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  1. 9 hours ago, miknikel said:

    I agree with Melody on many points. For example, Mika himself said several times when he presented his last album that pop music had become de-sexualized. From there to deduce that this is part of the "game", there is only one step. Of course this doesn't mean that we have to forget all respect for it. Some of the comments you mention could be described as of dubious taste. But your publication also makes me wonder about one thing: is it only a question of age? Anonymity gives wings. For example, a person who regularly published comments on Mika, on the verge of indecency, I was petrified when I learned that she was just 13 years old. I believe that it is up to each of us to weigh up our comments, while keeping in mind a few common sense rules. Make sure you don't shock anyone, including Mika, of course. Afterwards, it remains true that not everyone has the same vision on the subject, but I wonder if before being a question of age, it is not rather a question of state of mind. In any case, it is interesting to have different points of view and to be able to talk about it in all serenity

    I think that's a good point. Disrespectful and very explicit comments, of people of all ages, are something that I think none of us wants to see. But I don't see anything disrespectful in the 馃槏聽smiley, for example. So maybe it's more a question of our different views on what a disrespectful or explicit comment is? I guess it might make sense that a 12 year old has different聽views on this than a 16 year old than a 30 or 40 year old.聽

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  2. Not sure this will work. I suppose especially now in times of Corona they'd be extra careful. Anyway I wouldn't count on it that he'd get a letter sent to the XF studio. Maybe just call them and ask what they do with letters sent to the judges and talents at this address?

  3. Chandler, you do have some good points, I also cringe at comments like "the things I'd do to him" (tho luckily it's rare that I see such explicit comments) or the photoshopped images of Mika's head on naked bodies. Also, once my own kids will be old enough to get on social media, I might have to consider setting聽my profiles to private - but that is independent from any comments in particular, but just because I know that my hobby of following a popstar might be considered "weird" by others, and while I have no problem at all explaining and defending this to any of my own contacts, I don't think my kids should be put in the situation of having to explain or聽defend it to their peers. That is still years away for me though, and something I'll discuss with my kids then.

    As for my own comments about Mika's body, I don't feel bad or embarrassed about them, and I'm still trying to figure out why they would be offending to younger fans, as you say. And it seems you think also to Mika himself, "the poor fella",聽and that is聽something I definitely don't see. Do you think when he does things like humping the stage or opening his jacket to show his abs (initiated by a woman in her mid-30s, btw - just wondering, how do you see Emma's role in this?), that he expects people to ignore it? Or just for everyone except teenagers聽to keep a distant, academic look on it?聽I can assure you that he loves the looks and screams he gets for this when he's on stage, and that this is something he misses these days when he can't do shows. So all I'm doing is show him聽from a distance, by commenting on social media,聽what I would usually show him at one of his gigs. And not just to him, but for everyone to see - that he's a very attractive and sexy man, to men and women of all ages.

    And yes, first and foremost he's a musician, of course. But not only. It changed throughout his career, but last year, with the release of Ice Cream and the sexy dancers at the summer festivals, also with some of the interviews he did at that time, he went in a direction that surprised me at the time, towards the image of a sex symbol. And I gotta say I was very skeptical about that at first, I feared it might get superficial, just focused on show - he was suddenly dancing choreographies like a boyband and had dancers on stage who just pretended to play instruments, like WTF?! Luckily there was no need to worry, his latest album is his best, in my opinion. Same for the Revelation tour.聽There were one or two interviews where he named popstars like Prince or Michael Hutchence as an example of how such contradictions could well work together, the musician who also is a sex symbol - and I think he definitely doesn't have to hide behind them.

    The thing is, and I wonder if maybe this is the point that the younger fans might be missing if they see *just* the comments about his body on Twitter: His body and his good looks definitely aren't the *reason* why I follow him, they are just a nice extra about this extraordinary musician and wonderful, deep, smart and kind聽man that Mika is. And also that is something that Mika knows very well, that most of his fans don't just follow him for his looks.

    Among all the comments I wrote about his music and art and smart choices and other sophisticated things on Twitter and Instagram over the last few months, do you know which of my comments got a "like" from him? One where I wrote,聽among other things,聽"you're just trying to kill me again with pictures in a pink outfit". :lmfao::dunno_grin:

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  4. Here are a few bits of/about the Daily 13, which sadly we didn't get a full recording of (shame, it seemed to be one of the most interesting :crybaby:).聽

    The video for this is gone, it was a clip filmed from TV, where Vergo was talking with Mika and had tears in his eyes. But Elena was so nice to translate what was said in that clip (and after):

    Also someone wrote on Twitter that Mika mentioned a German word, "Gesamtkunstwerk" (which is a concept made popular by Richard Wagner, Mika had mentioned it before at some point years ago). But I don't know in which context.

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  5. 8 hours ago, Gigimau said:

    Herbst 2020, und der n盲chste gro脽e Lockdown steht an...鈥 die ideale Gelegenheit, Mika zu h枚ren, oder?聽 Wo seit ihr, 枚sterreichische Fans? Meldet euch mal !

    Hach ja, bin gespannt wie lang's in DE noch dauert bis zum n盲chsten gro脽en Lockdown - w眉rde mich sehr wundern, wenn wir darum herumkommen diesen Herbst/Winter. Alles Gute f眉r dich! Wie gehts dir denn?

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  6. 4 hours ago, Paoletta said:

    @mellodypoor Mika聽:doh:luckily there are only four episodes left so then he can rest assured聽:lol3::blush::wink2:

    honestly it bothered me that they interrupted him just because he got the crocodile pronunciation wrong .. poor thing they made him uncomfortable. Luckily, the final is just a short distance away, so then he is calm too, starlet

    Where is that quote from? It was obvious that he was embarrassed, but he was also laughing - and he posted the whole thing with subtitles on his IG, so altogether I think he was ok with it. By posting it with subtitles, he also made sure that everyone understands what he actually wanted to say. ;)

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  7. 19 hours ago, Prisca said:

    Thank you@mellodyand @dcdebfor the explications. It just my caught my attention because people are using smileys that I don't have, also new members that I don't think that they did the effort to copy them from somewhere else. I don't have almost no static yellow smileys or e.g. food or drink smileys, is that normal?

    When I use those other smileys, I post them from my phone keyboard, for example:聽馃榿馃悐馃崡

    @TinyLove_CJ聽Something I noticed is that when I open the notifications once, they all get聽marked as read, so after clicking on one of them, I can't see which others are new. Do you see the missing notifications in the list at all?

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  8. I need help please - I e-mailed them the tickets and a scan of my bank card (Maestro), where it shows the name and IBAN. They answered:

    Nous avons besoin d'un document officiel avec l'IBAN le nom de votre banque, et votre nom聽
    Merci pour votre compr茅hension,聽

    So if I understand it right, they ask me to send an official document with the name of the bank, my name and the IBAN. Isn't the bank card an official document? What do they want? What have you sent them? :dunno:聽Does it have to be the same bank that I used for payment? I don't remember if it was the same, I thought it was, just that I payed via credit card and not IBAN - but not sure...

  9. 26 minutes ago, krysady said:

    And this happens both on my phone and my laptop... but I thought that maybe it was made on purpose because there where many duplicate emojis, from what I remember聽:dunno_grin:

    That's right, we just removed all the duplicates, and the Twitter emojis because it seems they were the reason why the emoji popup slowed down or crashed the site for some people. Some of our old emojis also got lost accidentally聽in that process, but we tried to restore them all. If you're still missing any聽in particular, please let us know.

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  10. 3 minutes ago, Kumazzz said:

    A part of NAIP mentions Mika

    From what I understand, the question is whether Mika is tough or soft (duro / tenerone), and Naip says tough but sensitive, and that apart from that he describes him as "sciamanico" (shaman), because he understands things that aren't obvious - I think the example he tells is about Mika saying after a few seconds of a performance "you're not really there", something like that.

    Maybe someone can understand more details of what he says? He also talks some more about the duro / tenerone thing, but I don't understand that.

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  11. As you might have heard on the MFC live and/or read in the current MFC IG stories, Instagram user erikjcjansen suggested to write new lyrics for Dear Jealousy, and we can do this as a team! :biggrin2:聽Here's what Erik suggested so far:

    Dear Quarantine,

    Why this house feels prisoning,

    These walls don't do good for me,

    it's time for me to leave.

    Dear Quarantine,

    midnight snacks is all I see,

    why I want you near?!

    Any suggestions? :wink2:

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  12. 10 hours ago, holdingyourdrink said:

    In a world where everything needs to be 鈥渦nique鈥, 鈥渇ast鈥 and 鈥渋nnovating鈥, I think it鈥檚 kind of a relief聽to see Mika doesn鈥檛 see himself as special. I agree with him, because I also think that the people who say about themselves how 鈥渟pecial鈥 and 鈥渦nique鈥 they are, are a bit too much in their own bubble 馃槈 (wording it a bit more diplomatic here than he did 馃槅). It gives me the sense that through it all, he still has both feet on the ground. Or at least that is what this interview portrays to me.

    I'm still wondering how to bring that together with the lyrics for Ordinary Man聽- "not as special as I think that I am", and also with what he says about mediocrity, which imo is the opposite of being special/unique. Maybe I'm getting a bit mixed up with the definitions of "special" and "unique" - he does talk about it in this interview, maybe I have to reread it a few times, but it doesn't completely arrive with me what the author promises聽in the introduction. Tho I do understand what Mika says about the definition of uniqueness told by his mother - it's something I have felt at the Bolzano gig in February, I wrote it in my report about that gig, it's exactly that (at least from what I understand that he means in this interview). And well, that's something that can hardly be described and that you can't be made to feel just by being told. I still don't know how it happened in Bolzano.

    Of course I agree that people who think they're better than others are as*holes. And well, maybe that's what he means by saying "special compared to others". There's another aspect tho that I remember from the time when I was bullied at school. When you're made to feel worthless every day, then you will either believe that they are right and聽you are worth less than them. Or you can try to protect yourself by believing聽that they're all wrong and that you must be really special for all of them to hate you so much for no reason. It was a mix of both for me, and after changing school, in my later schoolyears I think I was often seen as arrogant, because I had built a wall around me to protect myself. For over a decade after that, my biggest dream was to become rich and famous, to show them all how special I really am and what they've missed. That's another story, but I sometimes wonder how much of this was an issue for Mika as well. I somehow think it's not anymore, but when I read, like in the other interview, that he has this big fear of being mediocre, I also wonder whether this is linked to the bullying, and generally his family's story.

    And that brings me to:

    11 hours ago, holdingyourdrink said:

    And I think it鈥檚 interesting that you feel we鈥檙e in a similar phase, haha. To be honest, I wasn鈥檛 a Mika fan before, (and what I am about to say will not be appreciated, I know 馃檲)聽because I felt he was screaming and pretending to 鈥渨alk the walk鈥, as聽to try to understand what was going on in his life. At the time when Grace Kelly came out, I was screaming as well in my own life.聽So in hindsight I guess it was just kind of a mirror I was looking at, and I didn鈥檛 like what I saw. Just because it reminded me of my own walk聽of life.聽
    His most recent music and also the live performances of his old music gives portrays聽a ripeness and a sense of arriving. I very much identify with that and that is also the time I became a fan.聽

    I kind of agree with you from today's point of view (tho I never felt he was "screaming"), but my reaction to it back then was different from yours - maybe my own walk of life was just at a different point, or I was indeed looking for a mirror.聽When I started following him in 2007, it felt like he was a step further than me, like he had overcome bullying - in fact he lived the dream that I just mentioned here, he was the bullied kid that became rich and famous, his own way. He dared to speak out - it was also the time when the internet started to change聽the music industry, but the industry clinged to their old ways,聽and a song like Grace Kelly hit exactly the right nerve with me at that time. A little bit rebellious, but in a nice way. Over the years, I think it always was a balance of what I felt I could learn from Mika and what I felt I already understood better than him. And it still is now. He has come a long way since then, and so have I. But still after all these years he continues to surprise and amaze me. :wub2:

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  13. Last week I dreamt that Mika posted several IG stories that lasted nearly an hour each (so I guess it was more like IGTV videos than stories), and in my dream I started watching the first story - Mika was in his house at a piano that stood in the middle of the room, with a spotlight on him. He sang something (can't remember what), talked a bit, and while he did so, there were also other videos and photos shown, one I remember in particular was a photo of him as a child blended over his face in the video, picturing something he said in that moment. Then he said he'd show us around the house a bit. It all seemed like a really intimate documentary about Mika's life and career, told by himself - I absolutely loved it and was very curious to see more of it. But just when he was about to open the door to show another room of his house, I woke up. :aah:聽And then I immediately thought of the installation of art, music and light that he wants to make, and wondered whether he could actually do it like that, as a sort of online documentary about himself, a bit like the I鉂eirut gig.

    And today he posts about the piano in his living room. :wub2:聽Made me immediately think of my dream. :fangurl:

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