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  1. I love his hair like that, it looks so fluffy. His T-Shirt says "Virgin Prunes". I had to google that to find out that it was a Punkrock band back in the 70s / 80s.
  2. Only today I realized that Mika is a spirit in the supermarket scene of the video. He has a slight glow around him and is slightly shine-through, you can see the shelves through him a little. It makes sense of course, as at this point of the video the squirrel = he is dead, and then he turns into the squirrel and dissolves. But I hadn't realized it yet, so far to me it was a nice feeling of "good, MIka is still there and dancing", which made the squirrel's death a little more bearable. So well, I'm not too happy about this discovery. 😅 I still love the video tho, it's just too cute.
  3. Aah, they sent it to me twice, I thought one was because of the donation, but maybe it was because I bought your ticket? 😆 Glad you got it finally!
  4. Full interview with BFMTV from today: https://www.bfmtv.com/people/musique/i-love-beirut-mika-s-engage-pour-le-liban-en-organisant-un-grand-concert-caritatif_VN-202009190171.html
  5. I love this, at first I thought it'd be the French interview with subtitles, but it's actually a new one in English! Deleted or just unpinned?
  6. So will we do any "fanactions" on the livechat? Maybe not during the Danna Paola songs... but as Mika has time because it's prerecorded, he might be watching?
  7. An article from leggo.it: https://www.leggo.it/spettacoli/xfactor/xfactor_2020_mika_leggo_nella_squadra_non_voglio_gente_piange-5464161.html?fbclid=IwAR3-Nzj0N_AJEsIGvA3XLSrZ9ZjdElZo3G7SpB0X5uiHgn0RM0dP1SP8jxk Google translation: XFactor 2020, Mika to Leggo: "In my team I don't want people who cry" XFactor 2020, Mika: «In my team I don't want people who cry». From Thursday 17 September, the new edition of the program will start on Sky and Now TV and this year foresees great changes. From the judges to the study, and the premises are excellent.
  8. Here are the 2 videos from IG of yesterday's party that I couldn't download this morning: by @paolainwonderland paolainwonderland_119638124_648271126105140_8186463061350426587_n.mp4 by @giacomocarrera giacomocarrera_119567141_176490663937502_6534907024188138692_n.mp4
  9. Of course, but that's not new. No one knows at this point if these festivals can take place due to Covid, and he won't commit to it if it's not sure. When the situation is clear again, that the pandemic is under control so it's possible to make plans again, he'll do gigs again. If that is already next summer, which I doubt, I think he might be doing some stuff short notice. But right now it's just too early to make plans for gigs and festivals with a crowd of several thousand.
  10. He just said in another interview that he doesn't want to copy himself. So I think this kind of charity concert with guests from all over the world will remain a one time thing. But the experience will probably affect his work in the future in one way or another. Him being the creative director for that Canadian show might be something that came out of it, and I can imagine there's more to come that is connected to his work on the I❤Beirut gig. So re. your question, I think it's not either or, but both. At least from what I got in the French interviews yesterday, he still plan
  11. Manuelito will inform at 14:00 on his IG profile hell_raton about how he'll support the I❤Beirut gig. It seems this Machete Aid is his own charity initiative, if I undersrand it right.
  12. Ah thanks. I thought she talked more about Mika than about the song, as she mentions him so often. Gosh, I'm glad that he finds Arabic too difficult, I'd give up at some point trying to understand everything Mika-related in languages I have no clue about. 🙈
  13. An article on Vogue.it about the event: https://www.vogue.it/news/gallery/mika-tempo-fazzoletti-evento-milano-foto?amp&__twitter_impression=true
  14. Danna posted several stories yesterday, one of them was reposted by Mika. I think in the first ones she talks about the song and Mika, but not sure what she says? Could someone who understands Spanish please translate? And then if I understand it right, she says 3 things she likes about herself and asks her fans to do the same.
  15. Some photos on IG from yesterday's party (there's also 2 or 3 videos, but I can't download them on my phone): This one's a screenshot from a video:
  16. "Ciao da Milano"?! Ok now I'm really confused. mikainstagram_119253402_148292926940374_603838223404247746_n.mp4 mikainstagram_119442842_335763411024188_2250814757090075049_n.mp4 mikainstagram_119558566_1172251723162048_1730333196604000991_n.mp4 mikainstagram_119573260_968696000266634_1332369683920633259_n.mp4 mikainstagram_119558566_1172251723162048_1730333196604000991_n.mp4 mikainstagram_119573260_968696000266634_1332369683920633259_n.mp4
  17. Ah, and he said that Any Other World will be part of the show. It's not one of my fave Mika songs, but I had hoped he'd sing it, as I connect it to Lebanon more than any other Mika song, because of Rafa's story. And the lyrics also fit so well to these times. I'm sure that'll be an emotional moment.
  18. Aww I love his reactions to his playlist later on in the show - the way he's like at the Elvis song... It's interesting that he recently says it's his all time favourite (I remember he said the same on the Xfactor playlist thing), when I think he had never mentioned it before? I think before he had said his fave song was Nature Boy. Well of course it can change, but the only time I remember him mentioning Elvis was when he said his Mum had Return to Sender on repeat in their Toyota Previa. Anyway I love it. I don't listen much to Elvis anymore these days (currently I'm quite into ABBA, besi
  19. Ah, thanks. Well, idk, will he do an IG live after each of the shows to connect with his fans? I'm sure the show will be beautiful, like Casa Mika - but the most beautiful about Casa Mika was his monologues, which I only understood with the subtitles - and although I think this one will be at least partly in English, there'll be many fans watching who don't understand English. Well ok if it's prerecorded, he can add subtitles (if that's possible in a YT livestream? No idea...). Just... well. We'll see. Anyway, as I said before, the main thing is that it gets a lot of visibility to collec
  20. I think it's only Lollipop in the street, in one of those articles I read that after recording that, he went back into the theatre. I suppose with the Funk Off band it was better to do in an open space, the stage doesn't look that big. And in the introduction of the Le Figaro article that Vanessa has posted in the French press thread, it says the show is built around a performance in that theatre. I don't mind that it's not 100% live, but it looks now like it'll be 100% recorded... Ok at least that way it won't make a difference in which timezone you're watching, if none of it is
  21. Hm, from the previews in C'a vous it looks like indeed most of it (if not all?) will be prerecorded. Well, so maybe Mika will have time to join the livechat. And we'll miss all of his comments because it's going too fast. In the TV show he said again that he misses the connection with the audience and that he'll try to do this with this gig. Tbh I can't imagine how, with a prerecorded show, but who knows, he's an expert at surprising us, right? We knew that Max and Wouter would be playing at the gig, but in the video I think I can also see Tim? And a new keyboarder.
  22. IG story by Silvio_Tova - it's an old pic from the Vatican Museums, but I don't remember whether it has been posted yet. Edit: Lol!
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