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  1. i got one for my birthday!! honestly, even if you dont wear a ton of bright colors, it still looks amazing with everything. i was wearing this really vintagey bohemian looking dress when i got it with bangles oin my wrist and everything and i almost didnt put it on, but i did anyway, and i honestly wouldnt wear the outfit without it know. GET THIS WATCH!!! haha, it's great... honestly
  2. AHH sorry guys!! haha here's the link http://quizfarm.com/quiz_repository/new/163737/ enjoy!!
  3. i stumbled across this on the internet! try it for yourself! i scored a tie of 80% for lollipop and love today. let me know how you guys score!
  4. haha this is so funny, because when my friend joe first saw a picture of mika (the one with the coffee cup in the album book) he said "whoa, this guy looks like jesus" haha so that ^^ made me giggle
  5. i'm in!! and i can sew! just let me know size
  6. i rediscovered the decemberists recently and listened to the crane wife nonstop, so that took over mika for a little bit, but then i craved him again, so that was probably like a week, but... now i'm right back where i started!!
  7. i dunno but erase, my interpretation (by mika) and poison oak (by bright eyes) always make me cry
  8. no, i'm actually quite sure that is was written about the July 7 attacks. QUITE sure
  9. i'm just letting you guys know that as of right now on abc.com, the concert is listed to start at 7
  10. on august 10, good morning america is hosting a mika concert at 7 am in bryant park, nyc. it's free!! i'm going, and i couldn't not share it with you. i just found out and i was like "to the mfc!!" hope you all can make it!
  11. you'll love it! he is absolutely amazing june 15= best night of my life i'm just wondering if anyone here saw me at the concert. i was with one other girl and my mom. my friend and i both had white t-shirts with hand-made MIKA and designs sewn on, shorts, leggings and alot of jewelery. i have side bangs and they were up with a blue headband. we came late (stupid beiber bus got us there an HOUR AND A HALF LATE) i'll post pictures soon as well i saw someone with some kind of head band with wiggly sparkly things on top and a girl with like white marie antoinette-ish hair in a nice pink dress those are the only people i remember
  12. ^^ haha it was great. stuck in the middle is my absolute FAVORITE song of his, so i was pretty much screaming my head off when he played it. and ya know it starts off "i sit and think about the day that you're gonna die" and he was justing bouncing around on his piano bench singing that and he was fine, but then when he started the second verse "i look at you, you look at me we bite eachother" instead of singing that he sang the first line again "i sit and think..." but he realized quickly and did that cute giggle/roll his eye thing and then kept singing. haha it made my night. oh also, i have to add, the swatch store is right across the street from the theater and guess which swatch was right displayed in the middle? MIKA'S BIRD ONE!!!! It was awesome!!! i was going to take a picture but... I actually don't remember why I didn't. lol anyways....
  13. http://www.mikafanclub.com/forums/showthread.php?t=3022&page=8&highlight=mika+factoids ^^i hope this helps
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