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  1. i had the same about two months ago. funny story...but im fine now. it wont take long for you to feel better
  2. hey all! soon (in may) will be my graduation night and we have to wear formal clothes. now, im not very good at formal wear adn have no idea where to start and i know you all are very good at this sort of thing. can you help? just some things about me: im around a size 12 UK, shoe size UK 6, pale with purple hair and glasses. not afraid to wear bright colours
  3. Yes! my name is sherwin catchpole, and its got the same picture as on here :)


  4. do you have facebook? :)


  5. sorry, ive only just got your message! i hope you had a lovely valentines day :)


  6. Happy valentines day babes!

    LUV YA!



  7. aha, nicer than where i am! lol

  8. haha, yeah. east london :)


  9. hey, just a note to say that im loving your music, especially my life.


    and i see you're from london too :)



  10. some of you may remembr that the first mIka mail i did was with a 'kayla marie williams' whose username escapes me right now..as it was 1 or 2 years ago, you would have expected to have the mika mail ages ago, right? well, not here. she is a liar and a scammer, some of the emails i have received from her read 'it keeps getting sent back to me and oh ive been SO busy lately' and one of her emails dated way back in february say 'ill send you a tracking number' THIS NEVER HAPENED which means that i have spend the eqivalent to well over $150 just for her so she could take me for a mug. i have emailed her repeatedly for the duration of this nd as i know that n onecan do anything abou this ijust wanted to let you know that she WILL take you for a mug. ok, i know this is harsh and i dont care, she obviously does'nt care for others and deserves to be exposed. ****
  11. "> Subject > RE: Mika Order Enquiry - London 8th > > > > > > > > > > > We received the tickets this morning and they will be collected by our > courier company (SMS) tomorrow. You should have the first delivery > attempt and tracking number from us on Monday. > > Kind regards > > Helen@sandbag" taken from my E-mail. x
  12. omg. im realy sorry but i cant go coz im filming for an online tv show on those days but ill put a little something in the post =] samantha