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  1. I really feel out of place in this forum after my coming back... It's not your fault...people who I really appreciate has already shown they feel the same about me and I thank them for that...but...I can't find a really interesting thread...while before I couldn't leave this place for a second without missing a LOOOOT of things Everything seems to be slower...maybe I'm missing something it's not normal the best fun I had today was in reading a quarrel!! Probably it's me that is changed... Oh and LIZ I love every single post you write...it's a pity almost no one
  2. Wow!! What a cool idea!! Oh Freddie, you're a tempting devil ....I should study but I'll be here in front of my pc from now on! Well...it worths it I can't wait!!!!!
  3. Awww...it's like a dream! I can understand his surprise! Such a good presentation...and two wonderful presents! The cards, all so sparkling and colorful...full of love, and the shirt, so original! No one will wear something like that, he can be sure of it! I hope he will wear it and tell some interviewer how he had it!!! [let me dream in my little corner ]
  4. Thank you I'll check here more frequently... But I still can't get why it was closed... Well, maybe it's not important afterall my thought is...I've seen a lot of wonderful films (I was sick during the last 3 days ) Munich (spielberg...my fav director ) Very good...but I have to see it again to understand all better... Donnie Darko coool! (but I had to read the meaning on wikipedia ) The Lake House (sooooo romantic!!! watch it!!!) Christianne F. very very good...even if it's like a punch in the face..I had read the book too The Crow the one I liked a little less
  5. Does someone know what's happening with the too big sigs problem? The thread was closed and I would be glad to understand: a) why b) if I have to do something or not I know mine IS big, but I love it...unless they decided to put a more restrictive limit In this case I will change it
  6. Can you believe me if I swear you I started to dance in front of the computer??? IT's SOOOO WONDERFUL!!!!!!!!!!! he's too nice
  7. It's an amazing work! I swear I'm speechless!!! Girls, this forum is the best...YOU are the best! Maybe I'll be glad to partecipate to the next if you'll need some help
  8. As I've already told you tonight... http://www.mikafanclub.com/forums/showpost.php?p=514441&postcount=67 Much, much love
  9. HI MIKAAA!! Happy birthday hobbi!!!! I hope you'll have the best birthday ever, I love you and your fantasy I'll swear I'll manage to meet you as soon as possible!!! ...You know it doesn't make much sense There ought to be a law against Anyone who takes offense At a day in your celebration Cause we all know in our minds That there ought to be a time That we can set aside To show just how much we love you And I'm sure you would agree It couldn't fit more perfectly Than to have a world party on the day you came to be Happy birthday to you Happy birthday to you Happy
  10. I've just noticed there are something like 2500 people with 0 posts And we should add a lot of people with 1 or 2 posts.......
  11. I'm number #83 Not bad... many people who joined after me have more and more posts ...oh my god, and I was sure to be addicted to this place
  12. Hi angel! Thank you for your help..I really need it after such a long time almost without Mika... They should write: "Take Mika in little doses or he can attempt to your health"
  13. Thank you dear, I'm going to read it now... And I'm happy to read your words...but I'm sorry I can't stay online so much as before... I had bad moments with my uni...because I used to spend my whole day reading here, listening to his songs, watching his interviews, drawing and so on...but now I've understood that I really have to slow down a bit, because I can't waste my parents money (they pay my studies) even if I still love Mika...maybe more than before! So I understood that this was the best moment to do that, since I was forced to stay far from here for two weeks for my holida
  14. What is Mika mail thing? I've lost so many things...does anyone want to make a summary?
  15. I am here...and I'm missing you all even too much! But please, have patience, I CAN'T be back at full time now... ...I'm so happy you thought to me...
  16. Yes, I'll be back in two weeks! I'm going on holiday in tunis I'll conquer Tunis with MiKa's Music!!! BYEE!!!
  17. yes, italian he went to Felipe, pretended to shake his hand but in his ear he said smthing like 'you did that on purpose' Dunno exactly, but Felipe was very surprised and answered 'you cannot say that, you know...though you have won you are saying this?? this is not the right way to act' boh..who knows... ANYWAY... I'M LEAVING DEAR FRIENDS!!! I don't think you could even imagine how much I'm gonna miss you Keep on spreading Mika-love for me too I'll be busy but I'll do it too HUUUUUUUGSSS!!!!!!!
  18. THANK YOU MY FRIENDS Yes I am very proud of my poster
  19. t1: Haylie...my dear, I'm so sad you feel bad I hope everything will go better soon and I'm sorry I had no time to talk with you and have a chat...I'm missing you t2: I like Queenie very much and I hope she won't be angry with me for this but....today I was sooo disappointed by Alonso's way of acting towards Felipe Massa... He had won also thanks to a bit of luck (it started to rain again when they had to drive just 5more laps. But this is the game and things like these are common! ) but he went to Felipe saying he had hit him on purpose! I just don't think so and Felipe's r
  20. A present: Here's he page where it comes from! http://editorial.gettyimages.com/Search/Search.aspx#
  21. Yessss! Raikko first... and I agree: the finnish Mika ( ) was very good I miss those years, Schumacher had great respect towards him Even if I still think that he was the best...then Hakkinen (except for Senna, of course...I think we can't make a comparison...they hadn't the time to run together enough to understand who was better) YAY LEBANGEL!!! Another person who likes Ferrari!!! Schumi is my God, I have been loving him for so many years!!!!
  22. T1: Poor hamilton T2: Some days ago I decided to start reading Michael Schumacher's biography...I opened the book at a random page and the first word I read was 'MIKA' Of course it was Mika Hakkinen, a F1 pilot, but I really thought it had been the fate
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