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  1. @kreacher If you want to use HTML and just paste it into the Source view (Button "Source" on the top left of the editor), you can use colours with <span style="color:#2ecc71;">text</span> (don't forget the semicolon after the colour number) and for bold it does work with <b>text</b>, but the correct use would be <strong>text</strong>. You can check in the source view how certain things are formatted, if you need more. But how about what Deb suggested, if you just add the formattings after pasting the text? Would that be a problem for some reason?
  2. What you're using is BB Code, I thought they had already changed this with the update 5 years ago or so. Not sure if we can activate it somewhere, @dcdeb? You can definitely use HTML code and paste that in the source view of the editor, but maybe there's an easier option, I'll check when I have more time.
  3. I think maybe he didn't want to create a lot of fuss about it, as it was at the same time as the Lebanon gig, so people (press) wouldn't start asking "but why has he been at this promo event instead of the charity one". In this video, is he saying that the skull represents him when he has to get up early on Sunday morning?
  4. Funny story by Chiara from the XF team, reposted by hell_raton: hell_raton_120356211_200880778224619_3332869640257319650_n.mp4
  5. I'm usually not keen on hanging up posters of Mika's face on my wall, but if that pic was released as a poster, I might make an exception.
  6. I wonder whether Mika's face expression when looking into a certain camera corresponds with whether the photographer is wearing his mask properly. Not sure I've ever seen him that unimpressed on press event pictures as on these getty images ones.
  7. Mika answered to some Tweets yesterday: And him answering to a Tweet by @Serendipity :biggrin2: Now I have to ask, what does it mean? I think they said he was the worst/meanest judge and he said "not always, I listen with my heart, even if I sometimes speak with the..." - I understood it that way that he sometimes speaks without thinking and thus says not so nice things - is there an expression for that in Italian that he was (half) using in his sentence, or does it mean something different?
  8. I couldn't watch it, the stream kept freezing after 10 seconds. 🙄 Did he say anything different / additional to the things he had said in English? Did they replace the English parts or show the French ones in addition? Was the subtitling 'mistake' in OOL still there? He might've done everything in 3 languages because he knows his target audience, and he just might have decided to cut it for the stream, so it won't get too long.
  9. There's a lot of people at the Lotus event as well. But maybe he said he'd only join the concert live if there'd be a good hygiene concept to avoid infections - and when I look at the crowd, I don't see much social distancing there, so it's understandable that he won't attend a public event where they don't seem to care much about Covid. I wish he had stayed at home, because infection numbers in France are so high - but well, we know him, he just can't sit still.
  10. @Florine wrote on the MFC live today that Mika won't be there at the concert - are there some news that I've missed? In some Tweets it sounded like he would be there, but where's the info from that he definitely won't?
  11. Apparently there'll be an interview about the concert on Paris Match, they put a short excerpt of it on their website: https://amp.parismatch.com/People/Mika-Beyrouth-mon-amour-1705022 I posted a Google translation of it on the French press thread:
  12. Interview on Paris Match, apparently there'll be more in the print magazine: https://amp.parismatch.com/People/Mika-Beyrouth-mon-amour-1705022 Google translate: You have to pay 10 euros to see his show "I Love Beirut", broadcast on the Internet and on VOD from September 19th. On the menu: songs by the artist in a small Tuscan theater, prestigious guests - Kylie Minogue, Rufus Wainwright, Salma Hayek, Louane, Fanny Ardant, among others - and reports in the destroyed city. This charity show is intended to raise funds to help the victims of the explosions. Paris
  13. I wonder what was in that wine... That frying pan, seriously!
  14. Mika IG stories 75600244_258549868739129_1041870542289225424_n.mp4 87292805_377845946570229_2412554714120176717_n.mp4 76963287_686586828613537_8473069702061726420_n.mp4
  15. I finally managed to watch the first half of the first episode. 😅 Two things I'm wondering about, due to language barriers: First, in the introduction I understand he says Music is the egg of freedom? Is that what he said? I'm not sure, as it's an unusual wording, but if it is, then I see a connection to the Tiny Love video... And the 2nd thing, about that girl with the guitar who wrote her own songs, and Mika was the only jury member who said no, what did he say to her when he first judged her? I know when saying no he said it was also because his vote didn't make a difference, bu
  16. Some of my Twitter friends (Hi @mariposa ) are fans, that's how I know who they are. Without that, I wouldn't know either. 😅 They don't have that many more followers than Danna Paola, and she has a lot of teenage fans as well, I think. I don't know how likely Danna's followers were to buy tickets for the Beirut gig, but if we assume that the difference to the BTS followers isn't big, the 15$ less might have made a difference. Plus the followers of Mika, Rufus, Laura and Kylie, who are not that many and maybe not as likely to watch a livestream as the teenagers, but if th
  17. radiohitwest has posted a story with a short video of Mika yesterday - he looks great, I hope they'll put up that interview as a video!
  18. In the interview he explicitly spoke about the whole world. If you count all the followers of him and his guests together it's millions, so I can well imagine that they might have reached one million. How much were tickets for the BTS gig, does anyone know?
  19. I guess we might have to wait for official news on that until the VoD streaming has expired (Oct 7, I think?), but that sounds awesome!
  20. Ah, thanks for that info! It sounded like he was live in the radio station. Recording studio...
  21. So did anyone listen to this morning's radio interviews? Mika first was on HitWest: https://www.hitwest.com/page/le-reveil-de-mika-sur-hit-west-1247 and then on champagne fm: https://www.champagnefm.com/jeuxconcours/mika-invite-de-la-famille-816 ... I heard the last few minutes of the 2nd one, but there wasn't anything interesting. I think he guessed the listener's fave Mika song right (Elle me dit) and he talked with the cash code winner on the phone. And said he'd love to do a concert in that region. The actual interview must've been before that.
  22. He looks stunning! Those photographers tho... Zero social distancing, and some are not even able to wear their masks properly, or don't wear one at all.
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