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  1. The concert was excellent!!!! My fourth time over too many years, and each one is a favourite, but hecwas on fire tonight ! Same set list as Rennes. He wanted to dance and he wanted to move! Other shows there has been obe glorious episode of Mika dance, but tonight tbere were quite a few full-on dance events. He is so vobrant and energetic he just pulls us all in with him into clapping and bouncing along. I took a few pictures, but they are bouncily blurred. Oh well. His voice was strong and very tuneful, but regukarly cracked into Falsetto iin unusual places. While still keeping perfect tune. Now that's a skill! I remain as impressed with his live shows as ever, and I am so thankful I could get to this show in France. A fabulous concert, and a rivering performance. I looked at the merch stand. Tshirts, key rings, mugs, stickers, cds for the warm up band, but I didn't see any Mika cds. Lots of tshirts. Scalpers outside aelling 'signed' tour posters. They were doing such a good trade that I wonder why the merch stNd didn't have them.
  2. OK Paris... you know what to do! =========== REPORTS =========== mouselle ========== PICS ========== ========== VIDEOS ==========
  3. I'm hanging out for the first news! I'm going to the Paris cobcert tomorrow and can't wait to get a hint of whats in store for the show!
  4. So, I'm a long time fan, travelling the world and I am ecstatic that the dates meshed and my week in Paris co-incided with this concert! I have best general admision tickets for myself and my husband. I will ve waiting outside around an hour vefore and hope to meet some MFCers there. This will be my fourth Mika concert. Two in Australia, one in colmar a few years ago and this obe which I am looking foward to, so much! Hope to se you there!
  5. Hiya folks, I'm temporarily back in the thread, just to tell you I'm still alive and Mika-ing. The new show action is about to commence, and I'm here, waiting. This is probably the first time ever I've spoken up without tracking the thread back for days, so I'll do a general "Hope everyone is well and happy!" I did see the picture of Jimmy in his underwear today, Teegs, and had a giggle! So I thank you for your indiscretion, or I would never had had the free laugh...
  6. Happy Birthday!!!! :yay:

  7. Happy birthday Mouselle!

    Wishing you a great one with lots of family, friends,Mikaful gifts and fun!

    And as I see you've posted on your own board instead of mine,(I do it all the time too!) I love playing with words! I don't really translated but I kept the spirit...I submitted my "Erase" French lyrics to be in MFC yearbook this year! :)

    Take care! :huglove:

  8. I can't find the interview either, but the biography article is very, very nice! Well written and interesting!
  9. The youtube video is here And you are probably going to say I'm mis-interpreting what he says, and making more of it than he means. However, my ethics still tell me that when he is appearing publicly, I am allowed to wait there in hope of seeing him and possibly getting a kind word. Which still means that if there is a crowd there, I'll be off to one side, not pushihg through.... Ok, this is me signing off for a while. Catch you later...
  10. Ok, I'm feeling very squashed now! I am caught between being open and honest, and being indiscreet. I am sorry if you think I stepped over the line. I saw the video where Mika said that just the other day - it was by some Italian fans outside a venue, and started with him talking about the homeless man on his doorstep. I'll see if I can hunt it up. : I wasn't thinking about organised welcome committees, although possibly organisation might reduce the chaos of every man for himself! I didn't understand the volume of fans overseas. In Australia, you are right, I and DC are the only ones who make the effort, so I thought it would be similar in most cases. My apologies again for getting it wrong.
  11. What that means to me, is that it's always going to be worth the wait, just in case. I don't have any rights, and I don't deserve anything from him. But if I keep putting myself in the right position to take advantage of opportunities, then I am there to take them when they happen. If I give up before-hand and stay home, then I am guaranteed to miss out.
  12. There are indeed a large number of approaches to everything Mika. I like to stick with my theme of staying nice, and polite, and within what Mika wants, while still getting what I want! I am undecided about airports. I think they are private, but if he keeps tweeting about his flights I may change my mind one day! It's probably a question for John or Mrs Penniman next opportunity I get, which may take a while coming.
  13. No, absolutely not. That's not a public appearance!