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  1. It reminds me of MIKA. And 2007. Makes me feel like starting over. 😂❤️
  2. Regarding GEMA and youtube in Germany there are ways to work around this, obviously. ThePianoGuys for instance have a link in each of their video descriptions that redirects the audience trying to watch from Germany to another (also yt) page and it works just fine from there. I'm convinced that this approach doesn't play such a minor role in their degree of popularity and success over here. I can't imagine it's illegal either, because they're signed with Sony and the label certainly has a say in this? It seems a minor gesture but shows interest and care for the special difficulties for a certain market and that can make all the difference sometimes.
  3. Hahaha. Shallow Violet. Needs serious tv commercial spam to realize album #3 is not as bad as she thought when she discarded it after listening just twice. Sweet to re-fall in love. Mwahahaha.
  4. To complete the wishlist, I would like some apple pie right now. Hi all! I'd love a reunion, too. With or without Mika, but preferably without a gig. I like the fact that project Mika is supported by a slightly more motivated marketing team than in the years before. I rarely popped by here lately, still suddenly Mika is all around, spamming my email-inbox, celebrating out of the radio when I get into my car in the morning, when I get into my car in the evening... my mum calls to tell me that he's going to be on some tv show.. This - not so much my mum - but improved marketing activities along with an album that is so much more mainstream than anything before will hopefully finally grant him the commercial success he always deserved so much. I mean it. I do. I have no doubt that the new album is technically brilliant and all that. He just can't do crap. But frankly, if that had been the first one I wouldn't have given a hoot. Just my two cents. It's nice to see you're all still here - in a way. Where's bab? Edit: Er, yes. And I've just seen the BBC two acoustic origin... performance. And it's so Mika. And I remember why I ended up here in the first place. And I can't get over how he could slaughter his stuff like that for the album. It's entirely incomprehensible to me.
  5. I'm a bit underwhelmed by what I heard and saw so far, but at the same time I'm way too far out of the loop at the moment to judge. Thanks for the summary, it's much appreciated.
  6. Fantastic poem! Love it! Now I want that audio track of bab reciting it.
  7. So. Mika sang out of tune a couple of times. ... some find it particularly alarming , and some others don't. ... well meant advice was uttered by some. ... and words of appreciation by some others. ... but at the end of the day we're all full of for Mika ?
  8. I haven't read the thread in detail but I understand there is a lot of dislike for the new video. I think it's hilarious, though. Fantastically trashy, low budget and thus fits the song just perfectly. And I don't mean it in a negative way at all. I like the colors and the massive over the topness of everything - especially patterns The bad lip synching seems more like stylistic device to me than failure. All in all it's by far not anywhere near the cringeworthyness of the embarrassing piece of crap he did for WAG. I definitely don't have to have Mika starring in all videos for his own songs.
  9. Thanks for the reports. He's just extra adorable when things go wrong on stage.
  10. Yes. That's about everything they have in common. Sorry.
  11. Moreover I find it close to ignorant to mention Amy Winehouse in the same context with the Oslo victims. Why not even put her in a bucket with the thousands of starving people in Somalia? As for a purpose, the audience being tickled pink with "Aww" should Be sufficient. Not that I think he does not feel empathy when he says so. It won't bring anyone back.
  12. I like this version from Ajaccio much much better than the first one. English not being my mothertongue, I can overlook the lyrics. They don't bother me so much in this song. This song probably won't make it to my top list, yet if it is done like there in Ajaccio I think I can very well live with it. It seems to me that they only had time to rehearse it properly after the first on stage performance I cringed a bit before the 'blaaaame' at 2:25, wondering if it would go well, and in fact that was way better than before. Even nicer harmony later at 3:35. I must say I find it amazing and very professional how they seem to care about the reactions and adapt to them. Strangely, the way Ida sung this time didn't bother me one bit. Kudos for toning it down. Letting her start obviously was a clever move, too. It seems to work. Well, it does for me.
  13. What a romantic way to depart this life ... a balloon crash. ______________________________________________
  14. If overproduced was the only way we could get it, I'd agree wholeheartedly. I actually never thought that any of the demos would make it anywhere after being leaked. So the Instant Martyr B side was a nice surprise. And then I'm Falling appeared on the proper album. and Loverboy made the bonus. It makes me feel all warm and fuzzy to believe that the possibility to get Overrated is not all that far-fetched. Handled in an Over my Shoulder way, no harm can be done, really. (I'd prefer to have only Mika's voice on that, though.) [/daydream]
  15. As this is an old song he dug out somwhere in a - and I'm sure of that - considerable heap of pieces that have never seen the light, he must have come across other long lost treasures as well . I now have hope for this next album's bonus oddball to be a raw version of Overrated.
  16. OMG, poor Mika. We give him such a hard time these days.
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