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    i work with less fortunate people.
  1. i like all of these ideas, but today i was thinking like what if we took a bracelet that can be like engraved (putting on pictures later) and put just the word mika on it. but make the bracelet color silver, and in the engraved stuff make it colorful. i dont know if it makes sense to anyone. or if its possible. i was just thinking... hahah
  2. emo people tend to have their side bangs in their face. and they wear skinny jeans. they are very emotional. hence the name. so if someone does something rude they can get very depressed. and harm themselves. i only know that because my school is filled with them. (i think theyre cute.)
  3. well im from america. well i guess if you go back far enough im irish. but im more southern. i dont really have a much different culture than everyone around me. the most distinct thing is that im baptist. hahah. but im southern.
  4. sarahhhh.


    yes it is! hahah thank you.
  5. ohh, im so sorry you were bullied. at my school, we dont really have bullies. we have the same cliques, but we all get along. but schools around us aren't as lucky. and my friends from there schools always get hurt. mainly verbally. my dream job when i get older is to be a counselor. i want to help build the confidence of those been bullied. the people doing it don't realize what it can lead to. some of these little disorders(anorexia for example.) can be caused by people telling someone she/he is "fat". its horrible. and how i talked about my school being bully free now, well it didn't come without its price. people use to bully this girl because she was differetn, well she was my friend. and no matter how much i reassured her she was better than all of that, she didnt believe me. she ended her life september 20th 2006. people dont realize the damage it does. so think before you act. and apologize, it never hurts.
  6. sarahhhh.


    oh, i go to roanoke(spelling?) every summer. on my way to maryland.
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    thank you esperia and titania.
  8. sarahhhh.


    thank youu. the weather is hottt. but it changes rapidly. hahah. two weeks ago it was snowing and today its 80 degrees. oh i hope so, i want him to do concerts here in the south, that would be mighty interesting. so you live in america too?
  9. sarahhhh.


    hi everyone. my name is sarah. im fifteen. i suppose i tell you about my personality here, hahah. well, i have a...unique personality. hahah. im very spontaneous, and do random things most of the time. i enjoy making people laugh, even if it includes embarassing myself. im all for animal rights and dont eat meat, but i dont care if you do. i have strong views on the world, and yes i am sort of smart. nothing wrong with that. i do things for other people ninety-nine percent of the time. and im involved in several charities. i listen to music daily, and can be heard singing at any one moment. feel free to get to know me and decide if you like me or not. i live in america and just started listening to mika about a month ago. it was by accident because i was looking up something else when i found a song by him, but i decided to listen, and i loved it. a lot of you seem to have known about him for a really long time. lucky for you. where i live barely anyone knows about him and if they do they heard it from me, but i hope that by chance other people here find out and he comes in concert. fat chance right? hahah. anyways, i'm very friendly, and up for a chat whenever, so just message me.
  10. I think its so cool that you got to bring such an amazing gift to Mika. Im sure he will keep it forever. I just want to let you know, I think it was spectacular.