was yesterday. (tho ofc I'd also love to see a pic of him :blush:)

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  17. 2 hours ago, holdingyourdrink said:

    The man doesn’t even know how to use a belt, how can we expect him to know how to use this forum 🤣


    2 hours ago, holdingyourdrink said:

    And we all know how good he is with technology, “open IPod”


    He knew how to use myspace, he's able to use Instagram and Twitter, I think a forum shouldn't be a problem - especially since this format probably belongs more to the ipod times... :teehee: Which isn't a bad thing, tho it might seem old-fashioned to the younger generation, but the older formats often require a more differenciated (you could also say more complicated :teehee:) approach, which you just had to learn if you were using a computer 15, 20, 25 years ago. Using computers has been developed more and more towards usability over the years, I remember my first PC with MS DOS, a regular smartphone user would go crazy today if they had to use that. 😅 (in fact, I would as well now, the swiping is just much easier :teehee:)

    And Mika wouldn't even have to know how to post, reading is enough. :bleh:

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  18. 17 hours ago, holdingyourdrink said:



    Edit: no judgement, I know all the veins in his face 🙈🙃


    14 hours ago, holdingyourdrink said:

    I just read this back and...

    I. Cannot. Believe. I. Said. That. Out. Loud.


    Purely artistic reasons, of course. :mf_rosetinted: :teehee:

    But y'know, it's a big improvement to 2007 when we knew all the colours of his underwear, because his trousers kept dropping at gigs. :naughty:


    13 hours ago, krysady said:

    Yeah, and we'll get the same answer as he gave for OM2206 :aah:


    I'd take that as a yes. :teehee: But I suppose the next time he might prefer to lie if he doesn't want to tell the truth, before people keep on bugging him about it for months. :rolleyes: 😅

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  19. 15 hours ago, Hero said:

    OK I'm a bit slow here, but I've just realised the Gaga song has a line that specifically references "Lebanese". Is that a shout out to Mika?


    57 minutes ago, krysady said:

    No, those are the original lyrics of the song :wink2:


    In fact, I think some fans were wondering about it at the time "Born this way" was released, because Mika and Lady Gaga were friends (or still are, dunno). So maybe both of you are right. :lol:

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