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  1. hello my dear!!! Remember your first fan!! (oh my god, this was not here the last time I came on mfc: )
  2. that's creepy (it was taken before all my problems... but now I have fun again... )
  3. teheee I don't want to sleep tonight... just wanted to remember you of me I miss you afterall @ the people who had taken part to the art project: has martincy sent you back your drawings? @ everyone: has Mika found a love or not? I've been away too long to know it, but I do hope so
  4. bump does someone use my sooo useful threads???
  5. Lol it was FUN I miss so much that time btw HE is still in my room
  6. Uhuh tomorrow I have an exam I am at 27/95 pages I can do it btw I feel better, even if nothing is going right but (for who knows what I'm talking about) my friend is good and that's quite enough I hope something will change for me too I need a person I need a man I need a friend I need a love PS: DO NOT SMOKE PLEASE! IT HURTS!!
  7. The Mika-angel in this photo was mine http://viewmorepics.myspace.com/index.cfm?fuseaction=viewImage&friendID=199642344&albumID=323931&imageID=1233465 have you added it in the first page? But I still dunno what he is an angel or a devil? http://viewmorepics.myspace.com/index.cfm?fuseaction=viewImage&friendID=199642344&albumID=323931&imageID=2618461 (Btw...I think that it would have been nice of you, Finkster, to tell who was the original artist )
  9. Thank you I'm happy to see you still remember Eir I feel a bit better today, but it's a very hard moment Sophie (Jamakkronic) kept me informed about some news, but I lost too much and I don't think I'll have time to follow MFC again I don't want to play the victim's part, but I have to stay with my friend the most I can so days last just 24 hours But I always think about you and hope you'll continue to keep Mika's support cool as it was when I was part of you! (and, yes, I felt a bit bad when I gave a look to the members online and I knew just a very few of them...
  10. Gosh Yes it's me And I dunno when I'll be back here again my heart is beating strongly...I'm so happy my thread is still alive thanks to all of you I miss you too much, I have no words to say it And my thoughts tonight go to you I'm studying hard I've had bad times since I left you My boyfriend left me, one of my best friend is very ill and thinking to suicide I was just DOWN Tired, sad My stomach didn't allowed food and my brain refused to read a line But a new light has entered my life and maybe a new love is trying to carry me out from this dark
  11. Eir


  12. Eir


    I managed to finish it, in the end...
  13. that's really cool...he must be very intelligent and sensitive I think here in Italy there are still too many prejudices...I hate close-minded people... Btw...130 female straight! I'm one of those...I just feel so common
  14. I was single when I gave the answer...now I have a boyfriend but (I hope ) it's not only a "nothing important" relationship
  15. OMG...I made a list of some songs I would like to translate and...this was the first! I love it and I think your translation is very good... PEOPLE...LISTEN TO IT, IT IS WONDERFUL!!!! Oh...Esperia, I'm glad you like this thread!
  16. (I sent this as a bullettin in myspace some time ago) This video has been recorded in MY UNIVERSITY and I managed to meet the band, which is quite famous in Italy They're very good and I like them, the name is Negramaro ________________________ TRE MINUTI Tre minuti solo tre minuti per parlarti di me forse basteranno a ricoprirti di bugie come se io dovessi mostrar di me quello che ancora no…non sono stato mai per convincerti ho due minuti ancora due minuti ma non li sprecherei per mentirti mai come neve fredda scenderei per coprir tutto quello
  17. Eir


    (me toooo and I'm going to buy a new pair because my bf can have a discount [is this the right term? ] 30%less!!!) Ehm...btw thank you again...now my mom is coming back from out, so I think I'l desappear again from Mfc see you... In the meantime I'll add my writing for my bf's group...they were The Dirty Lips...now they're the Naked Dolls (The had to change name...long story...) bye!
  18. Eir


    Oh..thank you again..you're always too kind but it's nothing special, there is a new initiative in my university: a place where students can show their works... and a friend of mine asked me to put one or two of mines so people can be pushed to show theirs too (ignore the way I'm dressed in the pic...it was the party I told you about in may... )
  19. Eir


    Oh, thank you! Well...it would be wonderful...but its difficult...I already have two of my drawings shown in my university...and I don't think they want any more of them
  20. Eir


    During these days I' not allowed to use the computer so much (long story)...so I have dome art-attak It's not finised yet...
  21. Okay, enjoy these then, they're good! but maybe in the future you'll find something for us too ;p Thank you, very intense! Oh, I know them! And I like them, their lyrics are never superficial The songs you all are choosing are so beautiful! What language is that? I think to hear SU DAI COFFEE ANCORA, which means C'mon coffee again in italian, but then I don't understand the language he uses...
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