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  1. All MFC yearbooks are safely stored into my mini PC now :wink2:

    Ready to go for a three weeks holidays; I'll have plenty of time to read through them :woot_jump:

    Have a wonderful summer sweet Mélanie :huglove:

  2. Thank you! I've been off of here for a while. Those yearbooks were an awesome experience - I was such a little girl about it all haha . Hopefully you find a link!

  3. 72c8193478039b0805bfa135a392209e_hi6100407100856.gif


    Looking for a link for MFC first yearbook links that works , thinking of you and sending you love and :huglove:

  4. Happy Birthday



  5. :happybday: to you !


    Have a good day !

    Mika is happy for you too


  6. Happy birthday, Melanie!




  7. You just made my night!!!! Thank you for posting! My gosh, I never thought I'd see this!!! Warms my heart:wub2: I hope Slash is next!
  8. Aw, how sweet Mine...There have been so many. Certainly, being nestled underneath his armpit for our only picture together ranks the highest. Hearing him say my name. Seeing him perform "Everybody's Talkin" acoustically in NY. Someone in the crowd yelling at him to pull up his zipper at the 08' Chicago gig. This is making my gig craving stronger. I had forgotten how useful this fanclub was for getting my mind off of things.
  9. Yeah and positive thoughts are a better use of our energy here. More than likely, no one will ever know the full story or any other details other than what's been given because that's what the family wants. I know alot of us feel helpless here, but prayer is in and of itself more powerful than constant speculation.
  10. Ditto, it's been a while for me too. It's a weird place as a fan, when you care about an artist so much and can't really do much but pray. Mika's family is so involved in the Mika production that it's impossible not to feel sad over any one of them getting hurt.
  11. The only news source reporting, online anyway, is the sun. I'm not sure what to search though. I guess we'll have to wait for an update from the family's publicist. They're probably not giving any leads to the media because they want to remain private. I don't blame them.
  12. Wow, were there any other news sources other than this one? I imagine it would be traumatizing for anyone involved and Mika witnessing it all had to have been awful. She's in my prayers.
  13. I just read your post in the yearbook thread and yes, it's both hilarious and sad...but things haven't changed that much as the address is still the same! :naughty:

    It's always good to hear from you anyway! :)

    I hope life is making you happy at the moment! Take care sweetie and best of luck! :huglove:

  14. Ooh fun! My signature look is black riding boots, black skinnies and color up on top. These are my favorite boots - Ralph Lauren. I want some motorcycle ones next. Love fashion, love this thread. Great looks girls!