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  1. no idea, i don't even know if it's official yet, mtv haven't announced their nominations to the public yet, so maybe mlk wouldn't have been allowed to tell me, lol! but they didn't say anything about it being secret. well i guess he will be at the show, otherwise he wouldn't have had to cancel the cologne concert on the 31st. it's just like i expected, probably rehearsals for the mtv show on the 31st.
  2. no, i have a ticket for take that in stuttgart the same evening. here's the mtv ema website, i'm sure we'll be able to vote there, as soon as they have the nominations and everything online. http://ema.mtv.co.uk/
  3. aaaah, i'm so happy about this, although it means i won't see him in cologne and i also can't go to dusseldorf, but i'm so happy for him that he's nominated aaand the mtv show will be in munich on nov 1st, so he'll be in munich from oct 31st to nov 2nd (well, 3rd in the morning probably), this is sooo fantastic!! but it will be so difficult to get tickets for the mtv show, i really hope i'll be lucky to get one!
  4. ok news from marek lieberberg, they just called me back. the cologne concert is cancelled, because mika is nominated for the mtv european music awards. (wow, i'm so happy for him!!! and for me, cause the show is in munich ) instead it's dusseldorf on the 3rd. if you already have tickets for cologne, you can use them for dusseldorf (sorry i forgot to ask them what happens if you can't go to dusseldorf, but i'm sure you can give the tickets back then). tickets for dusseldorf will probably go on sale some time today.
  5. great news, the guys from marek lieberberg (mikas concert agency in germany) called me back about the changed dates cologne/dusseldorf, and they said the concert in cologne was cancelled because mika is nominated for the mtv european music awards!!! :woot_jump:
  6. i think there's only one thing like HMV in germany, and that's WOM. in most cities the WOM stores are part of the big department stores like Karstadt. but you can get cds in all the big department stores, Karstadt, Kaufhof, Hertie, in the Müller drugstores and the biggest selection of cds they probably have at Saturn and MediaMarkt.
  7. yay, finally an official statement from the man himself! see, he was just waiting for the relax card and right after receiving it, he takes a month off!
  8. it's the german/european single, i really should check what he released in my own country before asking stupid questions! ok i guess it's about time i start buying his singles!
  9. still no news... i just called the concert agency marek lieberberg and they don't know anything about the dusseldorf show yet... they said they'll check and then call me back.
  10. wow, i love it!!! where / when was it recorded?
  11. AAAAH, IOANA, YOU'RE BACK!! YAY!! no problem with the updates, my pleasure! i've also noticed some sort of exponential rise in the number of my posts recently... took me 3 months to get to 500 but i guess i will reach 1000 before the end of august...
  12. that link doesn't work for me, i jsut get to see an empty space on the site.
  13. well i have no brothers or sisters, i'm so used to going to concerts on my own that it doesn't seem strange to me at all to do that. although of course its a lot more fun to go with friends! you're not exactly an optimistic person, are you? you were one of the girls in the big girl video, right? so mika might still know your face. and he stopped for me with the car when driving out of the bs area of festivals already 2 times to say hi. it's only a short moment and not even for sure, but if he was 8 miles away from me, nothing could stop me from trying.
  14. well i think if that happened to me, i'd either try to get in with the fake tickets (maybe the securities don't look at them properly ) or at least wait at the backstage entrance to catch a glimpse of mika, after all there's a chance to meet him there. and if you met him or one of his band or managers before the show, you could even ask them to put you on the guestlist and tell them your story, i'm sure they'd understand and have a possibility to get you in to watch the show! but it's probably too late for that now. what time does he perform?
  15. i just emailed the link to the pic to her.
  16. haha lol! mirtilla, you should get along with english perfectly well over here, no need to speak german. btw, glad you're back on the forum. ioana still can't access the site.
  17. although there are some days where i don't like to listen to LICM, i always get back to loving it! and there are certain songs that i ALWAYS enjoy listening to, like grace kelly, stuck in the middle or love today. i'm a bit fed up with big girl at the moment though, esp. the beginning with the slurping, i hear that when i go on mikasounds.com or mikamyspace, and it's started to annoy me, i really can't hear that damn slurping anymore! and it's gonna be the next single in germany, guess that won't help, pfft!
  18. the flirting interview: http://www.mikafanclub.com/forums/showthread.php?t=7363 and the lowlands one, watch it, it's cool. mika saying they had a gang rape on stage. and shaking a bottle of champagne, splashing it all over the camera, lol!
  19. well, i remember that interview where he said that he flirts with everything, whether it's a tree or a coffee cup. unfortunately we can't help ioana, i've already written a PM to deano, but he says she just has to wait. so we can't do anything else than keep her updated about what's happening here.
  20. sivan, i hope we will know tomorrow. the ticket agencies still don't know anything about it, but that won't change over the weekend, hopefully on monday though.
  21. thanx for the reports, pix & videos! so he threw those shades in the crowd... then i don't think it was just another version of the ibiza ones, cause those were by ray ban.
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