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  1. Ariadneallison

    MIKA's October 2009 North American Tour

    i am so so so excited! this is like my dream come true!
  2. Ariadneallison

    Previous albums from Mika?

    when i first found that this album was recorded by "mika" i couldn't believe it. but this all makes sense. it can't really be him.
  3. Ariadneallison

    Hidden Stuff on "Live in Cartoon Motion" DVD

    i have GOT to go watch this!!
  4. Ariadneallison

    Places MIKA has not been to yet but Should!!!

    i totally agree w/number 17!!!!
  5. Ariadneallison

    Hey from the U.S.

    I'm listening to MIKA while I am typing this; it's amazing, but it's MIKA so what did you expect. My dad actually discovered MIKA and shared him with me and I am so glad he did. By the way, this is an amazing website (especially the pictures:wink2:)