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  1. I agree, I don't think goes for practice eighter

    and is so weird because he has the hottest body!



    yeah i also was wondering already if he does any sports and if yes, which. i mean, at the moment he has enough exercise by dancing on stage, but what did he do before? on the other hand, there are guys who can eat what they want, do no sports at all and stay so skinny. unfair. :boxed:

    well if he does any sports it's probably not swimming, as he doesn't like water. :wink2: i could imagine him inline skating. :original:




    i hope he doesn't. and if he does, i hope he has a good sense of humour. :naughty: maybe he would think this:




    Ooooo your all just a tiny bit mad



    or maybe "i guess mellody was a little bit drunk when she made that caption!" - lol... alcolhol seems to make me creative. or just naughty. :naughty::lmfao:

    btw, i love the way he holds his sleeve in his hand on that pic, don't know why but i think that's cute. :wub2: ah, makes me think of another caption for this pic:


    "my sleeves are a tiny bit too long!" :bleh:

  3. So this is a protest to get a member of MFC to run the Mika Wikipedia page instead.


    With a MFC member moderating that page, we can be assured that the Mika info on that page will be up to date and accurate at all times. Unlike the shambles it has become.


    There is no other source on the net that knows more about Mika than MFC, so it makes perfect sense to have people who really care about Mika to moderate or help moderate the page.


    If you agree with this, then please leave a message on this thread. If we can get enough people to support us, then maybe the mods at Wikipedia will take notice.



    I absolutely agree with this!

  4. it's past midnight and i just had a glass of baileys, so sorry, this is quite naughty... :wink2:





    you know what's funny? my, erm, lollipop usually is only this big, but...





    ...when lollipop girl touched it, it suddenly became sooo huuuuge!


    :naughty: :naughty: :naughty:


    NAME: Lollipop size

  5. I mean I havent but I wondered if he has. I can only imagine Mika would ever be with some one he loved and that meaningless sex would not exist for him, but all the other famous rockers did it didnt they?


    lol, another one of these naughty threads, i like it! :naughty:


    back to the topic, well, the "he-would-only-be-with-someone-he-loved"-thing is a nice thought, i thought so too of the bands i liked when i was 16. :wink2: Take That also seemed so sweet and innocent back then, but, erm, they really weren't! and i understand it now.


    mika is a young man and he certainly gets enough offers. :naughty: he said it himself when he talked about "lollipop", that sex has a different meaning for men than for women. the only reason why i think he might not do it, is because the someone he took backstage might sell their story to the press, and then everyone would know about mika's sexuality. so if he did it, i don't think he'd do it at concerts, too obvious. :wink2: maybe at the hotel. and if any of his fans knew anything, they wouldn't tell it here publicly (anyway i wouldn't! if i knew anything. which i don't.), because mika wouldn't want everyone to know. :wink2:

  6. Well Being The Singer I Am, I Have To Say That The Following Things Are Bad For Your Voice.





    Ice Cream




    Cough Drops [Ja Who Would've Knew?!"



    Basically It Would Be Impossible For MIKA To Have The Range He Has If He Did Smoke. Actually The Best Thing For Your Voice Is A Glass Of Hot Water.. Interesting Eh?


    Anyways, MIKA Can't Smoke, He'd Ruin Is Amazing Voice.


    uh so i couldn't be a singer, i LOVE milk! ;-) and chocolate, ice cream and sometimes alcohol. ;)


    about smoking, i don't like it and i also wished it would get banned at clubs and bars here. when i was on holiday in rome 2 years ago, i loved going out there because it was all smoke-free so my clothes didn't smell like smoke. actually i talked to some smokers there and they agreed with me, they didn't mind going outside for smoking.


    my feeling about mika is that he's not a regular/heavy smoker but i guess he doesn't mind to smoke occasionally, like when going out. don't know why i think so, it's just a feeling. :wink2:

  7. when you start a new thread, below the window where you can write and all the smileys, there's a box you can tick: "post a poll with this thread" and choose the "Number of poll options". i haven't tried it yet, but i guess if you click "submit reply", you'll be able to enter the question and possible answers.

  8. this forum is much better! :thumb_yello: but at least the mikasounds.com forum is better than the one on the german site mikasounds.de - there's almost nothing on there! guess i should start a forum like mfc in german. :wink2:


    there's a really funny thread on the official forum, about people wondering if mika reads the forum and mika giving his comment. look a bit down the page for the nickname "MIKA", that was mika's last post there:


  9. LMFAO!!! :lmao: :lmao: :lmao:


    another one for this pic:

    you stupid curl there in the middle of my forehead! go back to the rest of my hair where you belong NOW, or else...:sneaky2:


    i think the girl is MIKAs friend but im not sure...... sorry!!!:biggrin2:



    if you mean his girlfriend, i don't think so, she looks quite surprised! :wink2: where did you find that picture?

  10. i found a pair last week when i was looking through my old stuff in the basement, they're dark red. i was wearing them when i was a child so i don't think they'd fit me anymore... normally i would've given them away now, as i'm currently sorting out all my old stuff - but for a certain reason (i.e. a certain person they remind me of :wink2: ) i decided to keep them now. :biggrin2:

  11. asexual? I think now we've definitely heard everything!

    I don't like this aritcle... der Mann der Queen sein will... Michael Penniman.... I there's not much I actally believe


    you're right about the name, they got that wrong... but i think the title refers to the line in grace kelly, "so i tried a little freddie". either they misunderstood that, or, what i think, they just wanted a good catchy headline - and it certainly is, for those people who don't know mika. everyone knows who queen are, so "the man who wants to be queen" is something that attracts attention, and that's the only purpose of a headline, to make people wanna read the article.

  12. 1_mika17.jpg

    mummy, i WANT this piano! and i won't go away here till you buy it for me!!



    damn static electricity!!!


    hey, what do you think of my new hairdo? it's really easy to create, you just have to stick your finger in the power outlet!

  13. It can be viewed online here




    this is from april 4th and the author describes Mika as 'alarmingly asexual' LOL!


    thanx for the link! :original: but i don't think he means mika himself with "asexual", in the context it seems a bit different to me. the meaning is more like that mika plays with asexuality, it's part of the show. the article is critical but overall positive.


    i'll try to translate the part with the "asexual" comment:


    (before this paragraph: many compare mika to freddie mercury and the scissor sisters)

    but he doesn't have anything of the thronging obscenity of the queen lead singer and only a little bit of the art student bitchiness of the new yorkers. his business is a -up to the very last ringlet- camp, disturbingly asexual, masculine cheerfulness. with the taste of flan. no-one flirts that skilfully and consistently with his differentness than mika, who numbers among his influences the peculiar songwriter harry nilsson, the electric light orchestra and the disney-soundtracks of the 50s. everything about him is so wrong that it can only be dead right. this week, "grace kelly" shot to the top ten also in germany.


    hope that makes sense. - sorry, it's quite difficult to translate because the author uses this metaphorical language, i had to look up most of the words.

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