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  1. Ciao, è tanto che non passo da queste parti :)


    però ora qualche tempo fa ho sentito dell'incidente di Paloma e, nonostante abbia cercato periodicamente aggiornamenti sulle sue condizioni, ho trovato ben poco... sapete dirmi qualcosa? Non mi interessano i dettagli, sono questioni private della famiglia Penniman, ma almeno vorrei capire come sta ora, se è fuori pericolo.


    ciao a tutti e grazie :wink2:

  2. Why do you think everything is so different? Not in a good way?

    Oh and your drawings are .... incredible. I LOOOOVE THEM


    Oh not in a bad way, but when I started writing here (april 2007) we were just a few. Even the graphic was different, but overall there was less people, there were less threads, now I feel like lost in here.


    And it's sad for me, but of course it's good for Mika, since he has always more fans :blink:


    I've changed too since my arrive here!

    So, it's not a problem, it's life, I think :wink2:



    ps. thanks, your signature is great!

  3. hey hey hey..amazing....:shocked:





    WHERE HAVE YOU BEEN EIR???????????????????????????????




    Heeey Zsina!!! How are you??


    In the last months I...I was studying :P


    I've graduated and I'm attending the second degree courses now, so I have no time to write anymore... I have no time to do anything actually :aah:


    Sometimes I still come here to give a look around, but everything is so different....


    On the contrary your drawings are always incredible! And even better! :original:


    sorry for the delay :sweatdrop:

  4. :yay: Congrats!!





    I'm SO happy for you! So, now I hope to see you more often here, doctor!:wink2:


    Oh! You're alive!! :huglove:


    Congrats on your graduation! :clap:


    It's so nice to see you again! It's been forever! :biggrin2:



    My random thought: Don't you just love those drunken people who decide to sing in front of your house...:sneaky2:



    I'd like to give you a massive hug :huglove:


    I couldn't imagine so many of you still remember me! :wub2:


    Unfortunately I won't be here regularly because I'm working, then I'll start the courses for the second level degree, but I'll try to give a look from time to time because I never forget this place, I felt at home here with you :original:


    As you can see without you my english is a bit rusty, so forgive any mistake!




  5. oh I know, my friends at school (some years ago :boxed::roftl: ) criticized me too... but if this critics are constructive, they can be useful. If they're not, just ignore them, they're envious! :bleh:


    Mines were not useful and I was kind of sad... then I understood I had to ignore them and I had gratification from other people :wink2:

  6. I saw all the drawings and I liked them...

    and I'm still thinking that I need to keep writing books, and to leave the art to other people that do it better x D



    I dunno how your art skills are, but I think that if you feel you want do draw or do art in general, you should just do it. Everyone can improve practising and with a little effort :original:

  7. :shocked: i might just print out that Audrey Hepburn one and hang it on my wall!!:mf_lustslow: i hope you'll show more!:punk:


    Very very veryy good job! it's amazingly real , :wink2::thumb_yello:


    Thank you very much :original:


    Now I'm very busy with university, but I'll come back when new works will be ready


    thank you again, you help me to keep it up :flowers2:




    ps. mauremika your works are good! Do you study?

  8. oh yes! sure!

    but please don't leave us................:shocked:





    I really can't assure you anything... I've my last exam for this session next week


    then I'll work with social services (per il tirocinio :bleh: ) so I'll be busy in August too...


    but I'll try to give a look here from time to time :original:





    thank you mika-fan :biggrin2:

  9. Ciaaaao!


    how are you?


    so many things are changed but we're still here loving mika, isn't true? :wink2:


    even if I had to leave mfc :( my love is still the same

  10. Woah :blink: But they're worth the time and patience :wink2:


    I hope so :naughty:


    the fact is that I've learned that every little detail must be studied...

    so I decided to spend a lot of time for doing it (Audrey in particular) similar to the reference :bleh:

  11. I'm happy tonight!


    I have 6 big exams left but if everything goes well I'll manage to get graduated on april :blush-anim-cl:


    and I've solved some of my problems :)


    a friend came back to me after a while and our friendship helped both of us



    and I'm quite untroubled, even if I'm tired for too much studing :P



    hello everyone ;)

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