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  1. I think he liked her, because she dared to be different and unique, while being authentic. Not sure if I believe him that he liked it musically - tho also that band where he said they sounded like being on drugs, I can't understand how anyone would give them a "yes", so maybe that was the same motivation for him in that case. (Seriously, if being on drugs really is like listening to that band, I'm very glad that I never tried drugs! ) Anyway I'm pretty sure he didn't make fun of her but tried to support her - maybe knowing that the other judges would vote her out anyway, and he was trying to m
  2. Thanks. I suppose it might be the interview he posted about after the Milan fashion show.
  3. Of course he's talking about the steak. And look at the time of his Tweet, 22:06. I'm not saying I said so, but...
  4. Judging from his latest stories: "October Meat", will be eaten by 22:06 today.
  5. I found this on Twitter, I suppose we'll see in 4 days if it's true. Meanwhile I think it was just an accidental Tweet, whether he mixed up Twitter with another app or was drunk or his nephew played with his phone or whatever, and just didn't delete it because of all those crazy theories, some of which are pretty entertaining. And because it'd have created even more confusion if he had just deleted it without a comment. If he doesn't comment any further about it in the next few days, that's what I'll believe. Let's see if he's back on Twitter on Thursday for Xfacto
  6. This is my fave Mika music video. @Marit R. Nielsen I merged your 2 threads about videos, so it's all in one place.
  7. In fact that is still working for me. If I'm in a certain section and use the search function, under the headline "Search the community" it says "showing results for *searchword* in content posted in *section*". And below that on the right you have the button for the advanced options. Just the actual search field doesn't have these advanced options anymore, but they're still there.
  8. FYI, since the last update, the forum software is automatically archiving all threads that haven't been active for 5 years or longer. That means they're still there but not available in the search function anymore. I read that some of you said the website was faster for them now, I think that might be the (or one) reason. However, there's some things we'd like to keep in the search function, especially interviews and gig report threads. So over time we're gonna unarchive those, which unfortunately has to be done manually for each thread, so that is rather a task for months (at least) than for
  9. So do you always copy and paste the whole thing, and not just the parts you edit?
  10. Welcome Marit! I'm Karin from Germany and Grace Kelly was also my starting point how I got interested in Mika. Then I went to a concert and, long story short, I've been addicted to his gigs & music for 13 years now. Enjoy your time here, and if you have any questions, feel free to ask.
  11. These aren't my theories tho, just a summary of the ones that have been posted. But surely you can have a wedding on a Tuesday, why not? I'm sure that's not it tho, he wouldn't post about it imo. I have no idea tbh, hope he'll clear it up at some point. Meanwhile I think anyway that it must've been on purpose, otherwise he'd have deleted it?
  12. I think it's just advertising, he says "this video is finished, but for viewing others..." the rest I don't understand, but he points downwards, so I think it's something like "click here".
  13. Yes, the comments are hilarious. If that tweet was on purpose, I bet he's having a lot of fun with the reactions. Edit: And that "Oooommmm" album makes total sense, waiting for concerts to happen again.
  14. Same. Either it's a code for something he'll let us know at some point (hopefully tonight at 22:06 and not next year on june 22 ), or it was a mistake and he turned off the phone right after tweeting it and hasn't realized yet. My other theories are on Twitter, in case you're interested.
  15. No idea tbh. I haven't listened to LICM and TBWKTM as a whole for years, but at the time they were released, I might've had more time to listen to them than to MNIMH now. Nowadays I mostly listen to albums on my car stereo, and for the last year MNIMH has definitely been the most played on there. But I had 4 years to listen to NPIH, not sure the current album had time to catch up with that yet. It definitely is my fave Mika album tho, and the only one where I usually don't skip any songs. So for listening to it from start to finish, without skipping anything, it's probably my most played
  16. Maybe he just got too much sun in his garden? Or there was a good looking photographer who flirted with him. Or he had a promo photoshooting before, where he had to use a lot of Lotus tissues. (tho that'd more explain the nose than the cheeks). Many possible explanations. I thought it was simply the missing make-up, but I'm not part of the Mika's skin pores fanclub thread, so I must admit I have more practice in analyzing his song lyrics than his skin colour.
  17. I hadn't noticed the cheeks, just that his nose looked a little red... it only reminded me of our conversation about the fashion show event, because here it doesn't look like he's wearing make-up, at least not much, he isn't as styled as for the Milano event but looks more natural. That's also why, @krysady, I don't think it has to do with the mask, he was wearing one in Milano as well (probably even much longer) but still looked perfectly styled. I don't think he went to a tanning salon. And in the interview he didn't seem as if he'd had too much wine (tho I won't rule that out, it's not
  18. Since hearing that interview, I find the video less sad. I'm torn about it, in a way I think it wouldn't be Mika if it was just cute. But I'm sad that Mika dies in the video. I'd be sad already about the squirrel, but with what he said in that interview, I can live with that, it makes sense. But that it's clearly Mika, and not just the squirrel, that's what I still find hard to take. Just like the Underwater video, it still hurts me to watch that (the end of it). And I guess it's better for me if I don't analyze it too much - it'd just make me worry about Mika, because I tend to take things li
  19. Umph, I hope not. I'm not keen on getting another social media account. And Mika, tho he's handling IG and Twitter rather well these days, that's pretty new and imo only a question of time til he'll disappear again. Tho I see that several people are trying to persuade him to get a Tik Tok account, in the comments but also Manuelito in his live gaming thing. Maybe he'll give it a try, like with Snapchat, but I'd prefer if he didn't.
  20. Finally we have a choreography we can learn for the next gigs. Yes we saw it already in the music video, but when Mika himself does it, it's something different - I really love it, it's so Mika-ish! It reminds me more of a mix between his dancing on stage and our silly dancemoves to some of his songs (like LYWID or Rain) than of a professional choreography, and that's what makes it special imo. Anyone can have a professional choreography, but something like this, which in a way looks quite random but makes completely sense in connection with the cartoon music video, that's something only Mik
  21. Here's a few suggestions, I find these cute but ofc you don't have to add them if we already have similar ones. bored sorry maybe one of these in addition to the dunno one, as the dunno always looks so sad? a cute blushing one
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