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  1. Hi Droopsy!! No, unfortunately I'm not back, now I'm working and then I'll go on holiday, so I wont be able to follow MFC for a while yet... :(

    and on october I'll start attending the second level lessons...


    But sometimes I still come here to give a look around :original:


    I'm happy you wrote me :cheerful_h4h:

  2. uh robertina! hello, how are you?

    I write in english since I remember we both love this language and I don't want to exclude people who doesn't understand our (lovely) mother language...

    So, are you still here? Any news?

    (the chance to leave a message on the profile is such a good idea, I'm sorry it wasn't possible when I was here 24h a day)

  3. hello my dear, beautiful avatar you have :)


    A great hug!

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