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  1. Ciao, è tanto che non passo da queste parti però ora qualche tempo fa ho sentito dell'incidente di Paloma e, nonostante abbia cercato periodicamente aggiornamenti sulle sue condizioni, ho trovato ben poco... sapete dirmi qualcosa? Non mi interessano i dettagli, sono questioni private della famiglia Penniman, ma almeno vorrei capire come sta ora, se è fuori pericolo. ciao a tutti e grazie
  2. Happy Birthday :yay:

  3. Happy Birthday love!!!

    Still miss you!xx



  4. 458u.gif


    Miss you! xx

  5. Eir


    Oh not in a bad way, but when I started writing here (april 2007) we were just a few. Even the graphic was different, but overall there was less people, there were less threads, now I feel like lost in here. And it's sad for me, but of course it's good for Mika, since he has always more fans I've changed too since my arrive here! So, it's not a problem, it's life, I think ps. thanks, your signature is great!
  6. Eir


    Heeey Zsina!!! How are you?? In the last months I...I was studying I've graduated and I'm attending the second degree courses now, so I have no time to write anymore... I have no time to do anything actually Sometimes I still come here to give a look around, but everything is so different.... On the contrary your drawings are always incredible! And even better! sorry for the delay
  7. Eir


    Thank you! too nice! this is my favourite, she was such a charming woman
  8. Eir


    omg, this forum is a bit changed from the last time I gave a look here btw I'll share my works here as I did in the old good times here's the original in a bigger size http://eirene86.deviantart.com/ love to everyone
  9. Ohhh, well have a great vacation, hun! See you around! :)

  10. I'd like to give you a massive hug I couldn't imagine so many of you still remember me! Unfortunately I won't be here regularly because I'm working, then I'll start the courses for the second level degree, but I'll try to give a look from time to time because I never forget this place, I felt at home here with you As you can see without you my english is a bit rusty, so forgive any mistake! HUGS!!!!!!!!
  11. Hi Droopsy!! No, unfortunately I'm not back, now I'm working and then I'll go on holiday, so I wont be able to follow MFC for a while yet... :(

    and on october I'll start attending the second level lessons...


    But sometimes I still come here to give a look around :original:


    I'm happy you wrote me :cheerful_h4h:

  12. Glad to see you're back? :)

  13. Lol lol lol Just bumped here to say hello omg there are a lot of new emotes ...I'm already too old btw I graduated
  14. HEY!!! welcome back! i'm glad to be the first on your wall!

    i'm well...just waiting for more mika's gigs!

    you see? i'm still where you left me..............

  15. uh robertina! hello, how are you?

    I write in english since I remember we both love this language and I don't want to exclude people who doesn't understand our (lovely) mother language...

    So, are you still here? Any news?

    (the chance to leave a message on the profile is such a good idea, I'm sorry it wasn't possible when I was here 24h a day)

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