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  1. well i posted most of my concert experiences on twitter already yesterday... but some facts that haven't been mentioned...


    - when he started with billy brown, he said sth like if his mother (? well, she was there...) knew he'd sing that in a church... and then was joking around that we should treat it like a hymn and said "everybody turn the page, 63 please". :naughty: oh yeah, and not sure if it was before billy brown too, but he also swore and then said sth like "oh, i promised i wouldn't swear!". :naughty:


    - when he was signing stuff after the show, he took so much time for everyone. he was there for almost an hour, until all the i guess about 100 ppl who were there got their autographs.


    - andy told us that they'd try to make a vlog about every show of the tour and that they want to fill the website with more content.


    - andy's birthday was 2 days ago. :bleh:


    - don't quote me on this, but i'm quite sure that mika had tears in his eyes at the end of "over my shoulder". anyway he turned away from the crowd right after the song and wiped his eyes a few times.


    - we already thought that rain would've been the only encore, as they've already started the background music again. but as the crowd wouldn't stop clapping and cheering, he came out again, on his own without the band and sang grace kelly again. before that, he said he'd forgotten to introduce his band, and then introduced them, even though they were not there. :roftl:


    - during big girl, everyone stood up. i think it started in our corner, anyway the girls behind me told everyone around us that we should stand up because they couldn't sit still anymore. :naughty: so we did, and a chain reaction started, although we were so in the corner that no one behind us would've had to stand up to see. i had the feeling that mika loved it when people stood up, he had a big smile on his face, and i think standing up added a lot to the ecstatic atmosphere in the venue. though, if it had been up to me, for the slow songs we could've sat down again. i did, but i saw no-one else sitting down again.

    the downside of it was that people from the back ran through the middle aisle to the front and stayed there, blocking the sight for others - like sariflor, for example, she was 2nd row right next to the aisle, and it was quite bad for her. :sad:


    - mika signed the mfc flag, he wrote something like "thank you for making them dance", if i remember correctly.


    - the orchestra version of toy boy on the EP is fantastic. :wub2: and so is the book. i have 2 EPs now, when they send the preordered one to me... damn, but i just couldn't resist! *g*


    i'm really tired, only slept 2 hours last night cause i forgot my earplugs and it was so loud in that hostel room - from the street, and ppl snoring... anyway, will start uploading a few things now... the rest of it will follow in the next few days.

  2. i just hope if there are thunderstorms tomorrow, they'll wait until we're inside that church! :sneaky2:


    i'm really excited, i just realized this is the very very first show of the new tour, a show that no-one has ever seen before, it's here in my country, and i'm gonna be there. swoon.gif


    am off to bed now, see you guys tomorrow in berlin! :biggrin2:

  3. You have totally crushed me now. That was my planned outfit :crybaby:



    aww, poor sara :huglove: - just wear a long jacket over it then and drop it inside, the moment mika comes on stage. :roftl:


    my weather forecast says 15 (night) - 24 (day) degrees, evening 65% risk of thunderstorms, rest of day partly cloudy with only low risk of rain (10-20%).


    i also decided for black trousers, together with my german mfc shirt (with the text "spray on the glitter" on it). and some layers of jackets for different weather situations. :naughty:

    oh yes, and summer dress for milan, hopefully! :thumb_yello:


    btw, i'll try to tweet tomorrow from the show (at least before/after the show) - text msgs in germany are free for me, so it's no problem. can't read twitter from my mobile though. if anyone wants to follow my news from the show: twitter.com/mellody76 :wink2:

  4. Okay this is important!


    Can a German person please tell me if there is a rule against wearing jeans in a church in Berlin!!!????:blink:


    I really have to know because I’m definitely planning to wear it:kachinga: it’s my favourite kind of trousers all time and very practical for travelling.

    Dresses are out of the question, the only occasions I would even consider wearing a dress or skirt are strictly weddings and funerals…maybe christenings…:naughty:

    Trousers, not jeans, are good but easy stained when you’re sitting in an airplane and jeans are so much more comfortable.


    So please tell me!


    i've never heard of such a rule. i guess torn jeans that show half of your butt won't be the right thing, but of course you can wear normal jeans in a church. :bleh:


    why can't the weather forecast be either really good or really bad?! :sneaky2: this mixed weather is horrible, i can't decide what to wear! the summer dress i first planned would be too cold, that's for sure.

  5. i'll decide about the queuing after the berlin show. or maybe even on the 6th in the morning. :naughty: the hotel is quite close, so i guess i'll look to the venue after breakfast and depending on how many are there already, i'll start queuing then or later. :bleh:

    i'm not planning to have breakfast at 6 am though. :naughty:

  6. I'll try to get there on saturday :mf_rosetinted: something would be open on saturday, right? :sneaky2:


    yes, saturday the big shops are open until 8 pm. :wink2: someone from berlin told me that at alexanderplatz there's a huge shopping centre, maybe that's the right place to look.


    and about the venue question: it IS a real church, and there will be a service at 11 am. see here (for those who can read a bit of german :naughty:): http://www.heiligkreuzpassion.de/gottesdienste.htm

    anyone can rent the church for concerts or other cultural events though. i recently saw a tv report about german churches looking for new ways to earn money, and probably this is one of them. :wink2:

  7. kata, forget the lunchbox - monday is a public holiday, the shops are closed. :bleh: and about the german mikasounds mail, there was one earlier i think... they only have a competition now to win an EP. :wink2:


    i certainly can't give out numbers, as i won't arrive at the church before 2 pm. but i'll tell the DMFC (german mfc) fans - just not sure if they're as organized as we were in london/amsterdam, but they're also worried about that box office thing, so i think they'll do it. :wink2:


    the thing that worries me is, that often in germany there isn't a "queue" as such, but just a huge bunch of people standing around everywhere, maybe even squashing. i don't think there'll be barriers to keep ppl in line, which means they'll all just stand at the church doors - and once you leave your place in the front, from a certain time on it's impossible to get back.

    it's a small gig though and i hope the craziest ppl are those of the MFC (about 30) and the DMFC (about 10), and that all the "normal concert-goers" won't arrive before 7 pm - then it all shouldn't be a problem. i hope.

  8. yup, like graciosa said. though on eventim, it says "currently not available". either it's cause they can't send them out anymore due to the holiday on monday, or it's sold out, don't know.


    about the mail from sandbag: :badmood: i can't believe that they did this. people who ordered "exclusive" presale tickets have to go to the box office at 6pm, probably losing their place in the queue (queuing in germany often isn't as nice and calm as in the uk...) and those who ordered in general sale can just go in. not fair. :sneaky2:

  9. Where exactly is the promoter located? The south pole? :blink:


    maybe germany... some headquarters of the parcel service of deutsche post, DHL, are currently on strike, that would explain it. but then, it would be quite strange if they got the tickets from germany and would have to send most of them back here. :blink:

  10. I e-mailed to sandbag this morning and also asked if they can tell where the box office will be in Berlin. Usually churches don´t have box offices, right? :blink: And I don´t wanna take a city map with me all day long.


    Helens answer was:


    Please let us know if you haven't received the tickets by Friday and we'll arrange for you to collect duplicate tickets. We'll find out exactly where and when you'll be able to pick them up and will let you know.








    I´ll lleave on friday afternoon, so the tix probably won´t reach me in time. I`ll e-mail to sandbag again right before I leave because of this when-and-where-question. Hope, Helen will know more by then. I keep you posted! :wink2:


    ah, that's good to know - that was what i started worrying about, what would happen if they send the tickets and they don't arrive in time (the post isn't always reliable either). :original:

  11. freddie, my comment about sandbag was not directed at you, i thanked you for keeping us updated. :blink: i agree with katrien that without you, we wouldn't know anything - because, like i said in my last post, sandbag isn't informing us via e-mail, like they should. but you're right, it certainly is the best if i tell them directly, cause you surely have enough to do already without us asking you to forward our countless complaints. :wink2: again: thanx for keeping us updated about what's happening. :huglove:

  12. Just to let you know, we mailed the Belgium tickets today and expect the Germany tickets tomorrow.





    hmm, they already expected them last friday, didn't they? i know that some germans are already leaving for berlin a few days earlier, i really hope they get the tickets in time. :boxed: for me, saturday would be enough, but time is running out if the sandbag ppl don't hurry up...


    Please make it clear to everyone concerned that if they don’t receive the tickets in the post they must get in touch with us (tickets@sandbag.uk.com) at least 24hrs before each show and we will reissue them for box office collection – everyone will get in.


    thanx for keeping us up to date freddie. but i agree with violet that it's not ok of them to only send this info via the MFC, cause not everyone who bought tickets on mikasounds is on here and/or reads all threads. they should e-mail everyone about this.


    apart from that, i'm wondering if those who bought their tickets not in the presale but on the normal ticket websites already received their tickets... does anyone know? it would be really annoying if the "exclusive" presale tickets would have to be picked up at the box office and the normal sale ones would be sent out. :sneaky2:

  13. kata, if we all have to pick up our tickets in berlin, i'll assist you if the box office guy doesn't want to give you your ticket. :wink2:


    i agree that it's best not to have to pick up the tickets, especially if the venue is general admission. though i think if EVERYONE has to pick up the tickets, like in milan, it's fair. the advantage of having to pick up the tickets is that they can't get lost in the mail. :bleh:


    apart from that, i'm wondering if the church has a box office at all... :blink: maybe we'll get an icecream van instead. :bleh:

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