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  1. On 12/31/2020 at 8:20 AM, holdingyourdrink said:

    What I also thought was commendable, was what he said about online bullying. It’s easy to hide and be hateful to others. It’s easy to say anything without suffering real life consequences. The filters we hold in real life don’t apply anymore online, but I also think that is wrong. Simple principle that if you wouldn’t say it in someone’s face, why would you do it behind an anonymous name and picture? My mama always taught me that “if you have nothing nice to say, just don’t say anything at all” 😆 (obviously this doesn’t apply to true friends, because I will tell them they look like sh*t in their face 🤣)

    Okay. I’ve just realized I’m not any better, looking at my nickname and profile picture here on MFC 😅however, I think by now that anyone who has seen some MFC lives knows my name and my face by now 🤣 I’m not so anonymous anymore.


    I agree, it's also an important thing he talks about there. "If you wouldn't say it out loud, shut up." That's generally a good guide for talking with each other online, and there'd surely be a lot less online bullying if everyone kept to that. But as the question she asks is, how does he live his online life, what does he say to people in this non-physical dimension: If I don't think about online bullying between school kids, but of star-fan interactions online, I think it's a lot more complex than that. Like, I often see things on social media, especially on Twitter, that I never would say to Mika, and if I imagine I was in Mika's place, I wouldn't want to hear/read them. I certainly don't want to defend any of that, I just wonder where it comes from. Would they say these things out loud to him if they met him?


    And there's two points that make this question more complex in this context. Firstly, projecting your wishes and dreams on a popstar, an idol. In our dreams he can be the man we want him to be, sharing our values, our sense of humour, sharing certain experiences - there are some things he's very clear about, but about a lot of things he isn't very direct, something you might remember we discussed in another thread a while ago. And it's like with many things, you only see what you want to see, what fits into your understanding of the world, or in this case, of a person. That's the thing with a popstar, he's supposed to make people dream, and if he's too direct he might lose some fans. It was well visible under his Insta post with the Trump caricature, some people saying they're disappointed, he should keep to making music instead of talking about politics, etc. - That's the absolute negative example of what I want to say, that people even manage to interpret Mika in a way that they're surprised about him expressing his dislike for Trump. But in a way we all interpret him, I know that if I read a Tweet and I say "If I was Mika, that'd hurt me", I also interpret him. Or if I write him "you look hot in that outfit", I also interpret that he would enjoy hearing that. And that's the point, someone might totally say the same thing out loud to him, because they interpret he shares their sense of humour, for example - but without seeing his reaction in real life, without any interaction, it's always just interpreting.


    Several times over the years I've seen fans tweeting stuff to or about him, that I found really nasty, and then they said "but I'm sure he'd know it's just fun!" as in, he's not such a humourless spoilsport as you obviously are. But if I'm honest, I think that in the past I also might have written Tweets to him that I shouldn't have written. I'm not thinking of anything in particular, but I certainly used to be less careful about my Tweets than I am now. Also in real life I'm very direct and outspoken towards people I trust, so I probably would've told him the same in person - but if I think I tell him something really funny and he just raises an eyebrow instead of laughing, in real life I'd say "oops, sorry", feel ashamed for my bad joke and move on to a different topic, while on socials other people who share my humour might join in the joke and it kinda develops a life on its own.


    And the second point is that people tend to be starstruck, kind of intimidated by a popstar, also that used to be the same for me. You kinda think he's perfect, invincible, a superhero - and you are "just" a fan, one among millions, you think what you write on social media (or tell him at a M&G) is just flysh*t to him, he doesn't know you exist and/or wouldn't care and it's like another universe, whatever you say can't reach him, muchless hurt him. It takes a certain confidence to realize that your actions have consequences, even to a world-famous popstar.


    Having said all of that, some things should just be common sense, and I think most things are and people who cross that line are in fact just being nasty. Other things might be on the borderline, crossing it for some, not crossing it for others, because people are just very different. So I suppose that's also a thought, besides "would I say it out loud to him?", to ask yourself, even if it doesn't violate your boundaries, could it possibly violate his? And if in doubt, better not write anything. Especially for an outspoken person like me, it's not always easy. But being aware of it and trying one's best is a start. :)

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  2. On 12/31/2020 at 8:20 AM, holdingyourdrink said:

    And yessss, creating new music! I wonder what he means with burning the bridges to start something new. Will he do something in a new style? Will his songs be even more candid about how he feels? Will he sing about things that no one of us has ever heard of? Will he venture into a new music style? Will he do more sinfonia? Will his concerts be more sinfonia since that is more social distancing friendly (and who knows how long this pandemic is going to be with us, even with vaccine)?


    He says he wants to make artistic records, not classical music, but colourful pop. So of course the question is, as you say, what does he mean by restarting - within his very own niche, that he's aware of - colourful, unapologetic pop music, his amazing live gigs - from all the things we heard last week, in this interview, his Christmas message, the Imagine for Margo performance, it doesn't sound to me like it's much change in his artistic work - he says he's not the same artist anymore as he used to be, and the music industry has changed as well - in that interview snippet from Twitter he talks about streaming and the value of music. So maybe he wants to change things in his marketing, in his management, things behind the scenes?


    Also, he's someone who reinvents himself with every step in his career. Something I have been wondering about is whether after this pandemic he will go on with the tour about where he left it, or instead do something completely new. It won't be the same, that's for sure - I think back in March him and most of us still hoped we could restart where we left, just a few months later - but the pandemic has changed us all too much to just continue as if nothing happened, even if maybe with a few additions. And maybe what he says just means that - that what he'll do this year will be something new, not anymore MNIMH and the Revelation Tour, but a new chapter. I do think he will keep some elements, especially for North and South America, who haven't seen the Revelation Tour. But his live gigs always are like living creatures, they change and grow as he keeps touring. The 2020 gigs felt different to the 2019 ones, despite the same stage set and setlist, and the summer gigs and festivals would have felt different again.


    And now, I don't know, I'm not even sure he has a plan yet, maybe a few vague ideas, but he just feels the need for a change. And that's very relatable. A lot of changes have been forced upon us in 2019, and at least to me that gives me a certain desire to initiate changes myself, as a way to regain a feeling of control over my life - because we all can't live our life like we would want to right now. For me that might just mean losing weight or clearing out the basement and throwing away things I've held on to for decades, but for everyone it means something different. I could imagine that also Mika's motivation to work out regularly in order to shape his body the way he always wanted to comes from thoughts like this. Well, and of course it's easier if you have time and the usual pressure, the usual threadmill we're stuck in in everyday life disappears for a while during lockdown.


    And my third theory about this restarting, burning things, is that he might retreat from social media again for a while, while he's writing. He often said that the Mika who's writing and the Mika who's on stage are two different people. With the last album and tour, he brought them back together, so maybe it has changed... But he's been very close to us most of the time over the last year, I wonder if he needs some distance from that to be able to write. Like, the things fans write on Twitter and Insta, if he keeps reading that, would it distract him from his work on new music? If he doesn't come online for a few days, there always are some fans writing "where are you , we miss you, we need you, especially now during the lockdown" - things with Corona won't start to calm down for another 3 months or more, there'll be more bad news, more lockdowns, more restrictions. And of course it's wonderful for us to have Mika as a distraction from all those bad news, when he entertains us with his posts and stories every few days, it really helps. But for him, although I'm sure he likes staying in touch with his fans, I can imagine it might also mean a certain pressure, expectations he feels he has to fulfil, and maybe he wants to concentrate on the future now, on what he can do when gigs are possible again, hopefully some time this year.

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  3. 2 hours ago, silver said:

    Watching the fireworks, but I was expecting a new piece of music, not existing songs :sad:



    I thought he might make a few new arrangements, and really of OMS and other songs it was a new version, probably recorded with the musicians in Versailles. It was a big surprise to me to hear OMS there, and I liked that version. :wub2: Maybe the whole thing could've been a bit more of that kind, but since he said in the Italian interview that the 2nd song would be Tiny Love Reprise, I did actually expect it to be a medley of his songs, not something new.

    I also was surprised that everyone seemed to think what he'd announce for midnight would be news, I understood his post in that way, that he'd upload the fireworks for us. And I love it that he cares, that we all get to watch this amazing moment, also those who can't get French TV. :wub2: It was simply beautiful, and I'm very happy for him that he got this chance, and for us that we got to watch it. :cloud:

    Happy New Year everyone. :group_hug:

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  4. So, about other parts of the interview. First of all, the story he told about his abusive teacher. He told it before, but it's so different to see him while he tells it, it's like a kick in the stomach, you can feel his pain and his emotions, that it still hurts him. :tears: I don't know if the pain about such things ever goes away, probably not. A friend of mine has suffered from abuse as a child, and it's the same, even 30, 40 years later it still hurts. I recently noticed that it even still hurts me to think about the bullying I sufferered from at school, tho it's not the same as child abuse, but also that still hurts when I think about it, which I rarely do anymore. Luckily I can say today that I'm over it in a way that I don't worry all the time anymore that people would laugh about me behind my back, that I don't feel I have less value than anyone else, that I can talk about it, I'm not looking for revenge or justice anymore, and I'm not ashamed anymore. Not ashamed that I was a victim of it, not ashamed to talk about it.


    And that's another point Mika says, the shame that many still feel, even after decades, when talking about having been a victim of bullying or abuse. He says he finds it strange, but in fact it's the core of abuse to make the victim feel shameful. By doing that, the abuser protects themselves from getting confronted with what they do/did, it makes them feel powerful - and it even gives them power over you long after it happened, as long as you still feel ashamed for something THEY should feel ashamed of. And I think that's a different thing from the pain. While I don't think the pain will ever go away, and also things like that shape your character in a way, the feeling of shame and the negative consequences can get a lot lighter, or even disappear, so you can cope better with the pain that remains.


    It breaks my heart to hear him talk about feeling shame for having been weak and fragile - like wtf, a child is always dependent on others, on their parents, teachers, other people close to them. A child doesn't have a choice, it HAS to rely on those people, literally its life depends on that. And a child who gets abused by an adult will hardly ever tell anyone about it, mostly they will show in other ways, maybe by becoming nasty or by retreating - obviously the latter for Mika.


    I guess you can tell that this topic gets me very emotional, not just because of Mika and my friend - I work in childcare, and in the training a big topic was how to prevent and recognize child abuse, also with lots of examples. Sadly it often doesn't get recognized, until something really severe and obvious happens. And... well, I could say a lot more about it, but I'll try to stick to Mika's interview, that's the topic here. I'm glad Mika talks about these things, although it's hard for him. As they say in the interview, it can help others who go or went through something similar. And I think it can raise awareness for this topic.


    Anyway, I've written enough for today - to end this post on a positive note, I love it that he says (later in the interview) that he wants to make music now. :wub2::wub2::wub2: I'm certainly looking forward to hear that.  :biggrin2: :wootjump:

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  5. 9 hours ago, holdingyourdrink said:

    I was hoping you would comment on the interview, because I’m dying to discuss every part of it 🤣

    The part about the people around him being a-holes: I had to think about the friend metaphor: friends greet you with „nice to see you, how are you doing? What would you like to drink?“ and real friends greet you with „hey a-hole, you look like sh*t. Beer? There‘s the fridge.“ 😆

    I guess what he means is that the people closest to him aren’t afraid to tell him the good AND the bad. In his industry there are many who constantly tell you that you’re “amazing”, without meaning it. So he’s looking for genuity and therefore raw honesty. Keeps him grounded, which is what he prefers over being worshipped, is what it seems to me.


    Lol, I didn't know this friend methaphor. :teehee: But it might go in a similar direction as a postcard my Mum had hanging on the cupboard for years when I was a kid / teenager. It said "Ein wahrer Freund ist, wer dich sehen lässt deine Flecken, und sie dir tilgen hilft, eh Feinde sie entdecken." (for the non-German speakers, it says something like a true friend is who lets you see your faults and helps you get rid of them before enemies notice them). I guess that's the 1980s poetic version of "hey a-hole, you look like sh*t." :lmfao:


    I agree with you, but it still seems a strange answer to the question whether people close to him can connect with his way of being. The question makes sense to me, and the answer, but the connection between both, I'm still not sure. :teehee: Maybe because I'm not sure how they define "his way of being" in this conversation. I listened back a bit in the interview, to try and understand what in particular they might mean with it - right before it he talks about making music, but the topic before it is about letting go of discretion, to continue a person's story, even if they can't speak anymore, and when she says it's a way of looking at existence, he says it's also a way to face our finaly destiny, i.e. death. Maybe the other question/answer relates to that? His way of being, as his way of looking at existence, like he described it earlier in the conversation? And I wonder if he sees this as a kind of "as*hole behaviour", to say no, I won't stay silent and discreet, hide myself and others in the place society thinks I/they should hide in - he gets quite agitated when talking about this. I mean, I don't see this as as*hole behaviour, imo it's just a healthy confidence to see things this way. But if I had to describe Mika, I'd certainly use words like "kind", "sensitive" and "discreet", for the side the public knows about him. Only since last year he has been showing a lot more facets of his personality to the public, I think it's connected with "Tiny Love", with a certain confidence - and there it comes back to what you say, that genuity and honesty are what he needs from those close to him, tho it's often uncomfortable. But when you reflect yourself, when you know you're not always kind and nice and discreet but also have negative emotions and less pleasant character traits, like every human being, then indeed I can imagine that if people tell you all the time how awesome you are, it feels wrong because you know you're just  human. So if people you trust are being as*holes towards you sometimes, I suppose it helps not just to feel grounded but also to feel in tune with yourself. As he intended with his latest album, to bring together his public and his private side. He talks about "I" most of the time now for talking about himself, not "we", as he used to.


    Anyway, I'm not sure if I've made any point that you haven't made, maybe my brain just needed to take all those U-turns to make sense of it in the context. :teehee:


    Edit: About his Dad's languages, I agree, I'd think the same. Pretty sure about Mandarin, Mika said all in his family speak it. Instead of Spanish or Italian it might be something else.



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  6. 19 hours ago, Subtitling Team said:


    Christmas gift! Would you like to make a virtual walk through the streets of Florence while listening to Mika's story? He's going to tell you about his rabbit, that got him into the church chorus, about his mom's illness, his dad, some spoiler about the New Year's Eve show in Versailles and a little bit about his private life.

    Sette Storie interview is now subtitled in English! 



    Cadeau de Noël ! Aimeriez-vous vous promener dans les rues de Florence pendant que vous écoutez l'histoire de Mika? Il va vous parler de son petit lapin, qui l'a fait entrer dans la chorale de l'église, de la maladie de sa mère, de son père, quelques spoiler sur le spectacle du Nouvel An et un tout petit peu de sa vie privée aussi. 

    Voilà l'interview à Sette Storie avec sous-titres français ! 





    Many thanks, dear @Subtitling Team! :flowers2: It's good to know what he actually said, because there's some things I understood differently with my limited Italian knowledge, or judging from things I read on Twitter.


    There's one thing I still don't understand, not sure if it got lost in translation or if it just doesn't make sense what he says, or if it's just me who can't make sense of it. When she asks whether the people close to him can connect with his way of being, and he says yes because the majority of them are as*holes, and then he says his partner is tough and difficult - like, what does that mean, you can only connect to his way of being if you're an as*hole? I hadn't understood the question before reading the subtitles, and that's what confuses me. She asks about something positive and he says yes because something negative. And I'm like "huh?" :blink: I'd love to hear other people's interpretations of this, maybe then it becomes clearer to me?


    Will comment on other parts of the interview when I have more time.



    Ah, and something else, in the beginning he says the last time they met she had helped him with a project. Do we know what that is/was, where he has worked with her before?

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  7. 12 hours ago, Kumazzz said:


    This streaming France 2 LIVE works fine for me. ( I'm in Japan )







    10 hours ago, Elena Mastro said:

    Hello everybody, from what I understand the show is going to be broadcasted live both on France 2 and TV5 Monde.

    France 2 is not directly accessible, you have to watch it from another site (provided they won't ask you to download and install a player that might not be safe or subscribe to watch, so beware!).

    While TV5 Monde is direct and free and you can also check the TV Guide online for programs, replay and so on. You can also choose the quality of streaming that suits you.
    Here's the link:




    At least, it works for Europe, but I'm not sure it is visible from other continents. :dunno:


    Both work for me, but TV5 definitely in a better quality. Thanks ladies!


    There's some quiz show on both channels right now, with a presenter I've seen before in a Mika interview - apparently it's current, as the audience are all wearing masks. They all have prints of the lower part of their faces on the masks, tbh I think that looks kinda scary, like puppets. :aah: But they definitely don't sit far enough away from each other, that's worse than for the Italian Xfactor, at least there was some distance there. :rolleyes: So yeah, TV people in France don't seem to care much, I guess that's also why in Versailles there didn't seem to be strict measures. :dunno:


    Anyway, it's all filmed - and although I'm not happy that Mika and other people there took such a risk, I'll also be happy to watch a show that will probably be without much evidence that we are in the midst of a pandemic. Probably that's what they wanted to achieve, to make people feel a bit of normality again for a few hours. Make people dream, as Mika says. Still, for me it'll have an unpleasant aftertaste to see people so close together, without masks, even if they were tested. I've just read in the news today that here in Bavaria they've just released a new quick test for Covid that's supposed to be as reliable as a PCR test, which isn't true for the quick tests that are on the market so far, that's why despite testing there's always a certain risk. Anyway I hope it's true what they say about this test, and that they can produce enough of them to help make some things safer. Maybe not TV productions in the first place, but hospitals and nursing homes, until everyone there is vaccinated. But it's another glimmer of hope for better times for all of us. :)

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  8. 3 hours ago, holdingyourdrink said:

    How can he walk around without hordes of fans in the background? Or is it because of COVID 😅


    Ok there *were* hordes of fans in the background. :teehee: I found that rather annoying tbh, to see people following him and filming, at the beginning even asking for pix, while he was talking about such touching topics.

    I just wish I had understood more, as always I understood what he talked about in general, but not much of the details. Especially what he said about his Mum - I understood he talked about how he made her sing for Tiny Love Reprise and while she understood, his siblings didn't. I didn't get the connection he made to Versailles tho. 

    Waiting for our dear Subtitling team now. :blush:

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  9. 9 minutes ago, holdingyourdrink said:

    How can he walk around without hordes of fans in the background? Or is it because of COVID 😅


    They wouldn't stay in the background, lol. :naughty: No, but seriously - he did have this kind of fame in Italy back in 2013 when he started Xfactor, with hordes of screaming fans. But that's why he stays out of the tabloids and keeps down to earth, because I think it makes him feel uncomfortable. I don't know what it's like when he's doing an interview, but when he walks around somewhere, he has this sort of "invisible mode", where you just don't notice him, although he's so tall and handsome. :teehee: I think the mask helps with that too. But besides, as I said, he just stays out of the things that would make hordes of fans follow him in such a situation, because he doesn't like it. Sure, Covid might be a reason too - I suppose on a regular Saturday before Christmas there'd have been many many more people in the Florence city centre.

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  10. Also on Twitter, in English, French and Italian. I wonder whether it's really live or a recording from Versailles? I can't imagine him and a whole choir singing in an hospital - at least in Germany it wouldn't be possible, in hospitals even relatives aren't allowed to visit without very strict safety measures. :dunno: How is it in France?


    I like the title "Do Re Mika Sol", that's witty. :biggrin2:





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  11. 24 minutes ago, Kumazzz said:







    “Da bambino a casa spostavo tutti i mobili e li dipingevo. Avevamo un pianoforte nero, decisi di dipingerlo tutto di bianco e poi dissi: è meglio così!”

    #Mika racconta la propria infanzia a #MonicaMaggioni in un’intervista domani sera a #Settestorie su #Rai1 e #RaiPlay.



    “As a child at home I moved all the furniture and painted it. We had a black piano, I decided to paint it all white and then I said: it's better this way! "

    #Mika talks about her childhood to #MonicaMaggioni in an interview tomorrow night at #Settestorie on #Rai1 and #RaiPlay.





    Would be nice if the whole interview was with subtitles, it's easier for me to understand if I can read what they say. :lol:


    For watching Rai1 live outside Italy: https://www.livehere.one/rai-1-in-diretta-streaming/ (careful about popups / advertising - no need to install anything).

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  12. 2 hours ago, camille* said:

    Then Relax and again it was a lovely version.  He asked us to sing 'eaaasy' at the end and of course in this kind of setting everyone is a little bit shy compared to the usual gigs. But he said 'I'm sure people who would have liked being here would want you all to be much louder' or something along the way and I sang as loud as I can


    That bit made me smile. Because it's funny, and I love it that he had a little thought for those of us who couldn't be there. :cloud:


    2 hours ago, camille* said:

    Mika came to the edge of the stage to greet us, we thanked and congratulated him and he said something along the lines of 'it's a pleasure to meet with you again'.  So lovely


    And that also is just too sweet, aww! :wub2:

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  13. Yes, none of us knew it'd be a whole gig. I miss him so much that I'd have gone there just for 2 songs, if it wasn't for the pandemic in general, and in particular my family and the lockdown in Germany. So the fact that it was a whole symphonic gig didn't cause me much more regrets than I already had, it just means that we have more to look forward to. 😅


    Imagine him getting that offer and turning it down? There's no way he would have done that, tho surely he was aware it was a risk. But we all take risks, most of us just the ones that are necessary - but what is or isn't necessary is very individual. We constantly have to find the right balance. We take risks for work, because losing our job is an even bigger risk. As for me, it's no big sacrifice not to meet people or not go out, but I do let my kids go to kindergarten (now it's closed, but when it still was possible) and meet their kindergarten friends, because it would be a too big sacrifice for all of us not to. Although I know it's a risk, but it's one that for us is necessary. I also would've taken the risk (for myself, but not for my family) of going to Versailles, if it had been possible, because the gigs is what I miss most in this pandemic. And for Mika I think the most important thing is to perform on stage, so that's the risk he takes when there's a chance like this, a symphonic show for TV, in an intimate setting, with a minimized risk due to testing & other precautions. I don't think it's a contradiction to cancelling the big gigs and festivals. But I hope he'll do something in summer, when the numbers will be lower again, and then maybe more of us can go. :wub2:


    For those of you who want to write reports, please do so in the thread about the event, so this is more about pre-show / tickets. ;)

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