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  1. 20 hours ago, TinyLove_CJ said:

    I don't know what I've done but I'm getting notifications for threads and members I'm not even following. It's really annoying. My notification settings seem normal, I think, but if there's a way for a mod to see what's going on with my account that would be great. 


    Where do you get those notifications? I see that you have a lot of notifications turned on in the "mobile App" - have you downloaded this, are you using it? Could be a bug in an update with that, it's still some beta version, I think. Otherwise I don't know why you'd get notifications about threads you don't follow. If you get those in the browser version of the forum too, we would have to contact Tech support about that.

  2. On 2/28/2021 at 4:07 PM, carafon said:


    The one he called uggly in the interview for "Le monde" ......:blink:


    I think he had just moved in then, and he might have done some refurbishing since then, to make it look better. Probably at least some cleaning (with bleach 🙈), when I look at his hands... they look the same as back in summer last year, when he had the video interview with Ale Cattelan (I think it was that one?) and said he had been cleaning a lot with bleach.

    The next gift I'll give him will be a pack of rubber gloves. :teehee: Well, seriously, it makes me sad to see his beautiful piano hands like this. :tears: Mine look similar when I'm stressed over a long time, but that has nothing to do with cleaning. :rolleyes:


    On 2/28/2021 at 6:33 PM, Anna Ko Kolkowska said:



    Today a French fan posted in my FB group some sort of booklet created for the project.

    Here is the one about Mika's art.




    It sais:


    "For The Rite of Spring" 

    It's about the dance celebrating spring but as well a declaration of our need and our "right" we have to watch the spring coming.

    6 men are dancing in a circle - they are all inspired by dancing Mika photos. 

    They look very similar, but they are not exactly the same. Are they dancing? Or are they longing for something?

    They look like they care about each other but they don't touch each other.

    This tender dance of 6 men in the urban context is destabilizing in it's sweetness.

    Urban landscape is hard to distinguish - is it Paris or Brooklyn?

    What is happening when the city is deserted? The city and its inhabitants, their love, their pain, happiness and fears.

    We know that we should stay at home, hidden and safe. But we have to stay strong as well.

    To defy gravity keeping the good mood and keeping our hearts warm.


    The PDF booklet is from the JCDecaux website, one of the links Mika retweeted on Friday: https://www.jcdecaux.fr/communiques-de-presse/mika-redonne-des-couleurs-paris 

    Thanks for the translation! :flowers2:

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  3. On 2/23/2021 at 9:26 PM, Susan Smith said:

    At the very minimum it’s rude to Max for not asking questions that directly relate to him


    About that, it wasn't the first time he got asked questions about Mika and Andy (and answered them), but so far it was about working with them and stuff like that, and nothing personal, especially nothing about them as a couple - and they definitely crossed a line there, totally agree. I don't know how many people usually send such questions, there are some creepy fans out there... but the fact that Max didn't just ignore it - well, I've seen several comments on Twitter that suggest it might have to do with his "manager", whom you see in his stories and who is actually a Mika fan. :rolleyes: And I tend to agree with that...

    Anyway I suppose all of us on here will agree that whoever asked that question, as well as Max and his "team" who decided to use it in his stories were acting very disrespectfully.


    It makes me think of the last MFC Insta live that Mika joined, where he said Max should be kept at a good elbow distance, that he's no one who thinks he's someone, and things like that - I was wondering about these things at the time, I used to think Max was quite a nice guy - but Mika knows him better, obviously, and maybe the things he said wasn't just joking, as I thought it might be.

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  4. 9 minutes ago, holdingyourdrink said:

    The realization a lot of things are trivial, was a big eye opener.


    Maybe that's what he means by banality. I have the feeling that I'm getting a knot in my brain trying to explain what I want to say with this, because all of this is full of contrasts and contradictions. But what you wrote there rings a bell with me in connection to his words about banality.


    And yes, as I said, I also felt liberated at the beginning. As long as hubby can take time off work and we can share taking care of the kids, lockdown certainly has advantages. :teehee:


    Anyway I can't say that I got bored. What I felt was the need for self-determined change. Everything around me changed, my whole life was changed by circumstances that I have no control over. So as soon as it was possible again, I felt I needed to change some things, to give me back the feeling that I have at least a little control over my life. That's what motivated me to do more sports, learn more Italian, take online courses, stuff like that.

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  5. 23 hours ago, holdingyourdrink said:

    always see the beauty in things, isn’t that is life motto?


    I think in the passage des arts interview he said that his motto is to stay curious. :teehee: But I know what you mean. And it's certainly connected with curiosity.


    23 hours ago, holdingyourdrink said:

    thought that him living the irregular life he has with all of these different projects going on simultaneously, it was just another project change for him.
    Now how I understand him talking about this: his coping mechanism was to immerse himself completely in work


    I see now where I got the "destabilized" from, it IS this interview - in French he uses the word "déstabilisé", Google translates it to "unsettling". You'd think his life is very irregular, but here he talks about a clear path. I do suppose, compared to the tour that was planned, it was very similar to the feeling as it was for us. We knew what we would be doing for the next few months, and then suddenly everything became obsolete with the lockdown. For us, that's things like going to work, bringing the kids to kindergarten/school, stuff like that. And for him it's touring, it was all planned for months. And then, nothing. I think that's why it wasn't just another project change for him, but very similar to our experience.


    And I understand very well why he says it was also liberating to him, I think many people felt that way. You're caught in the daily routine, whether that's work/kids or touring/promo - you think it has to be this way, it gives stability, but at the same time you're sort of caught in this treadmill. So when it suddenly stopped... you just wonder how it is even possible to stop everything, you think "But I can't, I have to do this!", and then the lockdown comes and you realize you don't have to. It's destabilizing, but it's also liberating. Well ok, at least it was for a bit, until it became the new normal. :aah:


    I don't know if his coping mechanism was to immerse himself completely in work. He talked many times about the decompression of his brain, that the pressure was off him for, like, the first time in his life. In the first MFC live he joined he said he's trying to figure out how to just "be". I think he did things that he felt like doing, without the pressure of touring or writing or promo that usually is on him. Like, he wanted a sixpack for years, and as we saw in Xfactor, he finally made his dream come true last summer. :biggrin2: And I do think that it was more this studying, thinking about philosophical questions, solving problems while cleaning the flat, that helped him to cope.


    23 hours ago, holdingyourdrink said:

    Oh my, do you have hoarder tendencies 🤣


    No, in fact I'm just slow, as with pretty much everything. :teehee: I do like to declutter, but I take my time for it - it's nothing I can do while my kids jump around me. :aah: And what I mean by being bad at throwing away stuff is really throwing it in the bin, I'm just too attached to things to find that easy. I do love to sell stuff on the fleamarket - some items also on ebay, but that's not as direct, not the same experience, so I tend to procrastinate that. I've always loved fleamarkets. Just that during lockdown I neither have the peace to declutter nor the fleamarkets where I can get rid of the stuff that I want to get rid of. Well, I did some decluttering and also threw away some stuff after the first lockdown, but then in August we had put solar collectors on our roof and all the technical stuff we need for it in the basement takes up room now where things were stored, so all the space gained by decluttering in spring is gone again, lol! :naughty: 

    It's definitely true what you say about making room for new things, also about Feng Shui (I have a book about that too), all that stuff does indeed block me and I should make it a priority to deal with it.


    Anyway, it also has advantages to be a collector as I am - all the Mika videos I've collected over the years might've seemed a bit unnecessary to me a year ago, as after posting them I never watched them again. But they helped and still help me a lot to get through these concertless times. :blush:

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  6. 7 hours ago, Elena Mastro said:

    At the moment I couldn't find enough information such as if it is a recorded show or a live one. 


    The French one he was on was recorded, iirc. But not very long in advance, less than a month, I think. Ofc it could be different in Italy.


    35 minutes ago, holdingyourdrink said:

    It sounds a bit like “Le Divan” but then more career focused. 


    I think it's more like that Canadian show he was on last January, where his family, friends and artists he likes surprised him with all sorts of stuff. He was very moved by it.

    Tbh in a way I'm surprised he's taking part in such a show these days - but then again, I'm not surprised at all. It might be an emotional challenge, but certainly a beautiful one.


    Btw I just noticed this is still the Italian press 2020 thread. :doh: Sorry, I didn't realize when posting. I'll fix it later from the PC and split these posts into a new thread (maybe even an extra one for this show).

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  7. It seems Mika will be on the Italian version of "The secret song", the one he has already been in in France last year - I don't know if this website is reliable, but they quote La Repubblica as a source, and that is a serious newspaper (I can't find it on their site tho): https://www.tutto.tv/2021/02/18/la-canzone-segreta-programma-ospiti/  ... they write:


    Tra questi, spunta intanto anche il nome di Mika. Così come rivelato dalle pagine di “Repubblica”, il cantante di trentotto anni, di recente in uscita con il nuovo live album, sarà protagonista di una delle puntate realizzate qui in Italia con la co – produzione di Blu Yazmine.


    Among these, the name of Mika also appears. As revealed by the pages of "Repubblica", the thirty-eight year old singer, recently released with his new live album, will be the protagonist of one of the episodes made here in Italy with the co - production of Blu Yazmine.


    Ha, maybe we shouldn't trust them, they got his age wrong! :aah: :teehee:

    Can anyone find a reliable source for it?

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  8. So, I wanted to write a bit more about this interview, he talks about so many interesting things there... but for the most part, I'd probably just quote what he says and comment it with a :wub2: . - :naughty: Like what he says about the pureness of the Versailles gig, the details he tells about the day when he left the School of Economy, about how he became friends with Ida, about how the past year has been for him, about curiosity, writing songs... The only point I can't follow so much is what the says about banality, I don't really understand why that is so extraordinary to him. But obviously he is in a different position than I am. My life is banality, especially these days, so I'm rather looking for a bit of adventure - while his life is adventure, so I can imagine he's looking for the opposite. I think everyone needs both in their lives, tho in different percentages, depending on your personality. 

    But maybe I understand it wrong - I would understand it as a sort of "everyday life", because he talks about studying, vacuuming and cleaning - and well, these are routines that give you a certain stability. But if they are your life, you just want to get away from it all occasionally - one reason why I love traveling to gigs, lol! :lol: But he also talks about the destabilization (I think he used that word in the other interview, here he says unsettling) in these times, (which I also can relate to, as my usual routines don't work anymore with my kids at home in lockdown) - so I wonder if the thing about banality maybe refers more to cherishing the little things in life? Like taking a walk in the nature with open eyes. Or go shopping with all your senses once the stores open up again, or just not having to worry anymore about keeping a distance of 1.5m to other people. I can very much relate to that!


    Also I wanted to comment about him deciding to destroy the Revelation tour stage set and move on. That might seem shocking, but tbh it didn't come as a surprise to me. I couldn't have imagined him after more than a year to just continue the tour where it ended, to do the same thing again - as he says, life has changed and so have we. What I found surprising about it is that a year ago in Strasbourg he already said the stage set would get destroyed after this gig, so my first thought was whether he might have changed his mind about that, and now changed it again? But I suppose the stage set he's talking about now might be the backdrop he's used for the Australia/NZ tour and probably would've used for the US one. Also after the Imaginarium tour he told us that the stage set was destroyed. I think that's what he meant in the settestorie interview by starting anew and burning things. That's just how he is, he doesn't cling to things, but keeps moving forward. I could learn some things from him, looking at the basement room I'm sitting in right now, which contains so much stuff that it rather resembles a storage room! :lmfao: I'm just so bad at throwing away stuff. :facepalm: Tho sometimes I really feel like throwing it all in the bin, to make me feel more free if I don't have to look at all those piles of stuff every day.


    Anyway I'm sure by moving on he doesn't mean he wants to do something completely different. He said many times that on stage he feels at home, so it's nothing I worry about. But what his next album/project/tour will look like exactly, he probably doesn't know yet himself. Wherever curiosity will take him. :wub2:



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  9. 22 hours ago, Prisca said:

    I kind of feel like they had Mika appear for a few seconds so they could claim he was in the episode. :dunno:


    Maybe...  or maybe he wanted to do it, to show his presence, but also communicate that he can't do more than this right now. I do wonder meanwhile whether it was originally planned that he'd be there in person for all the shows, and not just for 3. Somehow I think that if things had been different, he would have been in this episode in person or at least live via video connection. I hadn't expected that he would sing, I was completely surprised when he suddenly appeared on the screen. It's beautiful, and I think that might be why he wanted to do it. At least I hope it was that way, and not them telling him he has to fulfil his contract by appearing in the show in some way.

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  10. 1 minute ago, cathouzouf said:

    We just saw about ten seconds of him singing L’hymne à l’amour... not sure we’ll have more later


    Yes, I saw it. Thanks. That obviously wasn't a live connection either. But anyway, good to see him. :wub2: Here's a screenshot:

    Bildschirmfoto 2021-02-15 um 01.18.34.png


    Anyway I'm off to bed now. I suppose that might have been all for tonight, and even if not, it doesn't look like he'll be on live.

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  11. 2 hours ago, Amy hudsone said:

    Did anyone figure out a way to watch it?


    Live only with a Canadian VPN/Proxy, on this link: https://www.qub.ca/tvaplus/tva/en-direct - but Eriko has managed to download the replays of the last episodes, so let's hope we can watch those without a VPN.


    I hadn't planned to stay up so long tonight to watch it live, for maybe just a minute of a prerecorded video, who knows if it's really a live video connection and how long he'll be on... but I miss him, I just want to see him, so maybe I'll just stay up and hope he'll at least be on during the first hour (btw, how long is the show?). :puppy_eyes:

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  12. 23 hours ago, Kumazzz said:

    In addition to Mika who is the artistic director and who should spend three weeks at the Academy,


    Interesting. How many episodes will there be from today, do we know that? I suppose it might be the last 3 weeks that he's there.:dunno_grin: Because usually for the final in such shows there's a lot more show elements, a lot more work for an artistic director. At least that's my interpretation, based on these infos.

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  13. 5 hours ago, Anna Ko Kolkowska said:


    The videos have been deleted.


    I think the videos might've been for testing the account, and they forgot to delete them. :dunno_grin: In fact I was only able to see them on the desktop, not on my mobile, maybe it was the same for the account owner/s?


    Well, sometimes I do wonder if Andy wants to entertain Mika's fans with some of these Instagram activities, so Mika has his peace for writing songs. :teehee: Tho I suppose it's for Andy's work, seems to be some project with the artist he keeps tagging. 

    Anyway I must admit I'm less worried about Mika's absence when at least Andy is posting, and they're both in Athens. :blush: Even if his posts don't make sense to me and he keeps deleting them. :naughty:

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  14. 38 minutes ago, Anna Ko Kolkowska said:


    I am trying to find a live streaming website.


    This one below doesn't work in Poland. 

    I pressed the button "Open Official Site" but after some adds there is no connenction.




    I will try to find another website.

    But for sure I will not watch it live.


    For this one I have to check if the program we are watching is correct.




    Thanks! The "open official site" from your first link works for me with a Canadian proxy. https://www.qub.ca/tvaplus/tva/en-direct 

    Anyway he'd have to be on soon after the show starts, I'm not planning to stay up all night for a few seconds of him saying Hi. :mf_rosetinted:

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  15. 7 hours ago, Mikasister said:





    At least they claim that it'll be live... but it'll be very late for him, especially when he's still in Athens. Start 19h, that'd be 2am in Greece. :dunno: 

    Well they also claimed that the one Xfactor interview would be live, and then it was just a recording. :dunno_grin:


    Can the show be watched live online? Or just in the replay?

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  16. 9 hours ago, Amy hudsone said:

    I am wondering if he will travel to Quebec in these circumstances and how his role as artistic director will be affected by what happened 


    As I said on our Zoom meeting yesterday, I was already thinking when he did this video interview with Canadian TV, it sounded like he already might have finished his work, and they just will use the concept he mapped out. I had been wondering all along whether maybe he can just do the work remotely from Europe, the insecurities of travelling during a pandemic have been there all the time.

    Work can help to distract oneself, it might be better than sitting around at home alone with your thoughts. So in any case I don't think he cancelled anything. What his work on the show looks like exactly, we'll see. :dunno_grin: Maybe he has finished his part, maybe he will work via video, or maybe he'll travel to Canada at some point, who knows.

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  17. 46 minutes ago, Evergreen said:

    @mellody @holdingyourdrink I've been enjoying reading your comments from last year about his Florence interview

    I haven't had time to watch it because I was busy with exam preparation back then. Reading your comments was fun❤️❤️❤️

    And the topics you've been discussing which apparently he spoke about too is something that is very relatable to me too and I've been wanting to hear more of his thoughts on this and how he's dealt/dealing with it

    @Subtitling Team

    I think I've missed the English subtitled video of his interview in Florence

    It says that the YT video has been taken down due to copyright issues


    Do you think there way to get the video back , is it on vimeo or can anyone send it? 



    It has been reuploaded. :wink2:

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