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  1. 5 minutes ago, holdingyourdrink said:

    Can I ask a very difficult question?


    Where is Mika now!?!


    Maybe we'll see in his next story? Stay tuned........ :teehee:


    Yesterday he was in Paris, apparently. It was said the Voice recordings would be Saturday and Monday, so he might go back to Italy today, or maybe tomorrow.


    I guess we'll slowly have to get used again to not knowing where he is. :sad: What we had this year with the tour and then the pandemic, of knowing where about he is nearly all the time (except for the times when he fooled us :mf_rosetinted: and a few weeks in summer) is a big exception, usually he keeps hopping around the world and we have no clue, unless he tells/shows us.


    I must admit I find it hard to get used to it again, somehow I feel that knowing where he is (at least which country :naughty:) intensifies this "communion of spirit", this feeling of connection between him and us, - well, probably not for him, but it does from my point of view. :dunno_grin:

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  2. 16 minutes ago, Anna Ko Kolkowska said:


    Ah, so he's back in Milan, obviously they're filming tonight. But what? Seems to be more than just a Daily, with that outfit.

    Edit: Ah, just saw it's an award show where Emma is nominated, thanks Anna.


    What are they saying in that video? I understand something about Paris, but not much more.


    So I wonder if there's no more filming in Paris tomorrow or if he'll go back there tomorrow. Is there a rule in Italy that you have to quarantine if you're in another country longer than 24 hours? 🤔

  3. 14 hours ago, Amy hudsone said:

    Glad that we are all excited to see him back on the Voice,.After the tour was canceled this is a great opportunity to keep in touch with the fans, even though we'll have to wait until September 2021 :crybaby:to watch the anniversary season,.

    Also, grateful for XFactor, it is keeping us busy


    From the articles posted here, I understood that the anniversary season will be aired early next year, and will be shorter, and from next September there'll be the normal season? Did I understand that wrong? 

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  4. 1 minute ago, Natacha. said:

    Also, no one ever asks for it LOL but there's always a google drive link for the italian fans https://drive.google.com/file/d/1SSx8-SDpWZjVwEoPnsFmNqs8luAe8-Va/view?usp=sharing

    (since youtube blocks the videos in italy)


    Fab, thanks! Maybe you can post those here when the YT videos get deleted again? I wanted to save your clip on Twitter of Mika saying a few words in German at yesterday's live, but I was too late again. :aah: Have you tried if it works if you create a private account (on Twitter), so only those who follow that account can view the videos? I think it might even be possible on your normal account to make a certain Tweet only available to your followers (but ofc there you don't have control over who follows you).

  5. 57 minutes ago, holdingyourdrink said:

    Aww, that is so sweet. Maybe he didn’t feel good about the typo, but now everyone is going to talk about it more since he deleted it 🙈 


    Dunno... people are still talking about OM 2206 although he didn't delete it, so not sure what's better. :dunno_grin: For this story the sweetness definitely outweighs the typo, and his fans won't mind the latter, because we know he's not dumb, just dyslexic. Not all of his 1.4 Mio. followers are actually fans tho, so by him deleting the story, but not too early for fans to save it, we can fangurl about him being sweet and most random people who might criticize him for a typo just won't see it. :thumb_yello:

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  6. Mika posted another story last night and deleted it later:


    That's so sweet, I wish he hadn't deleted it. :wub2: :emot-sad: Probably because of the typo? Happy that some fans saved it before he deleted.

    Btw in the time between the previous XF live and this one I got 4 notifications about Mika IG stories in the morning that were gone when I clicked on them. I asked a few other fans and they didn't get any, so I thought it must be a bug in Instagram, because a lot of things are messed up there since the last update. :rolleyes: But after this deleted story in the middle of the night, that luckily this time got saved, I'm not so sure anymore. :aah:

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  7. Mika IG story - getting his hair cut, singing "I feel pretty" from the West Side Story and wishing everyone a Happy Thanksgiving:


    On Twitter, fans are discussing whether that's a pic of himself on his phone, and I'm wondering too... Thought so at first, but looking a bit closer, I somehow don't think it's him. :dunno: Any thoughts?

    Anyway seems he's given up trying to get used to the Samsung phone. :teehee:


    Edit: I think the pic on his phone is Elvis:



    He writes Dressed. Ready. Let's go. :lmfao: tagging Maison Valentino, seems they're making invisible shirts now. :naughty: The emperor's new clothes? :lmao:

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  8. Emma posted an IG story with Mika, can't download now, so only a screenshot of the video:



    Edit: And 2 more stories, if I understand it right, of Mika doing some voodoo for revenge in Emma's dressing room? :lmfao:



    Btw, maybe that was the "cigar" she was holding in that other pic, one of her voodoo sticks? :teehee: Guess it's not much better tho to inhale that. :doh: Our discussion about smoking backstage... sometimes I really wonder if he's reading MFC. :aah:


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  9. Naip was just on the XF IG live again, and mentioned Mika again in 2 answers, in the 2nd half of the live. I didn't understand the first question or what he said there, just heard him say Mika's name a few times. But the 2nd one I think was what advice Mika has given him for the next live. What did he say?

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  10. 1 hour ago, holdingyourdrink said:

    The loo!!!! 

    same thought. :teehee:


    Just wondering, as Naip is advertising on his IG that people should listen to his song online, will the elimination on the next live be based on music plays again? It's getting on my nerves that the rules are different for each show. :aah:

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  11. 3 minutes ago, krysady said:

    I'm not sure that it is Mika's dressing room, but yes, that looks like a cigar. It's sad because I've seen many of her fans on IG begging her to quit, she had to fight with cancer for more than 10 years, underwent 3 surgeries and only 4 months ago she said she's recovered... but yeah, I also hope they are not allowed to smoke in there :no:


    Ah, I didn't know that. Well yes, it doesn't look like she has a very healthy lifestyle, I can understand her fans being worried. I'd certainly be, if it was Mika.

    I thought it was Mika's dressing room because of the carpet, I think that's the one he has, no? And because he's the only one not wearing a mask - from what I saw so far, it seems only in your own dressing room you're allowed to take off the mask. Tho they probably just put them on for the pic anyway, as they were having drinks. :rolleyes: Drinks from plastic cups, I hope it wasn't the Dom Perignon. :aah:

    I think Fedez had his e-cigarette in his room, ready to be used, so I doubt they need to go outside for smoking. Or well, from my experiences of working at concerts in backstage areas, it might be they're supposed to go outside but no one cares if they don't. They're the stars of the show, what are you gonna do if they don't keep to the rules, call the police to get them? Surely not. Anyway, Mika looks happy in the pic, so I hope that means there was no problem for him.

  12. On 11/20/2020 at 11:33 AM, Anna Ko Kolkowska said:





    I just noticed when zooming in - what's Emma holding, is that a cigar? :blink: It's blurry, but the way she's holding it between her fingers, it looks like it. :dunno: I think she does smoke, so maybe also cigars - but as that's Mika's dressing room (I think), I hope she wasn't smoking there. :sneaky2:

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