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  1. What an awesome opportunity for the French fans, or anyone else who can go. :fangurl: I think it's complicated to travel these days, also I think the hotels in France are closed for tourists? But I hope some MFCers can make it. I'm also very happy for Mika, it'll surely make him happy to perform for his fans. :wub2:


    In Germany we'll have a lockdown from Wednesday, here in Bavaria we need a "valid reason" to leave the house, curfew at night, and coming back from France I'd need to go in a 10 days quarantine. So although I miss Mika more than anything, there's no way I can make it. :tears: In a way I'm glad tho that the restrictions save me from having to decide myself, because I have to be responsible for my kids, not just for myself.


    Good luck everyone and please let us know afterwards how it was and which songs he did and what outfit he was wearing, etc. 😊 Tho I hope he'll post himself as well, he said in his live that he would, right?

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  2. 9 minutes ago, TinyLove_CJ said:

    I would love to watch Casa Mika anyway, I've never actually seen full episodes. Whenever I come across a subtitled clip in English that's the only time I watch and occasionally save the videos


    The full episodes with English subtitles are on the Subtitling Team's thread. ;) It is indeed a lot to watch tho, over 2 hours per episode - a few years ago I've watched some bits of his talking, and one or two full episodes, but only a few months ago I started watching them from the start, bit by bit during my workout on the crosstrainer. At least that way I've finished watching 3 full episodes so far, and there's definitely bits in them that I hadn't seen before.


    About what I love most about Casa Mika, that's hard to say... it's the whole thing, the whole concept of this awesome big variety show full of music, but still so personal, so much about Mika. What I loved most was his speeches about deep topics - that includes Gregory, I agree with @TinyLove_CJ about missing him - but basically I think Gregory is identical with the side of him that he introduced as Michael Holbrook on his latest CD. And this personal side of him, in a way it's always there, but it's hard to see it when he does professional TV like Xfactor. Well, I could go on about that topic for a while. :teehee:

    And of course all his singing, his own songs but also the covers.

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  3. I'd love another Casa Mika. :wub2: I might be wrong, but from some of the things he said in interviews in the last year, I got the impression that he was planning something like this in the Spanish speaking area. He didn't exactly say this, it was more a feeling I got (maybe just wishful thinking :lol3:) when he talked about his plans for the Spanish speaking area - it sounded like he was planning more than just the duet with Danna Paola. And he did win the Rose d'Or award for his show, that indeed might have gotten him some offers from other countries.


    Anyway I also can remember very well him moaning about how much work the Casa Mika show was for him, poor guy didn't get much sleep during that time. :(He did all the content etc. himself - if you know him a little, you know that he wouldn't let anyone else be in charge of a show that carries his name. Maybe he has changed since then, but especially he doesn't have his Mum by his side now, he said several times how much she helped him with Casa Mika, despite being in a wheelchair at that time. So although I'd love another Casa Mika, I don't know if he feels up to it. In any case I suppose it's not possible during the pandemic - just imagine him and all the guests wearing masks and keeping a distance, not being able to have an audience in the studio, it just wouldn't be the same. And after the pandemic I hope he continues his tour. Once that is finished, yes, I could imagine him doing something like this again.


    I do hope he'll be doing something else until touring is possible again, but I'm pretty sure he will. He keeps talking about staying connected to people, about staying curious, so I think doing nothing won't be an option for him. And whatever it is, I'm curious to hear about his plans. :wub2:

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  4. In elyy_guerra's IG stories we can see that they were celebrating the end of Xfactor until late at night - unfortunately many without social distancing or even masks, I suppose they feel safe with all the quick tests they have to do every day. That can go very wrong, so although I understand how much they miss the hugging and the carefree times, sadly it's not very responsible now and for a few more months. :no: But at least from this picture it seems Mika kept to the distancing rules and protected himself as much as possible with the FFP2 mask. ❤


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  5. 53 minutes ago, krysady said:

    For me it was Emma with Blind the best performance this time :original:


    Yes, they positively surprised me, and for fans of rock music and/or of Manuel, LPOM surely was fantastic too. I think at this point it was just a question of taste - but still, Mika & Naip put on such a fantastic show for those 2 minutes, it does make me a bit sad that this wasn't appreciated with votes for Naip.

    Anyway looking forward to Mika's performance, I'm glad we'll get that anyway! :wub2:

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  6. To me Lollipop was definitely the best performance! I thought Casadilego or Naip would win this show, but Casadilego's duet with Manuelito wasn't good imo, it didn't fit her voice. Her best of was better, but she just sang for herself, not for the public or the cameras. I think she has many fans tho that vote for her even if her performance isn't good.


    Natacha posted Lollipop on Twitter, they'll probably delete it sooner or later, but now it's still there:


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  7. I got reminded of this thread when I saw a certain post on Twitter today. :no: I won't quote it here, but for those who haven't seen it, it's a repost of Mika singing Killer Queen on Taratata in 2007, with the guy who posted making a really filthy comment about the way the presenter looked at Mika. Usually that would just have been another post that wouldn't have gotten a 2nd look from me, but it got so many likes that it got Mika trending in France. :doh: And that is the thing that bothers me most about it, not some random guy's dirty fantasies, but that such a post gets attention by so many people who usually care a sh*t about videos of Mika singing! :sneaky2: It's like Mika says himself, if he got himself in the tabloids he'd be more successful, but he chooses to avoid that. And this Tweet and the reactions to it just show how right he is with that. I love him for staying true to himself and not lowering himself to the tabloid level, just to be more successful. :wub2:

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  8. I'm pretty sure Mika's interview was prerecorded, probably on Wednesday, as that's when he was wearing this outfit. I suppose he's busy tonight. More Voice recordings? But I thought they'd only continue in January? Or maybe it's some stuff for the Star Academy already? Probably not filmings, but some virtual meeting with his coworkers, or whatever.


    It's an interesting point of view that he says curiosity is even more important than hope and than optimism. I wonder what he means with that. At some point he mentions people who are different - and of course that's an important point, I just read today that the Austrian chancellor was blaming immigrants for having carried the virus into the country again after summer, and this blaming of certain groups, no matter who, is something that causes even more problems instead of helping anyone. So I suppose from a point of view that hope and optimism without reflection can make you careless, blame others, think it's everyone else's fault that the virus spreads, it certainly makes sense to put curiosity above it. From my point of view, an optimism / hope without naivety but with a reflected look on things, is what helps me most. Like, know there might be problems (for example with the vaccine), but not worry about them before they actually occur, because it's things I can't change anyway. "Who gives a sh*t about tomorrow, when it comes we can worry then". Just without letting this attitude make you careless, because it's important to take care of the things that I CAN change, like wearing a mask or reducing contacts. Optimism in the sense of "nothing will happen anyway if I neglect the rules a bit" is harmful.

    Well, but not sure if I understood Mika's point? :dunno_grin:

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